1. S

    I need some advice doing my first purchase ever audio related

    Hi all! This post has been on a few forums already and it was always stated that my questions where off-topic. I hope this is (finally) the right place for my questions. This christmas I ordered myself a Fiio m6 DAP. I'm completely now to "Better than smartphone audio" things, and I'm looking...
  2. inkbotkowalski

    Replacement for iPod classic, UI-wise?

    Hi there. I'm fed up with my 2nd hand iPods (160GB) breaking constantly (and also, iTunes on the PC is the absolute worst), so I'm looking for a lightweight replacement. I bought a Hidisz AP80 Pro on a whim because I depserately wanted a volume wheel, but golly, the UI is a nightmare. I'm...
  3. D

    Sony versus Fiio

    Hi. Last week I ordered and got a so called refurbished Fiio M7 DAP as a birthday present for my wife. ..Her Old Apple nano has a battery whuch would not last a decent walk .. I myself am a Sony NWA 45 and 35 and previously 25 user. .So in a spirit of independence, wanted her to have...
  4. JRyder

    Question Philips Fidelio X2HR with FiiO D03K DAC (TV use)

    Hi all, I'm about to buy the Fidelio X2HR headphones, primarily for watching films on my Panasonic GZ950 TV. My intention is to plug them straight into the headphone output of the TV. I'm not very clued up on audio, but would the sound quality be improved if I added a DAC to the equation? I was...
  5. FloydianChemist

    Best Digital Audio Source for a Home Hi-Fi System?

    Hi there, I have a hi-fi seperates system in my home - A CD player and a turntable, both of which go into an amplifier, which then powers a pair of passive Mission speakers. However, I would eventually like to have all of my music stored digitally, but I still want to be able to play it out of...
  6. B

    FiiO DAC vs Onboard DAC

    Hello So, I am looking to buy a basic headphone amplifier/dac from FiiO to get started and as a probable upgrade from my motherboard's onboard audio. My motherboard is a Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H which has 'Realtek® ALC898 codec' which supports up to 24bit/192khz. So, my two current options that I am...
  7. dougan

    Fiio X1ii Not booting up!

    I have a newish Fiio X1ii, which I have taken on holiday. I turned it on today, got the welcome screen, then the Fiio screen, then the screen just goes blank, with just the blue power led on. Anyone know how I can fix this, as I hate being on a sunbed in silence!! Thanks
  8. G

    My first Fiio (X5-II) music recommendations please.

    I love my music but would like to know of any reference tracks to go with my first foray into the portable FLAC market with a Fiio X5-II?
  9. RobbBobb9

    Question New Lossless Player

    Hi, I'm looking to replace my Fiio X7 and I'm looking for some recommendations. I'm looking at around the £1000 mark as a maximum. I can't find any comparisons between the A&K Kann and the X7ii and don't have any knowledge of Sony's high end players .Any thoughts on the A&K CD ripper also...
  10. T

    Powering the T50RP MkIII on a budget

    Hello I am a complete newbie to the HiFi world. I am planning on getting a pair of T50RP MkIII and Mod them if I didn't like how they sounded as stock. I have watched and read a lot of reviews and most people say they are extremely hard to drive and need a good amp/dac to sound good. I know...
  11. A

    Question Pioneer XDP-30R, and other Android-ish players

    Hello - I apologise in advance for my lack of technical knowledge. I currently have a Fiio X5ii, which is fine with incredible storage, but I find the screen small and the interface - with its little wheel - really irritating. I did try the X5iii, but it had what I thought were numerous...
  12. P

    Question Headphone setup

    My partner kindly purchased me a Sony XZ second hand from cex,which plays high res audio and i need advice on which headphones and headphone amp to use with it. My first issue with all android devices in the UK is the sound limit which makes them to quiet. So I was looking at the Fiio Q1 since...
  13. Cocksure

    High Quality Headphones that are also comfortable in bed?

    Hi, In the next few weeks, I am planning to buy my 1st ever quality pair of headphones and a key requirement is that they need to be comfortable for when i am lying in bed with them. Budget is £200 to £300 as i plan to use them when not in bed also. Does anyone have any experience in this area...
  14. muljao

    Question Fiio kunlan e18 advice

    Hi all. I recently bought a Fiio Kunlan e18 headphone DAC. It worked with my Motorola e 2nd gen (I think) phone running android 5. I got a g4 for Christmas, now it won't work with that, it's android 6. It also won't work with my brother Sony phone, also android 6, both phones otg compatable. It...
  15. lettuce

    Question Alternatives to the FiiO D07 DAC. (5.1 to 2.0?)

    I have had the, FIIO D07 MULTI-CHANNEL DIGITAL TO ANALOG CONVERTER for a few years now but the device has now become faulty. I have looked on the FIIO website but they dont seem to produce the item anymore, so im now in the market for an alternative Does anyone know of a small DAC device that...
  16. Pecker

    Please recommend me a case - Beyerdynanic DT 770 + FiiO X3 (2nd Generation)

    Please recommend me a case - Beyerdynanic DT 770 + FiiO X3 (2nd Generation). Ooh, I said that in the thread title didn't I. :D I just want something tough in which I can carry these round, and keep them in at home, where they'll otherwise take a bashing if I just put them in a drawer. Cheers.
  17. C

    Question FiiO X1 and Swinsian

    Hi, I'm trying to escape the iPod iTunes blackhole. I bought a FiiO X1 and downloaded Swinsian as a library and organiser. However the X1 won't appear in Swinsian. Only in iTunes. Is there a setting somewhere I'm missing?
  18. nibbana

    Question DAC Chromecast Audio VS FiiO E17

    I am planning to buy a pair of JBL LSR 305. The idea is to connect them to a Chromecast audio device via the following cable: One TRS 1/4" connector (Chromecast output) -> two TRS mono 1/8" connectors (one for each speaker input). - First question: is this correct (please note that the JBL...
  19. MartinH32

    Question Help creating playlists on PC for a Fiio

    As title, my x5ii is due to turn up today but looking around it seems like setting up playlists is a bit of a nightmare. Anyone got any solutions at all or what they use? Thanks!
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