1. T

    Onkyo Tx-NR 696 Firmware Issue

    Good day to you, I'm a Newbie here and would love to get some support on this weird issue I'm facing with my Onkyo Tx-Nr696. Looks like the receiver was updating and it went out without completing. Tried to get into the service menu and do a force update via USB and NET but no luck, ended up...
  2. Haffisi

    LG CX New firmware Please control with magic remote

    Since the new LG CX OLED firmware i can’t control tv with other remotes. I get the notification pop up “please control with magic remote” I figured if i pick up or shake the magic remote i can then send the command from other remotes (I’m using “home assistant”) for next 5 seconds. This is so...
  3. N

    Question JVC tv turning on and off, firmware update?

    Hi. Had the JVC LT-40C860 TV for a few years, it’s now turning off after turning on, every time the light flashes logo appears then it turns back off. I’ve had a search over the net and it seems to need a firmware update? I cannot find the files to this anywhere. JVC can’t help neither can...
  4. P

    Question Upgrade LG OLED55B8SLC from 04.10.65 to newer firmware

    Hi, I bought the LG OLED55B8SLC, the current firmware is 04.10.65, after turning it on, it displayed the possibility of updating to 05.10.10. Is it worth upgrading to a newer version of the software, will something change in the picture quality etc.? I will add that the current image settings...
  5. K

    Firmware update for Panasonic TX-46ST30

    Hi everyone My beloved 46ST30 is moving to my lounge and I was thinking of re-connecting it to the Internet after a 6 year gap to see if there are any firmware updates. Am I wasting my time ? It's such a fantastic TV and I want to make sure it's up to date. Thanks, Steve
  6. U

    Rollback Firmware, For the onkyo amps that have no sound

    **Update, the hidden menu is service mode. trick is how to get into it for your receiver Rolling back to an older firmware by forcing usb update May or may not help, but I am convinced all of these weird problems people had with certain onkyo amps were firmware related. This isn't long term...
  7. ColdnFrosty

    LG OLED Firmware 6.00.05

    I just installed firmware 6.00.05 for my LG OLED55C7. Does anyone have release notes for this? Thanks.
  8. A

    Which panasonic plasma pcb board contains the firmware? Is it the AV board?

    I have a panasonic ut50 plasma which switches on then get stuck at "smart viera logo. I guess the firmware is failing to load, as menus are unrespsonsive. I am going to take the risk of buying a 2nd hand board. Does anyone know if its the av board that contains the firmware chip? Or is it...
  9. J

    Help: Firmware update has bricked my Optoma UHZ65UST

    Hi All, I left my Optoma UHZ65UST to run the latest firmware update last night. When I tried to turn it on this morning I'm getting 3 red flashing LED's constantly. I've tried unplugging it and leaving it during the day while I was at work but upon trying it again this evening I get the same...
  10. U

    Question Samsung K950 soundbar firmware upgrade

    Hi guys, I just bought a (second hand) Samsung K950 and I want to update the firmware. I downloaded the Samsung Multiroom app from the Playstore (I m on a Samsung S20 Plus) and installed it. I gave location permission and started the app. The app says to press the ADD SPEAKER button on the...
  11. L

    Does anyone have an end of life firmware file for a Sony W995?

    My old W995 lay down and died after 11 years, I couldn't find a modern dumbphone with anywhere near the specs in certain areas so I opted for a used one off E-bay, it came in great condition but it has an old firmware and doesn't support converstions in texts so all you have is an Inbox and sent...
  12. A

    Pioneer BDP-51FD Firmware udate

    I inherited this player years ago apart from the massively long load time its great doesn't play al blu-rays but could never be bothered with doing the update just pinched the boys PS3 watched it on that if it didn't work, yesterday was lent Terminator Dark Fate to watch but wouldn't load so...
  13. Ziggypoptastic

    JVC LT-48C570 Service Menu or Firmware?

    Hi All, Been searching the net for the above and even called know-how tech advice line. I'm having an issue with the TV JVC LT-48C570 with the picture overscanning. Does anyone know where i could obtain the firmware update or service menu code? Thanks,
  14. D

    Denon Arv1912 Firmware 😡

    I have a 1912. Ive had it since new but have never been able to do a firmware update. When I check for the update it finds it and tells me how long it’s going to take and when you go update it starts to authenticate but fails after about 3 mins with and connection 25 error. I use the same...
  15. Clem_Dye

    Firmware version 05.00.15 for certain LG TVs surfaced yesterday ...

    From the release notes: [05.00.15] 1. Improved video playback issue in Netflix 2. Software update contains minor bug fix Supported TVs: 55SM9800PLA 65SM9800PLA 55SM98007LA 65SM98007LA 49SM9000PLA 75SM9000PLA 86SM9000PLA 55SM9010PLA 65SM9010PLA 55SM90107LA 65SM90107LA...
  16. D

    For Sale PS4 500GB (5.05 firmware)

    Here's my Playstation 4 500GB running Firmware 5.05 (model: CUH-1116A). Not been refurbished or messed around with. This can be left on 5.05 or updated to 6.72 and 7.02 Upon purchase I will send a picture of the software version prior to Comes with a power cable and a genuine controller...
  17. Equinoxe4

    Question Future firmware update for panasonic hz series to support 4k/120hz

    I recently bought a panasonic oled hz980e and i didnt realise it doesnt support 4k at 120hz ,when i looked at the specs from the store i bought it there were the info of 120hz and hdmi 2.1 but after i discovered the only feature of hdmi 2.1 is the auto low latency mode and it even has an option...
  18. D

    Question KS8000 firmware update

    I have a 55” Samsung KS8000 still running on the 1207 firmware. I know that it is usually frowned upon to update TVs firmware but I’ve heard good things of recent and was wondering if it’s worth finally updating it to the current 1243. I primarily use it for video games and movies if that helps...
  19. C

    Question Panasonic DVD/HDD Recorder DMR-EH56EG-K Firmware??

    I need firmware for this model,after replacing the HDD,If anyone is please send it.
  20. S

    804/12 - Clearing residual image loop - No OLED Firmware

    Currently we have the problem that the 804/12 (Operating hours: 16h) runs in a loop for clearing residual image. Maybe the problem is that in the csm showsi"NO VERSION" for the OLED JB Version and OLED FW Version. Does anybody have the same problem with such a loop. Everytime he tries to clean...
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