1. DinoKustas

    Nest + Fibaro + Z-Wave Radiator Valves

    Howdy all, Has anyone done this? Fibaro HC2 + Nest + Z-Wave Radiator Valves? Is the Fibaro able to control the temperatures in different rooms via the valves as well as then have the Nest functionality? Or would I be better off going with a z-wave thermostat and z-wave valves? Any input...
  2. A

    Question Lights - LightwaveRF, Lutron, Fibaro, something else?

    Hello, Refurbishing and extending my flat, and replacing all the lights and switches in the process. Originally I was thinking I would just have dimmable LEDs pretty much everywhere, but after researching the different options I am now considering more advanced options. The flat is made of 4...
  3. DinoKustas

    Fibaro - Motion Light On/Off - Toggle Switch Question

    Howdy, I have Fibaro HC with Fibaro motion sensor & Fibaro 2 x relay. I currently have 2 scenes running: 1 scene turns the light on with motion 1 scene turns the light off when no motion detected for 3 minutes Now what I want is for when my toggle switch is set to on, I want the light to...
  4. DinoKustas

    Question Fibaro with bluetooth/RF/zigbee?

    Howdy, Has anyone managed to integrate any other systems with Fibaro which allow for control over bluetooth, RF, zigbee devices etc? Thanks!
  5. muppetman74

    Question Help understanding Z Wave associations

    I was going to ask this question on the Fibaro forum but it seems a bit dead and I know there are helpful Z Wave experts on here... :D I've had a Fibaro HC Lite for a couple of years but have only started using it an anger over the last couple of months. I have a simple requirement - turn on a...
  6. JF3RGY

    Bungalow Conversion/Renovation - Smart Home Integration

    Hi all, First of all, thank you for this forum. It has given me a good base for understanding theoptions on my project and now I think I'm ready for my first post. I hope to add to this as time goes by as reading others progress/decision making pros cons etc. has been great. Also, having this...
  7. Desmo

    Moving away from Fibaro HC2....other options?

    I'm thinking of moving away from the Fibaro does some fantastic stuff with a lovely interface but I'm getting to the stage where I'm getting fed up with it as it's just becoming too inconsistent in operation. When it's working fine it's great, but then scenes just stop running...
  8. F

    Setting up Fibaro Motion Sensor

    Hi I wondered if someone could give me, or direct me to, a run down on how to configure the Fibaro Motion Sensor? I added 1 to my network yesterday but not sure on the correct configuration. I would like to setup the motion sensor so that after a specific time and when the lux of the room is...
  9. E

    Question Outdoor lighting integration with Fibaro HC2

    So I am slowly starting to build up my home automation set-up. Have purchased a Fibaro HC2 and a few dimmers for lights already, however wondering what you guys do for outdoor light integration? I have a single gang switch at the backdoor that turns on a bog standard outdoor light over the...
  10. F

    Problems connecting to Fibaro HC2 with Chrome

    I am writing this here in the hope of saving someone else some money and also for the post to get indexed by Google so other people can find this thread. I bought the Fibaro home centre 2 on the recommendation of various posts on here. I spent over £2000 on the home centre, dimmer modules...
  11. DinoKustas

    Question Fibaro IP Camera connections flaky ?

    Howdy, Has anyone ever had any issues with the Fibaro IP camera streams showing no video for a brief flicker every 10secs or so? When I view the live streams either via web browser or other IP camera software the streams seem solid. This applies to wired and wireless devices. Cameras are 1 x...
  12. W

    Question Fibaro dimmer FGD-212 wiring

    Hi! I've been wiring Fibaro sensors a while now, but there is still one case I don't know how to connect. I have a dimmer module (Fibaro FGD-212) with a pushbutton which is not in the same location. At the moment this pushbutton is connected to the LIVE wire: Is it possible to connect this and...
  13. C

    Question Loxone v Fibaro

    We are planning to install smart home technology in our house renovation project. Loxone was the first system I stumbled on that had transparent pricing, excellent support in terms of web site literature and a vibrant forum (unfortunately now closed down - but still available as a reference...
  14. U

    Somfy 230v RTS blind control - Fibaro?

    Hi, I'm in the middle of buying a new home, being built by one of the usual mass homebuilders. I've had cat6 run to every room in the house, back to a centralised location. I've also run speaker wire from the central point to the living room and hdmi cables to various rooms. For the windows...
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