1. P

    Fibre slowing down

    I got a fibre( to the cabinet) package from Talk Talk. I was getting speeds 30-35mb, great compared to 4mb I was getting with the old adsl. But the speed started to drop going right down to 10mb over period of weeks. My router is connected a long way from the BT master socket (15metres) with...
  2. C

    Question 4x4 HDMI Cat 6 Matrix options for satellite over fibre

    i have purchased a new house, there are 20 houses in the development and we have one shared dish that comes to each house over fibre. in the utility room there is a small rack. Every room in the house is wired for co ax and cat 6. We dont have a huge amount of tvs, 40" HD tv in the kitchen and...
  3. leamspaceman

    Question Virgin laying fibre optic cables in my area... but not to my flat!

    I live in a relatively small block of flats on an estate. Basically, the block I live in is at the end of a close. The close winds around and the houses come to an end and then there's a tiny hill you go over that leads into the car park of the flats. The first flat is approximately 50ft from...
  4. R

    Sky Q + BT Fibre (HH5) vs Online Gaming = Pain

    So here's a thing. I've got Sky Q (which, bar a few quibbles I really like), and I've got BT Infinity Fibre (which bar the occasional dropout is pretty good, at ~45Mbps speed / 10-15ms ping to google.co.uk) But put the two of them together, and the picture isn't so rosy. Specifically when I'm...
  5. voyager162

    Bargain HDMI fibre link

    Installing a new projector and need a 10m HDMI for 4k 60hz UHD thr fibre cables are normally fairly pricy but found this LUSEM OXLINX LHM-NL10 HDMI Active optical cable, 10 metres anyone tell me if that will work ?
  6. JabbaNut

    Ofcom reveals fibre broadband infrastructure sharing proposals

    Ofcom reveals infrastructure sharing proposals Companies will be able to build ultrafast, ‘full-fibre’ broadband networks more cheaply and easily, using infrastructure owned by incumbent telco BT, under initial plans set out by UK comms regulator Ofcom. In July 2016, Ofcom detailed a new...
  7. marinersouth

    4K or HD/1080P TV for an area with no fibre optic!

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie here so apologies if I am asking a generic question which experts may have answered in tonnes of posts. Fisrtly, I have been quite impressed with the level of talent and interaction on this forum. I am not an expert in this field at all. My expertise lies in moving...
  8. W

    Question Anyone had experience with fibre optic hdmi

    as above, anyone tried the above from processor to projector? If so any makes particularly recommended? I've heard Celerity works?
  9. Shin Akuma

    Question ISP that offers fibre but don't do traffic management/shaping.

    Hello, I am looking for ISP that don't do traffic management and offers fibre optic. I can see likes of sky, talk talk, virgin, Vodafone, BT are offering internet service but I don't know which one don't do traffic management. Thanks in advance for the help.
  10. Q

    Fibre and master socket query

    I've just recently moved into a new build house and had fibre installed through talktalk. The connection speed is perfectly fine, however I'm having issues receiving the required speeds in the main living area. The property is on 3 floors, the top floor has the bedrooms, the middle ground floor...
  11. M

    Potentially moving from Sky fibre to Vodafone

    Hi All, I have been with Sky for many years now and currently have Sky fibre connected to an extension socket in another part of the house. Not connected to the telephone master socket and works absolutely fine except that Sky router is not great when it comes to wifi range and multiple users...
  12. Sunshinewelly

    quickie - do i need fibre for the new sky box mini

    I am moving home in around 4 weeks and am tempted to get sky q in my partners name or even my name at the new address using the £30 a month code. My current subscription ends in January so dont mind running 2 subs at the same time etc my new house however does not have fibre - its in the...
  13. bazovcarlisle

    Question Sky Fibre and DD-WRT Router

    Hi I have something on my network using alot of bandwidth and i am having problems finding the culprit. My question is is there a router that is compatible with sky fibre and that can run DD-WRT so that i can find the scoundrel. I have a budget of £30-£50 quid, doesnt have to be fancy just...
  14. jedifozzie

    For Sale BT Openreach fibre modem £20

    As title in excellent condition with power supply. Price and currency: 20 Delivery: Delivery cost is included within my country Payment method: Bt ppg Location: Wigan/preston Advertised elsewhere?: Not advertised elsewhere Prefer goods collected?: I have no preference...
  15. mmurdoch

    Question Sky fibre max

    Hi All, Any got Sky fibre max recently if so what router did you get the SR102 sky hub or the Sky Q router (Which ive herd is on sky's computer if not taking sky q tv as a sky hub 3.0) What performance like and wifi Was going to grab it for 12 month but didn't want the old sr102 router/sky hub
  16. Jsnatch

    vodafone Fibre (no line rental charge)

    So ive been with sky fibre for a good 3 years+ now and never had any problems, this would usually make me never want to change (dont fix whats not broken) BUT this new deal with vodafone to which you get free line rental seems too good to be true, but as far as i can see its just a outright...
  17. kingolympics

    Question High Packet Loss and I Can't Play Games Since Upgrading to Fibre

    I recently upgraded from standard BT Broadband to BT Fibre, which meant getting a new router. I hadn't tried to use my Xbox until today and found that I can't play any games. I'm still able to use apps, like Sky Go, but it seems to have a problem connecting to game servers. I've tried power...
  18. A

    How do I maximise benefits from fibre broadband?

    Hi We're shortly upgrading from standard broadband (approx 6mbps) to ultrafast(!) fibre broadband with the speeds reckoned to be between 55 and 80mbps for no more money via SSE....all very good! I use my pc to download music and movies, watch YouTube and stream some sports (the router will be...
  19. Ruffuz

    Question Anyone with Community Fibre Limited

    Hi all, Full fibre available in my area now from Community Fibre Limited but can't find any reviews of their service. Anyone has it by any chance? :)
  20. K

    Question Using Humax HDR 1100S with Fibre Provider

    Hi, I have recently moved to a new house which has a fibre provider supplying telephone, broadband and tv fibre to the house. We have a Humax HDR-1100S box which when we try to tune does not receive a signal. We we come out of free sat mode we can tune but lose the free sat functionality. Does...
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