1. DanielWilko

    Question Plusnet Fibre Help

    Hi all, wondering if anyone with good knowledge can assist. Our landlord has installed Plusnet Unlimited Fibre which should result in speeds of 38mbps (33 minimum). The router is located in a room downstairs and shared by 2 small flats (3/4 people max). Its been installed for 3 weeks now and...
  2. wizbongre

    Sky Fibre - Sky test suggests issues...

    Hi All, I've currently got Sky Fibre (have had it over 6 years) at the normal 32Mb speeds, which is all that is available for our house. As far as I can tell, there are no issues with it. Most speedtests show ~32Mb download speed, as I'd expect. If I go to Sky - Sign in and click on the "Test...
  3. Rocketrazor

    Question 4K over 15 meters - HDMI, Fibre, Ethernet = one confused consumer

    Hi All, So the lounge is possibly getting decorated which means I might finally be able to get a projector :clap:. Originally was thinking the Sony HW45 at 1080p only but the recent Benq W2700 review has got me thinking about 4K. One issue I have is the distance from the AVR and 4K player and...
  4. Thatsnotmynaim

    Bargain 10m Fibre HDMI - £28.26 with Prime

    £31.26 minus a £3 voucher today = £28.26 https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07L2YGG68/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. T

    15M RuiPro Hybrid Fibre Optic HDMI cable; 5V?

    I am looking to replace the QED Cable (QED QE6024 15m Performance Active High Speed with Ethernet HDMI Cable) I currently have. Its 15m in length which goes to a projector. I understand the QED Active HDMI I have requires a 5v supply from the HDMI in order for it to do its magic. Currently...
  6. A

    For Sale Mous Aramid Fibre XS Max

    Mous case for the XS Max in “Aramid Fibre”. Great case and pretty much bomb proof. They’ve posted videos on their site throwing phones out of helicopters! Great condition, only getting rid due to getting a new phone. I’ve ordered a Mous case for my new 11 pro. £30.
  7. C

    Using network extension cable - VM hub

    Hi all. It's been a while since we've changed ISP and I'm looking at moving to Virgin as they've now put the infrastructure in for Fibre. Having seen the quality of the installation at my neighbours house I'm not letting them loose inside my house so was thinking of getting it cabled to just...
  8. B

    For Sale SOLD - Netgear D7800 Nighthawk X4S AC2600 WiFi VDSL/ADSL Modem Router

    SOLD. I am offering my NETGEAR D7800-100UKS Nighthawk AC2600 Dual Band AC (MU-MIMO Wi-Fi) VDSL/ADSL Modem Router for sale. £160 Delivered. It is in excellent used condition, working perfectly, and comes with it's original box, original PSU and all four original antennas. I have updated it to...
  9. Quartz

    Question How do I test a fibre-optic Displayport 1.4 cable? Better UK source?

    How do I test a fibre-optic Displayport 1.4 cable? At considerable expense I've shelled out for a 10m Displayport 1.4 cable from China to link my PC and my Acer Nitro 4k @ 120 Hz monitor. I only needed a 5 meter cable but hey ho. Anyway, it seems to be doing the business, but is there any way...
  10. B

    For Sale Zyxel VMG1312-B10A Router (ADSL/VDSL) - 40 GBP

    EDIT: Price Drop to more reasonable level. For sale is my Zyxel VMG1312-B10A Router (not the inferior b10d variant). It is considered to one of the better Broadcom based fibre modems, with many people achieving better sync speeds than offered by the HG612 modem supplied by BT. Although...
  11. R

    Question FTTH/FTTP installation

    Hello all, long time no post All the ducting has been buried in place for fibre optic broadband, now it has to be bought in from the pavement to the property. I want it installed where my previous master socket is. Its being installed on Wednesday, I will dig a channel to the 'elephants foot'...
  12. sukhy5

    Sky Fibre - Future speed upgrades

    Just moved from Virgin Broadband 200mb to Sky Fibre 80mb (due to being cheaper and Sky Q compatibility). I’m quite happy with it so far especially with the wireless coverage around the house. What I wanted to glean was, does anyone think Sky will be upgrading their speeds in the future? That...
  13. B

    For Sale Unlocked BT Fibre Modem and Router - SOLD!

    All sold now, thanks for looking. Hi I am offering a couple of BT / Openreach supplied items that have been unlocked to offer superior performance and/or greater flexibility. First is the Openreach HG612 3B, ADSL/VDSL Modem, Unlocked with the latest firmware (B030SP08), fully working with...
  14. rashomon

    Switching to BT Fibre - where should I have new line fitted

    Hi all I'm switching from Sky ADSL to BT fibre and the engineer is coming on Thursday. As part of the deal I have the option to get a new line fitted or existing master socket 'upgraded' I live in a 3 bed semi which has a rear extension with an office/study at the far end. Current set up is...
  15. Jay130984

    For Sale Umik-1 calibration microphone/HDMI Ruipro Hybrid Optic Fibre

    Umik-1 Only used twice Complete and Boxed...SOLD 15M HDMI Ruipro Hybrid Optic Fibre New sealed....£59 less than RRP...SOLD Price and currency: £85/£140 Delivery: Delivery cost is included within my country Payment method: BT/Cash Location: WAKEFIELD Advertised elsewhere?: Advertised elsewhere...
  16. S

    Wanted BT OPenreach Fibre modem

    Anyone got one lying around pls? Location: Greenhithe,. Kent ______________________________________________________ This message is automatically inserted in all classifieds forum threads. By replying to this thread you agree to abide by the trading rules detailed here. Please be advised, all...
  17. tom 2000

    Answered Fibre Internet, how do I get it up a long private driveway?

    As per the question really. I believe there is Fibre on our main road. Our house is 300m up a private lane. There is an existing copper cable buried from road to lane. I assume this needs replacing to avail of high speed fibre. Who pays?
  18. p3x289

    any views on Now Fibre Broadband

    my BT contract just finished and am on the look out for a new provider, i just need broadband and telephone. Been checking and Now seems to offer a 12 month contract or a rolling contract (with a one off fee) which looks attractive especially if you factor in cashback. would welcome any views...
  19. J

    Question Fibre HDMI supporting > 18gbps (4x 6gbps lasers or 12gbps lasers)

    Came across this interesting post from CEDIA about fibre cables potentially able to operate above 18gbps: HDMI Data Rates for 4K HDR Does anyone know for easily available fibre cables in the market how they are configured and whether >18gbps support is likely?
  20. S

    For Sale Dell Latitude 7370

    Begrudgingly selling my beautiful Dell Latitude 7370 as I need a macbook for coding. It's the 128gb, 8gb RAM, 1920x1080 version with the better battery life. (I've upgraded the battery to the 43whr, so the battery life now usually exceeds 8hrs). It also has a carbon fibre lid. Works perfectly...
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