1. C

    Philips Fidelio e5 no sound

    It's me again! I have a different question about the Fidelio E5 system. A couple of weeks ago my whole system stopped working and doesn't produce any sound not through HDMI and also now through Bluetooth I was wondering if someone else has the same issues and has fixed it or has an idea what to...
  2. J

    PHILIPS SHP9600 for £55 or Philips Fidelio X2HR for £85?

    Hi all. I hope you're keeping safe and well. Which of the above two are better value for money? Thanks.
  3. J

    something different from fidelio x2/hr

    after plugging a Zen dac v2 into the pc, ive found that when listening to Tidal through the X2's, some higher notes can be a bit piercing at times. my partner thinks that the headphones lack bass when she listens. what do people think would make a good alternative? i always thought the x2's...
  4. D

    Fidelio AD7000 SoundAvia firmware

    Hi, sorry if my message is off mark. I am looking for someone who could share a link to the firmware update for Fidelio AD7000 SoundAvia airplay speaker. Might someone be able to point me in the right direction. All the best, John
  5. Z

    Philips fidelio x3 without external amp/dac?

    Hi! Want to get me a new set of headphones, Philips Fidelio x3 is on sale. They have 30ohm, wonder how it is to use it with iPhone and ps5 controller? I dont expect them to give 100% without a good amp, but i hope it’s good enough. Gaming controller only have 3.5mm Jack and i cant find a cheap...
  6. S

    Phillips Fidelio E6/12 Problem with rear speaker

    Hi all, first i would like to say hi to all of you here i am new here so it will be a while before i find myself. I have a problem with the rear SR speaker Philips Fidelio E6/12 does not work. tries to turn it on and does not respond to anything. I thought that maybe the battery was exhausted...
  7. M

    Wharfedale Diamond 230 vs Philips Fidelio X2HR

    Hi I do enjoy music from the vintage Technics CD player SL-PG590 with directly connected headphones Philips Fidelio X2HR. No external amplifier. Actually, I am astonished by the sound quality of that 'setup'. Stacks of CDs are surrounding me now! How can I achieve the same, enjoyable sound in...
  8. Ed Selley

    Philips Fidelio X3 Home Headphone Review & Comments

    Philips’ latest headphone is very much from the old school of design and aimed at ‘audiophiles.’ Is this the secret to open back bliss? Read the review. Write your own review for Philips Fidelio X3
  9. Phil Hinton

    Podcast: LG 48-inch CX OLED, Philips Fidelio X3 Headphones, Next-Gen Gaming, Film News and More...

    This week we review the 48-inch version of LG's popular CX OLED TV, designed for smaller rooms and gamers. Plus, Ed looks at the Philips Fidelio X3 headphones and Mark joins us to talk next-gen consoles and more. Plus, Cas will round up the movie & TV show news and reviews. 00:00:00 - Start...
  10. Philips Audio Tech

    Promoted How to create an Audio Icon? – the audio engineering behind the new Fidelio X3

    Philips and TPV have had a long-term partnership, reaching back over 20 years, that has included the successful rejuvenation of the Philips TV brand. Two years ago Philips and TP Vision decided on a similar agreement to assign the guardianship of the Philip’s audio business to the company in a...
  11. B

    Question Fidelio X2HR upgrade

    Hi I have recently sold my HD 599's and I am using just the Fidelio X2's. I loved the HD 599 for their mid range and top end however they lacked bass. The X2HR's are great and have good bass however is is more mid bass and the mid and top end is good but not as sweet as the HD 599. So is there...
  12. JRyder

    Question Philips Fidelio X2HR with FiiO D03K DAC (TV use)

    Hi all, I'm about to buy the Fidelio X2HR headphones, primarily for watching films on my Panasonic GZ950 TV. My intention is to plug them straight into the headphone output of the TV. I'm not very clued up on audio, but would the sound quality be improved if I added a DAC to the equation? I was...
  13. acgingersnaps

    Akg 555 mk3 vs philips fidelio x2 hdr

    Hello. Some assistance please. Amazon currently have a super deal on the philips. I already own the akg. Will i get a significant upgrade in sound or will it be marginal? Mainly listen to qobuz and vinyl. Thanks J
  14. BatThinG

    Best over-ear headphones for under £250 to be run on 100ohm 150mv output receiver?

    My receiver does have a REC OUT for a headphone amp but I don't have the money to drop on a pair of HD600s and an AMP at the moment. So I was wondering what the best option might be for headphones that are going to get run on my receiver's headphone jack (and maybe occasionally my phone), for...
  15. Fredbh

    Question Phillips Fidelio E5 - Problem with rear speaker

    Hello folks! I'd like to ask for some help with Phillips fidelio e5. Since yestarday the right rear speaker isnt working. The red and orange LEDs are blinking constantly. I've already tried the re sinc trick and also the factory reset but without success so far. Does anyone get through this...
  16. MartinGH1369

    Question Replacement cable Philips Fidelio x2hr

    Howdy. I am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction to buy a replacement cable for my Fidelio X2HRs, the one caveat? I'd like it to be shorter than the 3m cable that comes in the box. Around 1 metre would be ideal as I'm using the headphones with my Xbox one. I've tried using the...
  17. MartinGH1369

    Question AKG 712PRO or Philips Fidelio X2HR?

    Which is the better headset please? I can get them for a similar price, The AKGs are £196 and the Philips are £220. I'm going to be using them as a gaming headset (with a clip on mic) and to listen to music on my phone and Denon Receiver.
  18. A

    Fidelio SBD7500/10 docking speaker ac adaptor

    Hi everyone. I hope I can get some help with this. I have a Fidelio SBD7500/10 docking speaker and seem to have lost the AC Adapter. It uses a 9V 2.0A and i'm looking for a replacement. I've contacted Philips, but am guessing it may take some time to get a reply and I need the adapter by 30th...
  19. Sharpz44

    Question HELP-Philips Fidelio XS1 ,Can not find anywhere

    Any help would be really appreciated,I can not find the Philips Fidelio XS1 any where for sale in the uk,if anyone knows of a place that sells it still that would be great,Thanks for any feed back in advance.
  20. J

    Anyone used the Philips Fidelio HTL9100 soundbar?

    I am on a bit of a audio equipment buying binge at the moment and I saw the Philips Fidelio HTL9100 soundbar (precursor to the Fidelio B5) on sale, so I grabbed one, possibly for use in a spare bedroom. It is old but got generally good reviews (e.g. Philips HTL9100). I previously had the...
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