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  1. janrt

    Wanted Amazon fire stick - any condition

    Hi all, Looking for a firestick to keep the grandma entertained during lockdown. It doesn’t have to be new and sealed - just acceptable condition please. Thanks :)
  2. AjsDerby

    Can I use a 24" monitor for bedroom to use with fire stick?

    Looking for some advise please! I have very limited space & would like a TV in my bedroom to use with a fire stick. 24" is max size but very limited in the tv's available. Can I buy a PC monitor instead? I have read conflicting things but from what I've read as long at the monitor has built in...
  3. B

    Question Fire Stick 4k no streams in 4k on Disney + Any suggestions please

    Downloaded the Disney+ App yesterday to my 4k fire stick, settled down to watch the Mandalorian and only available in hd Checked some other things and the same thing only available in hd is anyone else having this issue or have I set it up wrong any help much apreciated
  4. meltonboy

    Fire stick screen zoom issue

    my first gen fire stick has an annoying zoom thing in the menus. It’s fine for the actual material. I have latest firmware. If I go to the screen settings and zoom out it just puts a black border around the visible area. The resolution is set to auto but does the same for 720p. Any tips please...
  5. pmk23

    Question Any decent alternative to the fire stick remote?

    Hi all, my voice enabled fire stick remote has stopped working , done all the usual checks and it’s dead. Just wondered whether anyone has found a decent alternative remote? I know I can use the app but that doesn’t turn it on and off and I would rather not pay £20 just for a new original remote...
  6. crashcris

    Kodi Leia. Macbook to Fire Stick.

    I'm really hoping someone can give me an idiot's guide to casting music files from my macbook to my amazon firestick. I find kodi utterly impenetrable at times. I used to use it a couple of years ago, but having just uploaded the latest version on my mac and firestick, I'm just at a loss how...
  7. D

    Fire Stick - streaming from Windows 10 via VLC/Plex has no sound with DTS files, and Lip-sync issue

    Hi - I am streaming video files from my Windows 10 PC to a Fire Stick 2nd gen, using both VLC and PLEX. Two issues: - the sound doesn't work with DTS encoded files. - with many video files where the sound does work, VLC (but not Plex) has a Lip Sync issue of approx 150ms. Any idea how to...
  8. Bakey

    SOLVED - HH5 & Smarthub WiFi Issue

    We have BT Infinity 2 and have had no problems until earlier this year. The HH5 would lose the 5ghz wifi connection, 2.4ghz and hardwired connection was ok and restarting the hub would restore 5ghz. The issue became more frequent until it was happening at least twice a week and nothing obvious...
  9. A

    Send HDMI to Fire TV App

    Hi all, Been searching for a solution to a challenge and can't seem to find what I want. Here's the deal... I have a home security system that has a HDMI out for video to a monitor. In my house I have a fire stick on every TV. What I'd like to do is find some device to plug into the HDMI out...
  10. sho1777

    Question Fire TV Voice Remote Secondary Usage

    Hi, I got a spare Fire TV Voice Remote (no longer have FireTV Stick) I wonder is there any where else I can use this e.g. controlling pc/laptop/home automation etc. Thank you.
  11. aVdub

    Bargain Amazon TV Stick with Alexa Control

    Reduced from £39.99 to £24.99 or two for £39.99 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Amazon-Stick-Remote-Streaming-Player/dp/B01ETRIFOW
  12. B

    Projector, firestick and sonos

    Hi guys - We recently moved to a new house and I've begun working on getting the movie room set up. In the old house, we had an Epson 8100, Yamaha receiver,5.1 surround sound and a cable box. I'm not planning on reinstalling the 5.1 surround sound and I'm planning on dropping the cable box...
  13. N

    Openbox v9s

    Hello I'm new here and would appreciate any help. I have an openbox v9s and i won't lie I've been told with the right settings i might be able to view the sports channels. In the cam settings menu its asking for a host name, how do i find out what this is to input this? Or would i be better...
  14. Crishna

    Question Sony HT CT790 with fire stick

    Can I connet Amazon fire tv stick to song hy ct790 and pass the video signals to tv through HDMI? I don't have HDMI arc in my tv.
  15. Calvados

    Question Panasonic SC-HTB488EBK set-up

    I'm thinking of getting a SC-HTB488EBK sound bar. Would this be compatiable with a Panasonic Viera TX-42 and what would be the best way to set up with Sky+ and Amazon Fire Stick? I have just bought the Fire Stick but its useless with the TV at its speakers are almost non-existnant and the...
  16. Calvados

    Using Amazon Fire Stick with current set-up?

    hi, I just bought an Amazon Fire Stick - all works well but I forgot one thing: that my Viera runs to my Sky HD box and then into my amp. The 'speakers' on the Panasonic are useless which will make movie watching dull to say the least. Is there any way to set this up and make use of both Sky...
  17. L

    What do you get with a Amazon Fire Stick

    Amongst my birthday presents was a Amazon TV Firestick which I have set up.But am I right in saying that most things have to be paid for.I checked a few things such as Peaky Blinders and several films but you have to pay to watch so was wondering what are the benefits of this item.Most of the...
  18. Sarah7

    Question Amazon Fire TV Stick battery life

    A couple of months ago, I replaced a first generation Amazon Fire TV Stick with the newer model that has Alexa voice control. I've also since replaced another one in the same way. However, the initial (Amazon) set of batteries in the remote control for the first stick ran down in just 1 month...
  19. Keiron

    Question Amazon Fire stick & Flirc

    I bought an Amazon Fire Stick a few days ago - it's brand new, so I guess it's the latest generation. I want to be able to control it with my Harmony (infra red) remote. So I read on the Flirc website that you can use a "Micro USB host OTG cable with micro USB power", which you plug into the...
  20. Zigourney

    Question LG oled tv built in Amazon Video app VS. Amazon Fire stick?

    Hi All LG OLED TV owners, I wanted to know which is better for features and functionality, the LG tv's built in Amazon prime video app or a dedicated Amazon Fire stick/Fire TV? I can think of one advantage of using the separate amazon fire stick or the faster fire tv, is that you have a...
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