1. D

    Bargain Fibaro Home Center Lite - 50% off

    Bargain for anyone looking to dip their toes into ZWave Home Automation - £120 from Vesternet
  2. Desmo

    LED Lamp and Fibaro Dimmer?

    Hi all, I've recently got a couple of bedside lamps with dimmable LED bulbs. I'd like to add these in to our system but there's not much room for a plugin dimmer module so was wondering if I could use the Fibaro Dimmer modules? I have these in our ceiling lights but not sure if I could use...
  3. F

    Wiring for Fibaro Single Switch 2 not working

    Hi, can anyone with experience of wiring Fibaro modules advise why the wiring in the photos isn't working? This is a Single Switch 2 module wired to a standard toggle on/off switch controlling 4 LED outdoor lights... TIA!
  4. F

    Question Questions about Fibaro light switch modules

    Hi all, I have some questions about the Fibaro light switch modules which I'm hoping people on here will know the answer to: Does the Single Switch 2 module have a minimum load? I'm asking because I'm looking to use this module where I've got say a couple of downlights (say 5W each) and a pair...
  5. A

    Question Humidity sensor/hygrometer to insert in cavity wall?

    We had a problem with a water leak inside a cavity wall that caused a lot of damage to the floors before we even detected it. We (think we) sorted it out, but in case it happens again I was thinking of having a humidity sensor inside the cavity (or more likely behind the plasterboard if it can...
  6. Timbo234214

    Question New ZWave hub - Smartthings, Harmony or Pi+Home assistant

    Hi, I have a Fibaro Lite hub which is long in the tooth and not very programmable. I also have: Fibaro Dimmer 2, Fibaro 2xswitch modules for lighting, TKB + Aeotech 13A plug switches, Aeotech Gen 5 multisensors and a couple of Fibaro flood sensors. I'm looking for a new hub... What would you...
  7. A

    Question Wiring of a fibaro switch assistance

    I'm converting the house to using hue lights, but one room I'm struggling with is the bathroom. When the normal light switch is on it also turns on an extractor so I can't leave the hue lights on all the time. I've got SmartThings and therefore wanted to get a fibaro switch to switch the fan...
  8. S

    Question Fibaro Dimmer 2 advice please

    Hi, I've just replaced a dumb standard switch with a Fibaro Dimmer 2. It switches 2 LAP dimmable 9W LED bulbs in my living room using a 2-wire system (no neutral). The switch is part of a 2 way circuit ie there is 1 other switch but that is not in use and is left as is. Many years ago the switch...
  9. PsyVision

    Question Fibaro / Aeotec with MK Grid Plus

    I'm close to purchasing a smart home hub, still deciding, but in the meantime I've been thinking about my switch options. I'm going to use Fibaro or Aeotec Dimmer or Single/Double modules in back boxes with either GU10, incandescent or Hue bulbs depending on rooms. For switches, I'm thinking...
  10. S

    Fibaro Sonos control

    I have a fibaro HC Lite and have recently bought a Sonos Play:1. I would like to use the double click of my kitchen light switch to 'play' the speaker. I've installed the plugin and have it working but I cannot see the device when in the graphical blocks scene builder. I also tried to get the...
  11. J

    Fibaro and Home Cinema Equipment

    I'm currently gutting the downstairs of my house and giving serious consideration to some automation. I like the look of Fibaro for the lights and integration with Nest but one thing I'm not clear on is Fibaro's ability to control my home cinema equipment and the documentation on their website...
  12. A

    Fibaro Automation Ideas

    Hi all, I'm in the final stages of home automation and looking for some cool ideas to make use of the many thousands of pounds that I've spent! I'll have all lights, alarm, TV (sky etc), motion sensors, doorbird camera, nest, 2 x CCTV cameras, roller garage door and alexa up and running...
  13. A

    Question Fibaro issues

    Hello, I have installed Fibaro dimmer 2 modules throughout my flat (following a complete refurbishment so all electricity wiring is brand new). I have a Home Center 2 (with latest firmware) and the bulbs are mostly LED E27 Philips. There are some issues with them. Sometimes they turn off...
  14. L

    Fibaro Z wave

    Hi I am currently renovating my 3 bed two reception room semi detached house. i am looking at putting in some Home automation. I have came across Fibaro and think this is the best option but not sure. I am looking at something that is easily set up and not loads of coding todo like control 4...
  15. A

    Question Security camera/CCTV surveillance system recommendation

    I'm looking for some outdoor security cameras and would like recommendations. Requirements: - I need to monitor 2 separate outdoor areas (connected, so it's really a big U shape). I think I need a minimum of two cameras with very wide angle (that would be ideal) or 3 cameras. - IP...
  16. muppetman74

    Question Replace Fibaro HC Lite with Vera Plus or something else?

    So, a bit of background....I've got a Fibaro Home Center Lite controlling about 20 devices (mostly Fibaro Dimmers, Relays (for lights and heating/hot water), a few non-Fibaro sockets and some Aeon Multisensors. I've been building this up over the last 3 years or so. Basically, I had a bit of a...
  17. E

    Question Fibaro HC2 and Hue Integration

    How easy does Fibaro and Hue work/integrate together? Is it just a case of installing the Hue plugin and it works or much more effort than that? Insight welcome. Thanks.
  18. DinoKustas

    Question How long are your Fibaro door/window sensors lasting?

    Howdy, I've got quite a few Fibaro door sensors but I'm having constant trouble with the one on my front door. It feels like the battery either keeps dying, the sensor needs to be reset or the sensor just stops working. Fibaro HC2 doesn't show the sensor as dead, in fact it thinks it's still...
  19. A

    Question Fibaro RGBW controller with 3 gang switch.

    Hi Thinking about getting into HA, and wanted to start off with purchasing RGBW LED strips for kitchen cabinets to replace the 5 20w halogens So in my kitchen I have a 3 gang switch, where switch#1 controls left side spot lights, switch#2 controls the kitchen cabinet lights and switch#3...
  20. E

    Question Fibaro Dimmer2 Retrofit into existing 2-Way/Intermediate Switches

    Looking for any Fibaro Dimmer2 Retrofit expertise... Dimmer 2 | FIBARO Manuals So my house has various 2-Way/Intermediate Switching as per the below diagrams. I am trying to retrofit install Dimmer2's however am struggling to find a wiring option that does not result in me losing all...
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