fifa (game)

  1. PrahDV

    Wanted Fifa 17

    Anybody want to give their copy of fifa 17 a new home? Thanks
  2. Markt25

    For Sale FIFA 20 £21

    Selling my copy of FIFA 20 for the PS4. –– ADVERTISEMENT –– In excellent condition. No dlc included. £21
  3. jaff90110

    For Sale Xbox 360 GAME

    As I have some game need to clear out please see the list They are all for Xbox 360 console, Unfortunately there are no original box come with as they are lost. I will post them with paper envelope instead. as I tested all , so they are good condition. - GTA 5 with Disc 1 and 2 - £5 Sold...
  4. BrynTeg

    For Sale Fifa 19

    Fifa 19 for xbox .. £8 delivered
  5. WhiteLimo1988

    For Sale Jedi Fallen Order, FIFA 20 and Uncharted 4

    Got the following games for sale, all games are well looked after. FIFA 20 - £19 Jedi Fallen Order (Hardly Played) - £22 Uncharted 4 - £8 LEGO Super Heroes 2 - £8 add £1.20 for delivery. payment via PPGift
  6. sep8001

    PS4 FIFA 2020 VOLTA help please

    Hi Need some help please. My son wants to play Volta on PS4 which I believe can only be played online. Do you have to have a ps sub to play the game? Thank
  7. Rob_R

    For Sale Fifa 19 - free

    I have a disc edition of fifa 19 which is no longer needed. will post out for free to a member with a trader rating of 20+ if interested leave your best joke below and I’ll pick the funniest one at the end of the day and send it out tomorrow 👍🏻
  8. MikeFTD

    For Sale Fifa 20

  9. bigdavecox90

    FIFA 20 League

    Hey guys, Some of you may remember some years ago, we used to run a FIFA league on the forum. Is this still going? If not, should we restart? 😊
  10. A

    fifa 20 on xbox one issue

    so i know there was an issure regarding Virgin media servers over the weekend but i eventually managed to get a game of ultimate team however today my fifa 20 wont go past the 1st screen, as soon as i sign in to my profile all i get is the grey/white fifa background screen. its driving me a bit...
  11. Andy

    Fifa 20 club

    Any of you lads on here fancy doing a club? Not been on it for a while and the drop-in matches just aren't fun when people are dragging the GK out on the pitch. Anyway, let me know and drop your GT and I can add and send invites. Ta :)
  12. K


    Hi, I have a Samsung Q9FN tv. When playing Fifa20 on PS4 Pro (game mode switched on) I seem to get plenty of judder/lag/frame drop each time the ball goes over out of bounce for a kick-off/free-kick/corner/goalkick. I have found this issue to be Motion Plus (de-blur, de-judder) related...
  13. raigraphixs

    FIFA Club World Cup (2019)

    Could find an existing thread..... The Club World Cup starts on Wednesday 11th December 2019 and runs until Saturday 21st December 2019, held in stadiums across Qatar. To be televised free via a combination of BBC TV channels and BBC iPlayer. Real Madrid are the current holders of the trophy...
  14. JabbaNut

    BBC scores FIFA Club World Cup rights

    " The BBC will broadcast every match from the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup in Qatar this December. The competition kicks off on December 11th and will feature the champions of each continent. " https://advanced-television.com/2019/11/29/bbc-scores-fifa-club-world-cup-rights/
  15. P

    fifa xbox black friday

    where does one look for a cd non digital version? what's a good price?
  16. S

    Fifa 2001

    Hello guys!!! I need your help in a typical problem that is happening today no longer the fifa 2001, I know that it is an old game but with the same I am entertained .. well what I am going to do is install it today in the afternoon portable and ask me cd or when I double click it, the intro...
  17. LordHaveMercy


    I recently purchased FIFA 20 to play on my all in one desktop specs below at link https://www.amazon.com/Acer-S24-880-UR13-Desktop-i5-8250U-Windows/dp/B07GWX31JH I am having serious problems playing the above title due to laggy gameplay and choppy gameplay. Tried all settings to no avail...
  18. Z

    Question Pro clubs FIFA 20

    I've usually been in a team with mates but we hardly get on so looking to see if anyone had set up an AVF club. It's been a while since I last played with the AVF team I think 17/18 maybe. Just want to get back into playing regularly on clubs as FUT is driving me nuts
  19. H

    Fifa Geriatrics

    Having been a member of AVF for around 15 years, and taken part in some of the Fifa Leagues (which I got trounced at), I got the vibe that a few of the players were more mature.....with working lives, kids...wife etc. There is a cracking Facebook Group for the more mature Facebook players...
  20. cunnas

    FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) 20

    A thread to discuss all things FUT 20 rather than hijack the FIFA 20 thread...
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