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  1. Phil Hinton

    Samsung S95B QD-OLED first impressions, Projector Calibration tips, AV & Hi-Fi News & more

    This week Phil gives us his initial thoughts on the Samsung S95B QD-OLED we purchased last week. Does it have a defeat device to trick calibrators and reviewers? Is this the ultimate OLED TV for picture quality? Plus we look at tips for calibrating your projector and the room it is used in. Ian...
  2. MuzakaEklekta

    LG HU810P 4K Laser Projector - First Impressions

    Hi folks. Had this projector for a couple of days. I drive it with a PC. It's basically used as a monitor for gaming and movies, so it gives me a critical eye and no fancy post-processing tricks. All smart features have been completely ignored. My existing projector is a BenQ W1070, which is...
  3. petetherock

    Monitor Audio New Bronze Speakers review

    My local MA distro has been very kind and just before the shutdown I've got hold of them for a review.. I'll update more once I have the entire setup down properly... Essentially, if you want something around the price range of the Bronze (plus a bit more), they are worth waiting for...
  4. Pokey800

    Tidal - First Impressions + Offer

    Thought I'd post my initial thoughts on Tidal. Background - I already have three music streaming services on my Sonos. Apple Music - which is my main service (my brother has a family account - and I use that in exchange for his family using my NF account) Spotify - my son has an account. I...
  5. M

    55B7 - First impressions

    Thought I'd share my first impressions. Firstly, it's probably worth mentioning I'm coming from a 2004 50" Pioneer (PDP-504 HDE), which is of course only 720p. It also had a couple of pixels stuck on green. Cost over £5k at the time (oh for my wasteful youth). In my old age a (little) bit more...
  6. DevonMike

    Hisense N5700 First Impressions

    Just paid £589 from Richer Sounds for this set and although I'm exchanging it on Friday for another (50p sized smudge on screen only visible on light backgrounds) I've gotta say I'm very impressed,so easy to set up.The picture quality is outstanding on 4k content,good on HD and so so on SD,I run...
  7. ShiroEd

    LG SJ9 First Impressions (UK)

    Hey gang, I recieved and set up my LG SJ9 this morning (UK). I've connected it to my LG 65OLED B6 via Optical and it's replacing a Logitec Z906 5.1 system. I'm still playing around with it but here are a few first impressions: Really nice design of both the Soundbar and Subwoofer. Initial...
  8. MarkR

    PS4 Pro first impressions....

    As the PS4 Pro is released today I thought it would be useful to have a dedicated thread to hear what peoples overall first impressions are. About to order mine so post away!
  9. raigraphixs

    Nintendo Switch first impressions

    What are your first impressions of the Nintendo Switch (formerly the NX)? Here's the first look video.
  10. oasismark

    First Impressions Thread

    Sorry if i seam a bit New Thread happy, but it is PSVR Eve! Great video here of someone trying it last night. Get Ready everyone!!
  11. NightHawk

    Black Ops III Discussion Thread

    Now that the game is officially out what is everyone's first impressions of the game? For me so far, the game has played well. With the 3 year dev cycle you can tell this COD game has had its issues ironed out which it wouldn't have with less time. I'm getting minor sound dropouts for about a...
  12. Mark Botwright

    Destiny Alpha: First Impressions

    The Destiny alpha has finished, but it leaves us with a far better idea of what the game actually is.
  13. dr no

    iPad 3 Announcement First Impressions...

    I know thread is a little premature but I wanted to start a thread that lasts longer than it takes for my laptop to start for a change :blush: (And technically mine is ordered already) So lets have all first impressions in here please: That display alone is enough for me. Not bothered about...
  14. S

    First Impressions

    Like a few people, I'm playing RB2 for the first time today. I've just come off a 3 hour session and initially it was enjoyable but just ok - however it really clicked playing Paramore's "That's What You Get" on drums. Absolutely loving that track. The game really becomes more enjoyable once...
  15. Big

    First impressions

    Well my Play Asia US copy arrived today so thought I would post some opinions (after 1 set list!). Game mechanics seem to work well and there is a nice feature where if you pause it the game counts you back in rather than just make you miss several notes. Threw up Livin' On A Prayer as first...
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