1. marcd5123

    Holy Smoke!!! Another New LG May 2022 Firmware Update 2019 Nano & OLED Models

    Gosh. I'm actually having to keep up with the firmware updates LG are dishing out. In all the years iv owned LG Nano TVs iv never known just how proactive LG are with dishing out brand new firmware uodates. It was only last month April their was one.. This definitely has to be a record for LG...
  2. doker

    Pioneer VSX-LX70 firmware

    Hi there. A few years back I found some firmware for VSX-LX70 and I run it ony my unit. It worked. But I must have done something wrong because the pre-amp outputs stopped working. Is there a chance that someone has a firmware file for this amplifier, please? I wish I had a chance to correct my...
  3. Ritchie1972

    Downgrade firmware OLED 806

    How can i downgrade my firmware, i have now installed: firmware version (TPM211EA) But i want to go back to: (TPM211EA)
  4. shoemaker666

    PS3 new Firmware update 3.89

    PS3 got a firmware update that stopped allowing the creation of psn accounts on the ps3 it also stopped you from logging in with a password so you have to set up a device setup password. wondering if its anything to do with the new service coming out in june or maybe it coincidence as you...
  5. D

    Looking Hisense TV firmware download website

    I am looking Hisense TV firmware download website. My old TV is stuck on logo, and looking to download but Hisense doesn't show anywhere. Can someone help me that issues. Model 75N5 or anyelse
  6. W

    In need of Panasonic EX98V firmware

    Hello. Long time lurker here but first time poster. I wonder if anyone has the file needed to get a Panasonic DMR-EX98V working? I am referring to the file that has to be burnt to and loaded by CD. Problem: HDD ERR. I removed the drive from the DVR and plugged into a pc and the drive does not...
  7. marcd5123

    New April (2022) 2019 SM Series OLED/NANO FIRMWARE UPDATE!!!

    I'm honestly shocked!!!.. Like I'm seriously impressed with LG and their updates the past few years they have absolutely stepped up. Having a firmware update only back in February 2022 was impressive!!.. I realy did not expect another update for at least 6 months perhaps.. But to get another...
  8. Drdense

    65OLED936 Android 11 Firmware

    Having noticed that my firmware was still on the update from Feb and not the March one I just contacted Philips to ask about the newest update (not released yet as far as my Google searching leaves me to believe) The advisor has just emailed me a download link for this which I am in the...
  9. Malx77

    Denon AVR-X3700h: Firmware update problems

    I updated the firmware on my x3700h this week and since then I've been unable to process any sound from my TV through the amp. I've not changed anything apart from the firmware. Has anyone else had similar problems - or can offer a solution?
  10. Aryn86

    Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar

    Looking at a May release for this so by all accounts it should be available next month, is anyone interested in getting this? seems very expensive at £2499/$2499 but some early reviewers have said it sounds immense.....guess we'll have to wait and see, anyway thought I'd make a dedicated thread...
  11. optical10

    CX 55" firmware 04.30.61 update no PC windows 11 sound via Denon X2700H eARC

    For those who are having the issue with the latest firmware going into the Denon setup below "Other settings to check on Video / HDMI setup: HDMI control ON" resolved the issue as previously the HDMI control was set to off which had worked on other firmware's before this, go figure. The...
  12. I

    Downgrade firmware

    I have a 55oled806/12 with the latest new firmware… but I have a lot of little problem and the previous firmware was better. I have the old zip file but if I put auto run.upg on usb drive the TV say that it’s an older firmware… there is a way to downgrade? Thanks
  13. D

    Firmware Intallation Aborted

    Hi, I have a Philips 55PUS7181/12 model device. I downgraded the QM163E_U_0.26.70.1 version to QM163E_0.15.56.108. The device boots normally with this version. Now I want to update QM163E_U_0.26.70.1 again, but I am getting the following error.
  14. H

    KEF LS50 wireless 2 Firmware update problem

    Hi all, wondering if someone could shed some light on this one. Bit the bullet and brought a KEF LS50 wireless 2. Had it going well and decided to connect the KEF sub I brought as well. It wanted me to do a firmware update to access sub setup so started this process, it has updated firmware, w2...
  15. gsgleason

    Yamaha A-S701 firmware

    Hi. I have an issue with my A-S701 amp, and I read in another forum that a firmware update fixed it. I'm looking for a source of the AS701 firmware.
  16. M

    Is there anywhere I can download firmware for an older TV?

    I'm still using my trusty KDL-40EX503 and I wanted to update my firmware as I haven't done it in years, and sadly Sony have discontinued support for this device as of Jan 22 (just missed it boo). Is there somewhere else I can find the firmware updates?
  17. J

    Pioneer SC-LX57 firmware update

    I just made a factory reset and Pioneer doesn't have the firmware update. Anyone sitting on it? /Johan,
  18. harkpabst

    Onkyo R-N855: New firmware 2161-0000-0000-0011 OTA

    Although it looks like the little Onkyo R-N855 streaming network receiver is not very popular amongst users of this forum I still felt like sharing this piece of info: There is a new firmware version available over the air directly from the unit's update option. It's not available for download...
  19. B

    Vizio V-series Bricked by initial firmware update. Can it be fixed?

    I purchased a pair of 43” Vizio V-Series TVs for kids’ game room; bought 2019. We did not finish the basement until this past Dec. When the TVs were registered and started their initial update, they bricked - black screen and won’t do anything. I spoke to Vizio, and they said because I missed...
  20. O

    Epson mini usb firmware update

    Epson firmware update with mini usb Hi, anyone has experience of updating Epson projector firmware with Mini-Usb connection? I have tried to update my EH-TW5200 according to instructions but when i disconnect mini usb from projector (after this update should begin) -> projector just shut down...
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