1. D

    Bargain 4k Firestick £24.99

    If you got amazon prime and buy with alexa
  2. P

    Best input settings in Denon avr-x2300w

    Hi, Need some advice on recommended input settings for Denon avr-x2300w. 1. Previously I was connecting the receiver with an old 4K LED TV so my input devices(Firestick 4K) were connected to the receiver. Now I have got a Panasonic Oled TV (65HZ980B). Should I continue connecting Firestick 4K...
  3. D

    4k firestick remote died, help??

    4k firestick remote had a software update and now it's dead, tried bloody everything i can find online but it isn't doing a thing, Amazon want 20 quid for a new one despite it being in warranty. Anybody here manage to resurrect a definite corpse? I've got the fire app but it's not ideal.
  4. S

    Some Firestick 4k questions

    Hi all, I have a few questions around a 4k fire stick that I can't figure out. 1. In the settings of the fire stick, there is a choice between adaptive or always HDR. When in adaptive, and I go into a 4k series on Prime, such as Bosch, the screen flashes up the notification that it is switching...
  5. MontyB

    Amazon Firestick Video Jitter with JVC Projector

    I am using an Amazon 4K Firestick with a JVC DLA X5900 and have noticed jitter issues with the video playback. The video seems to jolt two or three times a second, this is most apparent when you are watching moving scenes, for example a car driving across the screen or where the camera pans a...
  6. S

    4K firestick into HDMI1 tw7400 or amp

    I'm running a TW7400 with 4K firestick, with the firestick right next to the router running by Wi-Fi. The 4k stick then connects into the Denon x2700H amp. I'm also running a Humax S1110 box that outputs as HD res. At present I am running 1 HDMI cable from HDMI port 1 of tw7400 into the Denon...
  7. R

    Problem with 5.1 output with android TV or Firestick

    HI All, First post in a long time. Hopefully someone can help. I have a LG OLED65B6V with an optical cable going to a Denon receiver (quite old) for 5.1 sound. With Sky Q (HDMI in to the TV) and native TV apps (video player on the LG etc), when 5.1 is being outputted the receiver recognises...
  8. missionary

    getting discovery plus without Prime subscription

    I have just bought my second firestick. The first is away in my family holiday home and quite suitable for our needs. But at home I have just bought one to acquire more specialist channels for long winter lockdown nights. I signed-up for Discovery+ expecting to be charged 49.99 for a year. But...
  9. C

    Apple Music and amazon firestick

    Hi...hope this is the right section....I have linked up the firestick to play appl music via voice activation through Alexa as advised on various sites...problem in when I ask Alexa to play it starts for a split second and music plays and then weirdly changes from the firestick on my hdmi...
  10. Acckij

    Samsung Q80T (EU) and Firestick 4K (better picture?)

    Dear members, I have recently purchased Samsung Q80T, 65 inch (European) and I absolutely love it. However, trying to find an ''ideal path'', always searching for the best setting etc: somewhere in the forum I have read, that using Amazon's Firestick 4K as external HDMI device can provide even...
  11. A

    Vizio SmartTV + Firestick??

    Hi, folks. Forgive me but I haven't owned/purchased a television since my mom bought me one for Christmas in 1990! I've learned a lot in the last couple months so, please, bear with me.. I bought a new Vizio 32" SmartTV. I have a Netflix subscription as well as a Hulu + Live TV subscription...
  12. K

    Recommendation: PUS7304/34 - Firestick 4k

    Like many 7300 series owners I have been unhappy with the 4k / HDR on my TV, spending days fiddling with settings and arguing with Philips about their apps not working properly. I recently got the new amazon 4k firestick in the sales (£6 per month for 5 months) and the difference on this TV is...
  13. P

    Firestick with Yamaha AV

    I have a 4k firestick plugged into input 6 (HDCP 2.2) on my Yamaha RX-V479. It's all controlled by a Logitech remote. I have two problems. 1 After a few minutes of watching a program via the firestick the screen on the Tv goes blank. I have to change the input on the AV to another before...
  14. T

    Question Should YouTube and BBC I player 4k/UHD work on Firestick 4K?

    Can anyone confirm the above? I've tried to watch 4K YouTube clips but according to "stats for nerds" they never go above 1080p even though my connection speed is above 50Mb/sec, HDR kicks in ok but still only at 1080p. My BBC iPlayer app on the fire stick won't run at 4K or HDR at any...
  15. AVRAG

    What is the one stick to rule them all? 4K/HDR/ATMOS?

    I just can't seem to find a definitive answer, maybe because there isn't one? What is the one streaming device that outputs 4K, HDR, and Atmos on the main popular apps like: Apple TV, Disney+, Netflix, Prime TV? IF it is an Apple TV 4K (£180) - fine, I'll splash the cash, but I read the Roku...
  16. S

    Help with how to use the Amazon 4k Firestick with my projector

    Hi I have just purchased an Epson EH-TW7000 and want to mount on to the ceiling but not have a HDMI running from it. I am not at all technical so need some guidance, I assume by putting this firestick in the USB port this would solve that problem? Also I have read that sound is an issue, but...
  17. T

    Amazon Firestick 4K draining broadband away?

    Hello All, I'm thinking of buying the Firstick 4K. If I have the Firestick 4k on and if I'm watching it stream content, but then switch source over to say the TV or something else, does Firestick keep on streaming while it's not being used? This would be a waste of broadband if it does or...
  18. Mailash

    Onkyo tx-sr507 and Amazon Firestick 2020

    Hi.. after a 15 year break from this forum and children now growing up I am beginning to rebuild my home cinema! I am trying to plug a brand new Amazon firestick into my old Onkyo Tx-sr507, but I'm not getting any picture through the HDMI into my NEW projector. If I plug firestick directly...
  19. JennyNYC

    Running Amazon Fire Stick without internet/wifi possible?

    I believe my roommate is using my internet/wifi for his Amazon Fire Stick. Is this possible to run the Fire Stick without any internet/wifi? Thank you!
  20. Wiseninja

    Firestick (2nd gen) Bluetooth gamepad / controller

    I want to buy a controller for playing MAME and other retro games on firestick can you recommend a decent one that is preferably cheap?
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