1. OctBrz

    Help Finding this Asian song

    Hi i need help finding this song with the little but solid info i have. there was a music video i saw in 2015 so i know it cant be newer then that. Also the Video started out with a piano like sound very slow and was song by a girl who was in a building area outside with some water dripping...
  2. I

    Question finding a old film

    Hi Can anyone help. I am looking for a old film 30s,40s.. Its about a millionaire who wants to leave his money to his old girlfriends family. He leaves them $100000 to see what they do with the money. the millionaire goes to live with the family in disguise. I remember he goes to a speakeasy...
  3. VHS Gamer

    Finding it difficult to set black level on Samsung Q60R

    Hey guys, thought I might get some expert help for this as I'm not sure how to set this up in this case. Using the black level pattern on spears and munsil 2, all bars are visible including the two checkerboard rectangles on either side, but the below black bars. Hdmi black level is matched...
  4. premblr

    Denon AVR 1713, smps IC blown, need help in finding number

    Hello fellow members, I was listening to some music yesterday evening, suddenly heard a small TICK kind of burst from AVR and it stopped working. On examining the power supply PCB, found that one IC has blown. I am trying to fix this locally with someone. Need to find this IC Number. Since it...
  5. S

    Need help with HDMI splitter scaler - SOLVED!!!!

    Hi guys. Haven't been on here for a while as my system has been working fine for years. But...I've taken the plunge and started to upgrade to 4K. Here is my system at the moment: Screens: Samsung UE55MU6470 TV (just upgraded from a Pioneer 436XDE..14 years service) BenQ W1070 projector (1080P)...
  6. cuasitos

    Struggle finding screen for optoma gt1080

    Hi i need a 100" floor stand screen(i cant drill the walls) compatible ewith my optoma gt1080 wich one do you recomend me thanks
  7. leckie

    Question Finding 4K content on Prime Video

    With the recent update to the app on my C6 I yet again can't easily find 4K content. It boggles my mind that Amazon have it separated into 4K and 1080p. Has anyone else had this problem?
  8. D

    Question Finding Speakers

    I am looking to buy speakers to connect to an amp, but am confused about which kind I need to look for. I own a Creek CAS4040 and according to the instruction booklet should only be connected to an 8ohm speaker, however after doing some research elsewhere I have seen speakers being suggested...
  9. A

    Help finding 2009 Fiat 500 Lounge Aerial Amplifier

    Hi there good folks of AV Forums, I'd like assistance with locating the aerial amplifier in a 2009 Fiat 500 Lounge. Recently purchased the car second hand and the radio doesn't work, but the CD player and everything else is ok. Have tested the wiring and there is nothing wrong with the wiring...
  10. I

    Trouble finding 4K Competitive PS4 Pro & Xbox One X

    I'm honestly finding so much trouble finding a 4K Monitor! I play competitive on PS4 & Xbox One X. I need something very fast and 1ms and something that looks very very very very nice and beautiful. 60hz is fine because thats all it goes up too. Also HDR if possible if it makes it look...
  11. Swaggga

    Help Finding a Car

    Hi all, Is there any M enthusiasts out there that could please help me find a very specific car spec that I’m looking for.. I have a budget of about £35-£40k and I have very very specific requirements for it (I’ve been told I’m very fussy and I’ve accepted it) I’ve been looking on autotrader...
  12. intothevoid

    Question Help finding replacement projector lamp

    It's finally happened - a warning message that the lamp in my Mitsubishi HC6500 is on its last legs and about to expire :( Mind you, it's done great service over the last eights years, so shouldn't complain. I'm not looking to change the projector as it does all I want, so I'm looking for a...
  13. P

    Need help with finding right speakers

    I need help please with buying the right speakers for my current set-up, which is Myryad T60 power amplifier, Myryad Z40 Headphone amplifier/pre amp, Myryad Z20 DAC + OP-AMP upgrade, and Foobar. I don't want to pay more than £300 if possible and I don't mind going down the second hand route. Any...
  14. dafy1234

    Question Help finding an amp.

    Hey just picked up a TEAC LS-WH01 for a bargain £50 from richer sounds, its a compact 2.1 set up just need help finding a cheap amp that will be able to power them. Been looking at the smsl Q5 pro as the matching teac amp is going for over £200 on ebay. Any suggestion?
  15. K

    Question Need Help Finding A Song!!!!

    So i recently remembered a music video I used to love a loooooong time ago! It had a blonde woman who was the singer, and she was with a bunch of other female friends. They were on motorcycles or in cars........I cant really remember! But they were chasing a guy throughout a city in the middle...
  16. Kopacabana

    Help with finding the right setup

    Hi there I'm looking for a bit of assistance. I'm getting an LG 65" OLED which will be paired with my Samsung HW MS650 sound bar. I don't want to wall-mount the TV as I want to retain flexibility in positioning. My thoughts were to get a TV cabinet with a cantilever, however I can't find one...
  17. amenizi

    Help me finding this series

    Hi This is my first post, In 1990s I have watched a series but I cannot remember the title, I can give a brief about the story, so anyone knows it will be able to remember. It is about gap near to the electricity cables opens sometimes then boys could go into time, one of the boys goes to a...
  18. A

    I need help finding this tv from early 2000’s

    I have very limited information but I want to get it for my sister as we grew up with it. It was a silver tube tv. It was more aimed towards children and teens. It had 2 front cone shaped that were blue and lit up, and then the TVs back would just rest, kind of tear dropped. Anyone recognize...
  19. derekhansen

    Question Help finding Tv with independent headphone output.

    My elderly father in law is partially deaf. His current Sony 42" plasma tv (approx 5 years old) has a headphone jack that will output to his headset without cutting sound to the tv speakers and has an independent volume control. This is an important function as it allows him and his wife to...
  20. N

    Reaching smoothness speakers

    Goodmorning to everyone. I am looking for speakers for such a long time. I want to upgrade the B&w 685 but i can't find a speaker for my taste. I have had heard many speakers and i fall in love with focal electra. I find the electras in local shop at 2500euro. I send a mail to the focal and...
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