1. S

    Question Fibre modem router where I can restrict traffic

    I am after a fibre modem router to replace my current talktalk super router. I need to be able to block ALL traffic during the hours of 2am to 6am. I know i can do this via MAC filtering, but this only works with devices connected by wireless. I need to be able to block traffic on the LAN...
  2. Ali Raza

    For Sale Manfrotto Carbon Fibre Tripod 190CXPro4 with 498CR2 head

    Hey guys I am selling my professional carbon fibre tripod 190CXPro4 with a heavy duty head 498CR2 paid £400 for it. The tripod is in very good condition as you can see in photos. Dont have the box but will pack is securely to post. Selling because I've sold my camera to invest in other...
  3. K

    Question Fibre Optic cable damaged in drive - Can I replace myself?

    My builders are excavating my front garden and have dug through my fibre optic cable. I therefore have to replace the run from the 'pot' on the road to the terminal in the house. Is this DIY'able? For example can I just buy some optical cable, some plugs for the ends, and just plug it into the pot?
  4. E

    For Sale Carbon fibre tripod

    As new: small Carbon fibre tripod , never used, comes with carrying bag Ener1 Price and currency: £35 Delivery: Delivery cost is included Payment method: Bank transfer Location: Middlesex Advertised elsewhere?: Not advertised elsewhere Prefer goods collected?: I have no preference...
  5. E

    For Sale Small Carbon fibre tripod

    Never used. Price and currency: £35 Delivery: Delivery cost is included Payment method: Bank transfer Location: Middlesex Advertised elsewhere?: Not advertised elsewhere Prefer goods collected?: I have no preference ______________________________________________________ This message is...
  6. kas006

    Question Virgin fibre and TV available but not phone in area

    Virgin recently started offering services in my area, was deciding to give it a try as the uswitch offer with both phone line and 50mb for 12 months seems quite good. Once I enter in my postcode, only fibre and TV is availabe meaning I cant get the uswitch offer! I also spoke to virgin sales...
  7. lockers7369

    For Sale SKY FIBRE HUB

    I have a brand new sealed unit received approx 1 week ago which is surplus to requirement. Can post pics if needed but assuming we all know what these are:) Price and currency: £25 Delivery: Delivery cost is included Payment method: BT Location: STOCKPORT Advertised elsewhere?: Not advertised...
  8. M

    Question Cat6 and fibre

    Hello all, just about to buy some GigaTrue Cat6 bulk cable for my new house extension, should I go for regular or LSZH? I have teminated Cat5e in the past without too many issues but am concerned that the LSZH is hard to work with? Also for a bit of future proofing I am looking at putting fibre...
  9. MrMister111

    Question Fibre 38, only getting 20 on WiFi

    Have an SR102, switched off its (rubbish) WiFi and have wired an Apple extreme to it. Logging into shows the Sky page and speed off 38. But using WiFi and homeplug, and the speedtest app or website I'm only ever getting around 20. This is at various times of day and night. I know...
  10. allanb1985

    For Sale Sky Fibre Router & Computer Accessories

    I have for sale my Sky Router. This was a first generation router which I used for my fibre broadband. I received 40+meg through this. Its in good condition and comes with power cables. Might be of use to someone. Looking for £20 delivered. I also have a TP link wireless dongle for pc's or...
  11. BName

    Best Fibre Optic Broadband.

    Hi anyone know who is the best Fibre Optic Broadband for Gaming online and Downloading ? Customer Service to ?
  12. M

    Question Any Sky Fibre offers?

    I've been with SKY TV for a few years now, never paying full price for their TV, nor their Unlimited Broadband which has been free for a year up until this month, (always had to pay full price for Phone package+line rental). Spoke to chat today as I was willing to sign up for another 12 months...
  13. E

    For Sale Sirui R4203 carbon fibre tripod + Nest Carbon Fibre gimbal head NT 530H

    Selling above mentioned tripod Sirui R4203 in excellent condition and a Nest Carbon Fibre gimbal head NT530H. The Nest is unused and also includes a quick release plate. For now looking to sell this set up in as a whole. Questions? Please ask. Pick up possible. No time wasters. My feedback...
  14. Fozzy17

    Cheapest broadband r fibre deals about (no phone needed)

    Hi hope someone cant point me in the right direction, its not for me but a mate, he wants broadband only or fibre possible, he wont be sticking a phone in the line as he has loads of minutes on his phone contract, he wants it for surfing the net and also thinking about buying a android box or...
  15. pop80_uk

    For Sale Casio Edifice ERA-200RBP-1AER Red Bull Ltd Edt watch carbon fibre strap

    The time has come to sell this amazing watch as I will simply never get chance to wear it. Casio Edifice ERA-200RBP-1AER Red Bull F1 Limited Edition watch carbon fibre strap - Brand New Extremely limited edition This is a very rare watch with a limited run - All plastic and tags still intact...
  16. S

    For Sale Manfrotto 190CXPro3 tripod, 494rc2 head and Canon RS-80N3 Remote switch

    All are were gifts but sadly have been very underused for the past two years and so are in excellent condition (apart from the sticker on the leg!). All original boxes are included. Manfrotto 190CXPro3 carbon fibre tripod: £170 including p&p. Manfrotto 494rc2 head: £40 including p&p Any...
  17. EliteStu

    Question Can I connect a hardware firewall to a BT Fibre modem?

    Hi, I run a business from home. I need to beef up internet security and looking to buy a Watchguard Firewall. The current setup here is the standard BT Openreach Fibre modem connected to the phone line. Plus Net Fibre DSL service. The modem connects to a Billion 7800 wireless router and that in...
  18. plloydie

    For Sale Carbon fibre tripod

    Here we have my Carbon Fibre Tripod which i believe is made by Viking. The tripod is in excellent condition with a couple of very minor marks on the paint work and maybe a rub mark on the carbon fibre leg. The tripod weighs in at 1.5Kgs. Height is 54 inches fully extended and 23 inches fully...
  19. dollag

    Not BT UHD on infinity fibre??

    I was wondering if anyone has tried to get their UHD package but been declined due to their internet speeds. I have BT Infinity 2 with up to 76mb download and 20mb upload speeds. I consistently receive over 50mb download speed even at peak times. I contacted BT to order their new box and UHD...
  20. DinoKustas

    Question Virgin "Fibre" Twin Cable ? RG6?

    Hi, I am finally getting Virgin installed at my new build this Saturday (apparently) and I'm curious about the cable that they use. The house has a twin white cable run to two locations, bedroom and living room. I was under the impression that the cable used for Virgin was RG6. But looking at...
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