1. Mr Incredible

    Moving to Fibre 100 - Will the Master Socket need replacing?

    This is my current Master Socket which is supporting my current 73Mb connection with FTTC. (Fibre 2). I have an order in place for Fibre 100 up to 146Mb. (I presume it is the same FTTC). Will the above Faceplate support the new service for Fibre 100, or will it need replacing?
  2. 4

    Wifi router recommendation for fibre optic network ?

    A couple of years ago our village was linked to Gigaclear fibre optic cable, we joined and the package included a Genexis DRG router. The network is fine but the router is barely ok and we need something that will give a better/more efficient wifi coverage to the bungalow. We have to use an...
  3. parman

    Plusnet fttc to BTFull Fibre 100

    Hi Folks As per the title. currently been with Plusnet for about 12 years and now interested in fttp with BT Looking at the full fibre 100, this will potentially double my speeds, my current hardware is a Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 modem router, will this be redundant with the upgrade due to...
  4. A

    Advice on VM fibre broadband coverage in old house

    Hi all, im looking for advice on trying to get my VM M100 fibre broadband to cover my whole house. The problem i have is being a old building the walls are very thick and solid. I have just had the vm m100 fibre broadband setup using their quick kit which has what seems to be the old Hub 3 which...
  5. jonniewotsit

    Fusion Splicing Fibre Optic Cable for TV/Sat Signal

    Hi, has anyone out there got any experience with repairing a damaged fibre optic cable (on a communal tv/sat distribution system) using a fusion splicer machine. If so, just got a few questions please. is it ok to do the weld (fusion) with the fibre cable still connected to the active optical...
  6. Colinmh23

    50m HDMI Active Fibre Optic :: Powered Splitter problem

    Hello all Please be gentle with me - I'm no techie! I manage/volunteer at a Sports Club and inside the main bar area I have three BT boxes and 1 x Sky box. These are all connected to individual powered HDMI splitters to feed four screens in the room. We are planning to reopen on 12 Apr but...
  7. D

    Fibre Optic HDMI

    I need help - literally! I have just installed a TV in the kitchen diner has been pre wired from Sky box in another room with a fibre optic HDMI - brand unknown - theres also a shorter cable in another room again Fibre optic. The run to the kitchen TV is about 15m, I believe the cable is...
  8. N

    Best Router for BT full fibre 900

    Hi, I have just upgraded to BT full fibre 900 and my current router doesnt support speeds higher than 250Mbs, so im currently using the latest BT home hub which I don't like, and its causing dropouts when the kids are on the xbox. Not looking to spend loads but want something that will work...
  9. D

    Full Fibre 900 vs VM 350

    Hi Guy’s My contract is now finished with VM and because I have not been happy with the 100 service I gave 30 days notice and ordered Full fibre 900 at 59 quid with BT VM have come back and offered me 350 plus Maxit TV and phone for 42 quid What would you guys do? Cheers dazgwinn
  10. C

    BT Fibre 2 + Entertainment - Renewal cost for existing customers

    Interested to hear from BT fibre customers with TV package. What package were you on before renewal - what price. What price after recent renewal (after negotiating I presume) Thanks in advance
  11. Philw101

    Question Home networking - Fibre, Cat 6a or both for video distribution?

    Hello all, Just getting the ball rolling on home networking quotes, I wanted to get a quick answer on here RE: best types of cables for video distribution throughout the home. - I am aware that video distribution systems currently use HDMI 2.0 with chroma subsampling to get the 4K 60fps...
  12. T

    BT Fibre but home phone not possible

    I am currently with John Lewis broadband and have a standard ADSL service with landline. The speeds are poor so I phoned John Lewis up and asked if they could upgrade me to fibre. They said they were not able to do this but put me through to BT who they said could. I told the sales person at BT...
  13. Flyboy583

    Question Fibre Optic HDMI vs Standard HDMI

    Hi All, Just a quick question as I seem to be getting conflicting info courtesy fo Google.. I will be running an HDMI cable to my Projector as part of my build. Distance from equipment to Projector conservatively will be in the region of 6 - 7M What I am trying to achieve is to ensure I use...
  14. K

    A/V dropouts on my 10m Ruipro fibre hdmi

    Couple years ago I bought two 10m Ruipro fibre hdmi cables at at total of £360. One connected my AVR to TV and the other connected the AVR to a projector. The TV pushes sound to AVR by ARC. On setup I got AV dropouts occuring both when watching TV or when watching the PJ. Only lasted a...
  15. happy_2008

    Sky Broadband Fibre Router

    Hi, Does anyone know which routers support Sky fibre broadband? I understand that the TP Link VR2800 is one of them but they cost slightly more than i want to spent (£160). Are there any router/modems that offer decent Wifi coverage for around £100 that supports Sky Fibre?
  16. T

    Question How much would you be willing to pay for full fibre broadband?

    Basically County Broadband is rolling fttp to our town. Prices are quite pricey for liking (I get they will be expensive). Friday I had one of their reps to knock at door registering interest. It interesting having a chat with them and answered a few questions I had. It just got me wondering...
  17. W

    Question Any recommendations for a 10m 4K HDMI fibre cable?

    So I've had some issues connecting my PS5 to my Benq W1700 projector/Yamaha RX-V383 amp. Managed to get picture and sound now at 4K by changing the amps 4K mode to mode 2, but when enabling HDR on the PS5, the resolution goes back to 1080p stating that 2160p HDR is not supported. After getting...
  18. techted

    Terminator terminates my fibre optic hdmi cable - really!

    So after some upgrades earlier this year I got everything working (issues with getting a Dolby Vision encoded signal to work on a projector & getting the 4K TV and 4K projector to play nice together). Set up has been working flawlessly for several months since the start of the year. One day, I...
  19. techted

    Question Typical causes of fibre optic cable failure?

    The 15m fibre optic hdmi cable in my setup just failed. It is disappointing as it is less than a year old but it should be replaceable under warranty. My question though is - what are the typical causes for fibre optic hdmi cable failure (except for a physical cut in the cable).
  20. M

    Starscape - here to help you plan and implement a fibre optic star ceiling in your home cinema

    Hello, we're Starscape Star Ceilings - new to avforums but not to the home cinema sector. From our base in North Northumberland we've been manufacturing DIY star ceiling kits for around 20 years, and seven years ago we launched what we genuinely believe to be the world's leading readymade...
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