1. G

    Security cameras - restrict/set reduced field of view

    Currently I don’t own any cameras but want to buy a couple - one front, one back. I’ve been lucky enough to borrow an old Arlo camera from a neighbour, so have some idea about FOV in the real world, how the cameras record, positioning, etc. I am nowhere near making a decision as to which...
  2. TB Rich

    XXLS400 near field measurement

    I'm on a bit of a quest to get a usable amount of 20hz in my room, in no small part thanks to this very group no doubt! But with a single XXLS400 I have thus far been far shy of the mark. But before I go and buy the physically largest (probably ported) sub I can, I need to establish if it's room...
  3. R

    Question Gaming recommended field of view

    Hi all, I have been looking around trying to find a recommended field of view for gaming but i cant find one. I currently have a 60 inch Pioneer in my man cave and want to upgrade to something bigger. Its either going to be a 75 inch or an 85 inch TV, i like the looks of the Samsung Q85...
  4. S

    Local field at sunset

    ive been very patient with the recent weather and thankfully, it saved the farmer from harvesting his crop Sunset field by Mark Lightfoot, on Flickr thanks for looking
  5. RohanM

    So what enables this effect... Not height but 'depth of field' - right next to/inbetween you!

    I saw Avengers: Infinity War at the Picturehouse Central in London Piccadilly Circus on Saturday. Great venue for a great film (8/10 for me). During various adverts, including the Paloma Faith one for Skoda - plus the Dolby Atmos introduction (first time I've seen this particular one) there...
  6. B

    Question Nest Cameras & Infrared Field Clash?

    Please excuse me registering just to ask a question, I will try to contribute elsewhere, however I have searched high and low on Google about this issue and surprised to find no discussion about it, so am turning to the great and the good here, as a long time reader who appreciates AVForums...
  7. skelph

    Turntable upgrade stereo sound field issue

    I've upgraded my turntable and I think there is a problem with the stereo sound field on the new table which can be heard in the two recordings I made with the same LP and recording equipment - Old turntable recording clip New turntable recording clip First of all some reassurance that I'm...
  8. P

    Question Near field sub - driver placement?

    I'm building a pair of near field subs, each with two JVB CS1214 12" drivers. The box is trapezoid shaped (so the drivers are angled slightly upwards towards the listening positions), but I'm wondering if I should place them side by side or offset? Side by side: Offset: The latter will...
  9. P

    Question Near field subs - buy or DIY?

    I'm currently considering adding a pair of near field subs to my home theater, but am unsure if I should try my hand at building them myself, or simply buy a set or ordinary subs for the purpose. Briefly, my current setup: 5.2 with XTZ speakers all round - subs being two XTZ 12.17 (12"). The...
  10. P

    Question Combining near- and far field subs?

    I've got a 5.2 setup in my theatre, that I'm pretty satisfied with. The subs are two XTZ 12.17 (12") and they work well in the room (which is about 12 ft. x 20 ft.). Both subs are placed near the mains, about 7 ft. from the main listening position. There are only two seats in the room (more...
  11. R

    Interlaced. Frames vs. Fields (frame rates?)

    Hi everyone, I have some questions regarding interlaced and progressive video. I understand the basics so can skip that. Hypothetically, say I am comparing two videos one filmed at 576p at 25fps and the other 576i at 50 fields per second. Exactly the same footage. I understand that interlaced...
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