1. imightbewrong

    Question Help - VM Fibre latency tanking

    We have been with VM for a long time - it has been good. We are currently on a 100Mb FTTC line. I have been using it to WFH for months no issue. In the last two days though the latency seems to have gone through the floor. The speed is fine, but my work VDI interactions are horrible...
  2. mahel

    Modem Router to replace TP-LINK VR600 (Sky Fibre)

    So I'm a Sky Fibre customer and originally I bought the TP-Link VR600 to replace the Q Hub as that was terrible with its wifi strength and often needed restarting. The VR600 was amazing for the first 8 months or so but for the last 4 months, ever since it's had more devices connected to it due...
  3. oldman1950

    10 metre fibre optic hdmi cable

    hi, all just purchased this cable to run from my pc to 4k tv as the old v2b hdmi cable only shows half of screen on the tv. the fibre optic one is the same, in display settings no second screen is found, I'm plugging the display end in to my tvs hdmi pc slot. other in to my vega 56 gpu, hdmi slot,
  4. neuty

    Question Recommended VPN for home fibre broadband and mobile

    Hi All, This is all quite confusing for me, but can anyone recommend a good reliable and not costly VPN for home and also for mobile / tablets usage? There are so many it’s blown my head off. Thanks for looking. Carl
  5. S

    Question Using two Fibre connections at home advice please.

    I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me with some advice. I currently have a 30Mb Fibre connection with Sky. Later this month I am having a second 30Mb fibre connection installed by BT on their new "Dedicated Connection" service. My original plan was to allow the Sky fibre to...
  6. V

    Anyone got talktalk fibre 150 'gfast'? Problem..

    Sorry if wrong forum, I'm at the end... Had fibre 150 installed last Saturday (their new gfast fibre, special gubbins in the exchange - was currently getting 40mbps). Long story short only getting 88mbps download. BT Open reach engineer changed wall socket and installed BT gfast modem which...
  7. M

    Problems with Mesh Network and Full Fibre via Smart Hub

    I need some advice on potential networking issues once I have FTTP installed. At the moment I’m currently only getting 3mps on our broadband but that will change once we have BT Full Fibre 900 (FTTP) installed. Due to my home having really thick walls I have been using Google Wifi as a mesh...
  8. julianjwatt

    Connecting my sky fibre to a TP link ac1200

    I want to bypass the standard sky hub box and rather use a better router. Can someone help direct me to how to achieve a 1 box solution?
  9. F

    Fibre Optic HDMI: RUIPRO vs FeizLink

    Recently I had to buy a Fibre Optic HDMI cable as my setup needed a minimum length of 15m. First time buying anything like that so very much new to the concept of Fibre Optic enabled HDMI cables. Then noticed that there is a big price gap between different brands which make such cables. One of...
  10. Lee Moles

    Question Anyone have Full Fibre 900?

    Afternoon. I moved into my new home 6 weeks ago which has FTTH. Managed to get an OK deal of Fibre 300 for £40 a month. It was activated and worked fine. I was then told that Full Fibre 900 was available now too. Managed to haggle and got it upgraded. Again it was activated but speeds are...
  11. T

    Any Vodafone GigaFast Fibre Broadband users?

    I am currently on Virgin Media 100bm plus line rental for £32.50 pcm. Now Vodafone have put in their Gigafast network down my street they are offering 500mb £30 900mb £40 With a £5 loyalty discount as I am a Voda mobile customer. Can anyone who has it compare it to Virgin? How was your...
  12. F

    Question 15m Ruipro fibre optic hdmi

    Hi all. I’m little bit new to all this im in the process of building a cinema room. Just running in some cables at minute, to cover a multitude of options. 1 option is a projector. As this will be some distance from source, I’ve purchased a Ruipro 15m fibre hdmi lead. Before running it in I’ve...
  13. A

    Fibre + 4g + failover on some LAN ports

    All, Moving to a remote property. it can get about 8-14m fibre and about 70(on my iPhone 4g) what we’d like to do is predominantly use the 4g, then failover to fibre of the 4g drops below x speed. however, I do also want a server at home that is permanently connected to the fibre for the...
  14. Dan201

    Question 0.2Mbps Upload speed on fibre

    Hi all I'm a bit stuck at the moment, I'm looking for advice on what to do with my faulty connection. I've had TalkTalk fibre for about 6 months now but 3 days ago my connection started to show signs all was not well. Running speed tests showed my download speed was fine at around 45Mbps, but...
  15. A

    Question Combining 4g and Fibre

    Hi All, Does anyone have any neat solutions to combine two broadband systems. We currently run plusnet FTTC through my R7000 and a BT whole home mesh at about 70/18 However we're about to move to a rural property with about 8-14/1 which is an issue for me working at home. The majority of stuff...
  16. ffssmarco58

    Fibre optic hdmi cable

    i keep loosing my signal from my amp to tv and my hdmi is 8 meters long is it worth buying the new fibre optic hdmi cable
  17. JabbaNut

    Ofcom boost for fibre broadband investment

    Ofcom boost for fibre broadband investment " Homes and businesses up and down the UK are set to benefit from much faster and more reliable fibre broadband, under major proposals set out by comms regulator Ofcom. As demand for Internet data accelerates, the UK’s infrastructure needs to be...
  18. The Grandfather

    Thinking of upgrading to fibre

    I'm thinking of binning Sky for my TV and going to Netflix and a Humax Freesat box. Additionally I would like fibre to support 4K films for my new 4K TV. Sky are are my current ISP and I have a Sky SR102 router. Its alright but I'm sure that there must be better available, especially as far as...
  19. andybailey1972

    Wifi extenders for sky q and sky fibre

    Afternoon all, I have searched for the appropriate forum but couldn’t work out where it needed to go so am putting my question here: I have sky q and sky fibre broadband and was wondering what wifi extenders i need to get that will enable a better signal to my Ring doorbell and Echo Show 8 as...
  20. 1

    What to buy-BT fibre and want mesh/AP’s

    So I’ve got a separate openreach modem with BT fibre running into a billion modem router that’s getting on a bit. In my head I would like to keep the modem and replace the router with a mesh setup or something like unifi AP’s. For information I would need two nodes or AP’s for my detached house...
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