1. TheyCallMeTJ

    Looking for a sports/fitness buddy for various sports VR games on such as Eleven or Racket Fury

    Hi guys I have a PSVR and Quest 2. On PSVR have lost several pounds during lockdown, playing Racket Fury with a regular buddy. We set time and day and meet up 3-4 times a week for average one hour sessions. Making specific timed arrangements for matches and being competitive with sports...
  2. RedDevil85

    Fight Club (Zavvi Exclusive) (Blu-ray Steelbook)

    Purchase link: Zavvi Release date: 09/07/2018 Status: OOS/OOP
  3. raduv1

    Ever been in a fight or got your arse kicked ?

    Not a fight club thread or the big I am going on here . I recently got back in contact with a school and later drinking buddy I've not seen for at least 20 + years . We had a round of golf and he mentioned that his older brother still hates me as I kicked his arse almost 30 years ago :eek:. I...

    HDR10+ v Dolby Vision Fight Club !

    This isn't exactly taking it back to the days of HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray, but Samsung's fight to push HDR10+ as an alternative to Dolby Vision is heating up. We have more details on how the two standards compare right here, but one main feature is that both improve on regular HDR10 by allowing...
  5. iamsocool901

    Fight club ending

    Hello! I finally got around to watching fight club yesterday, but I found the ending confusing. I'm going to explain what I think happened and you guys can correct me or whatever. I understand that Tyler was his other persona, and that when he slept, he was Tyler. I think at the end, by shooting...
  6. C

    UFC Fight Pass - Panasonic OLED

    Hi Just got the Panasonic EZ1002, was about to sign up to UFC Fight Pass and noticed that the UFC fight pass app is not on there but is on other TVs. What is the best way to watch this now? Do I have to go down the route of buying something else just to stream/watch this only thing? PS: Sorry...
  7. MikeKay1976

    Thrill of the Fight

    I picked this up on steam for 6.99 I won't lie, visually it looks a bit gash but I wanted a boxing game to see if it is any good for fitness and this is more of a "proper" boxing game than anything else out for VR. most people on steam seem to be happy with it.
  8. D

    Question Samsung tv vs Virgin Tivo - fight!

    Hi all, New member hoping for some advice/suggestions about a strange problem. In summary I have just got a new samsung tv, and on connecting up everything works apart from the virgin box which says no signal and also intermittently reboots. Confusingly this was/is working fine using...
  9. J

    Help getting my PS3 fight stick working on Windows 10

    Hey guys, So I've got a PS3 street fighter 4 stick, from 2009. Now I want to use this for some Steam games I recently bought on my laptop (windows 10, 64bit). Problem is, it just doesn't work. It connects and is shown up, but no input is detected. Now this used to work on my older laptop...
  10. The_One

    Blitzway Fight Club 1/6 Figures...

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