1. mckee74

    Vodafone FTTP Full Fibre - Anyone use it, or advise alternative?

    Hello all. Hope you're all well. Looking to move house, and for the first time I'll have the benefit of FTTP full fibre. Have to say I'm bizarrely excited and curious to see if it's all I've hoped for. So, looking at suppliers. Currently looking at Vodafone as they seem to offer the best value...
  2. silouette

    sky q box to amp fibre optic cable recommendations ?

    Hi Guys yeah I know this is a chestnut, but wondered if anyone has got any recommendations for the above. Just need three meters ie anyone notice any difference between say £10 to £40 examples. Been around for a while so realise probably anything would do, but thought I'd ask
  3. AlistairS

    Shell Full Fibre 900 mystery

    I got Full Fibre last year from Shell. On usenet and irrespective of what software i use, NZBGet or SabNZB, If the server is setup with Linux full speed. If setup on Windows 11 it starts off at 100% but slows very quickly to around 20-30% and stays at that. I bought a pci express 2.5G Ethernet...
  4. moby125

    Zzoomm fibre provider

    Zzoomm are installing fibre optic Internet in our area. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them? Currently with Sky connection to property is fine, but wifi in the house is poor. Apparently Zzoomm provide 2 boxes one downstairs, one upstairs.
  5. D

    Fibre optic star ceiling-is a diffuse galaxy effect possible?

    hi All, Having been inspired by some of the star ceiling projects on here, I'm part way through installing a star ceiling. Having finished the pelmet, which will have the usual recessed led tape lighting, I'm now looking at the details of the star ceiling itself. This will be 2.5 sheets of 2440...
  6. AlistairS

    Shell Broadband Full Fibre 900 with own Hardware

    I signed up to for their 900 service today,I believe thats classified as FTTP/ FTTH? I know they will supply hardware for me but would prefer to use my Asus mesh Setup. Do i need to buy a modem to use my mesh setup or is it just a case of plugging my router in and configuring it?
  7. N

    Low BT Fibre internet speed.

    In September I moved from EE Fibre to BT Fibre and since then seem to have had nothing but trouble with the internet speed. BT say I should be getting 7MB minimum but often it it down to around 1.5MB. BT have sent two 'Home Engineers', the second one saying that the incoming speed is well up...
  8. B

    Help needed: 'Hybrid' fibre HDMI definition and buying advice

    I am going to be running an HDMI cable from my AVR to a 4k projector at a distance of ~7-8m and my current cheap-ass eBay cables don't seem to allow me to enable HDR (It works when I connect everything with 1m cables). Everybody online (especially on this forum) seems to recommend a Ruipro...
  9. J

    BT Fibre modem/router

    I currently have BT broadband delivered over copper to a BT Openreach modem. BT "Full Fibre" has just become available in my area and I wondering how it is presented so I can plan for any kit I may have change or source. Anyone know what sort of kit comes standard with the BT Full fiber...
  10. (GTV)Chris

    Fibre optic HDMI quality to JVC X7900?

    Hi. My 10 meter fibre optic cable recently failed after two years. I had my JVC calibrated and it looked amazing. I’ve bought another cable for half the price. It does all the 4K HDR stuff and it works. But I can’t help but think the image looks different? So, to me it looks brighter and not...
  11. T

    Fibre optic hdmi and earc

    I'm moving my amp and need 5-6m of hdmi cable (might get away with 5m). I assume i need fibre optic for 8k, If so I am confused whether fibre optic does earc. I will have one cable running from amp to TV and watch a bit in TV Amos so want the earc to work.
  12. The Dark Horse

    Can you downgrade from full fibre (FTTH) to super fast (FTTC) ?

    If you upgrade to the full fibre service and decide down the line to save money, are you able to go back to the copper wire service, or are you stuck with FTTH?
  13. pioneerman

    hdmi fibre optic cable issue

    Im having an issue with my yamaha rxv 1080 and my atzebe fibre optic cable any advise would be appreciated. My old set up was with an older yamaha amp with no HDMI passthrough, so my fibre optic cable was connected from my projector directly to either sky or my blue ray player with out any...
  14. J

    Fibre hdmi cable,- issue with receiver?

    Got a 5m fibre hdmi cable, but seems to be an issue with my receiver (pioneer vsx-1131). Connecting the cable from pc directly to tv works, 4k60hz hdr. But going via receiver theres no signal if i use one of the hdcp inputs on it, only with non hdcp input. But the issue there is I get no hdr in...
  15. J

    Use my existing phone with VoIP over fibre internet?

    I'm looking at switching to a full-fibre FTTP provider. They provide the ability to use your existing landline phone - you plug it into the fibre NTE box they supply and behind the scenes it's done over VoIP. But I can't figure out how this works and if there's something special about the NTE...
  16. Dioxology

    HELP, Fibre Ethernet Bridge Issuss

    Pleasw help me i don't know whats going on. So I bought Skys 500mbps Fibre and the ethernet was pulling 50mbps download from the ethernet bridges on consoles and PCs. I realised the cables were CAT 5 only rated 100mbps so upgraded to CAT 8 and our ethernet bridges were TP link 600mbps but my...
  17. TB303

    What a joke '1GB fibre' central London

    I've had it with them, We've been with Virgin fibre for 4(?) years mostly with a 350mb connection and it just worked, then was upgraded to 1GB and the internet keeps cutting out, I have my own proper router so it's not a Wifi issue. The connection keeps disconnecting, many times the service...
  18. A

    VOIP over virgin fibre

    Hi all, Am in the process of trying to move my office phones from ISDN over to VOIP. The company who provides our current ISDN lines does a VOIP package but she has told me the following and I'd like to understand this better. "Unfortunately the VOX system is not compatible with Virgin...
  19. Yorkshire toffee

    Bt fibre for universal credit

    Bt home essentials to start from next month £15pm for an average of 36mbps and 700 minutes of calls, or for £20pm an average speeds of 67mpbs and unlimited calls. Sounds like a very good deal for those who qualify Universal Credit claimants to be eligible for reduced BT fibre broadband - full...
  20. M

    Does anyone use Community Fibre?

    They seem to be offering decent deals, I managed to nab a 400mbps + phone calls for £35p/m last month, just waiting on the installation date. I'm currently using Sky's Superfast FTTC service. Not had many issues, but I'm paying too much compared to what I could be getting with CF and FTTP...
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