1. rona94

    Upgrade my old FHD TV

    Hi! I'm going to buy a new tv but I'm really undecided. Main use for the tv will be gaming (with PS5 and Xbox Series S), straming from Netflix/Disney+/PrimeVideo and sports (mainly soccer). Currently have a Samsung Led C6000 but it's time to get higher standards I'm not considering OLED cause...
  2. S

    Question Replacing 42" plasma with 49"-55" ... guidance sought

    Hi all, Every time I think it would be nice to upgrade my TV, I get quickly overwhelmed by the huge amount of options! I'm hoping somebody can help me narrow the choices down. I currently have a Panasonic TH-42PX70 (42" plasma, 2007) and I'd like to have something bigger which is also full...
  3. R

    Answered 49-50 inch FHD TV Max 1080p content. £500 budget

    Hello all, 1st post on here so thanks for your patience . I sit about 3 metres face on from my TV with my partner sitting at the edge of the 30 degree cone for VA ( hypotenuse of 2.4 m ) We don't expect to watch any content above 1080p for the foreseeable future. Broadcast HD 90% 10%...
  4. S

    Question Which 50” FHD tv - Dodge please help

    Good Evening all, Reading Dodge’s previous forum replies/posts I think the best option for me is a 50” FHD over a UHD 4K model due to the type of media/outputs I would mainly view. The question is which one: Samsung M5500 or; Sony WF753 Viewing angles are not an issue and 50” is the largest...
  5. D

    Question Biggest & Best FHD TV? Are there any left?

    Should I upgrade? - UHD vs FHD ...tells me I should really be forgetting the LG55B8 and buying a FHD 910V or a W809C and not be brainwashed into a UHD set for content which doesn't really exist, especially in my household. But... they're not for sale any more, so what alternatives do I have...
  6. Dodgexander

    Size matters

    Size matters Often in this section of the forum we receive questions such as; Should I go for a high end model that is smaller or a lower end model which is larger? Should I go for a small OLED or larger LCD? Is x size to small or too big for me? There is too much to cover overall but here are...
  7. AlanX

    Answered Why not broadcast FHD Freesat/view in HLG?

    As HLG is backwards compatible with SDR TVs, is there any technical (rather than economic or political) reason why FreeSat and Freeview FHD (1920x1080) can't be broadcast in HLG? SDR TVs would ignore the upper part of the HLG curve, but HDR TVs could display it. That's assuming that TVs apply...
  8. I

    Samsung ue50ju6800k v sony kdl-55w829b v new sub 500 FHd tv

    As above currently been offered 2 of the TV's above. Samsung ue50ju6800k v sony kdl-55w829b for £330 . Or do I go the new route sub 500
  9. BigBlueHouse

    Question Looking for a 49" FHD TV £300-£500

    Hi all, Our current old Samsung is on it's way out. When left on for a while white specs appear on screen, which gradually gets worse until powered off. Ideally looking for a FHD TV; as most of the content I watch is either SD or HD via Freeview and HTPC. But if a UHD is a better option I am...
  10. J

    FHD or UHD?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to replace my 9 year old Samsung le32b530p7w with a new tv for around €400-€500, and since I still watch a lot of dvd's and no 4K content I thought my best option would be FHD instead of UHD. I did some research and decided on the Samsung 43M5620 (which is only €388...
  11. HadHa

    Answered FHD TV on a budget

    Hello there, I've not had a TV for about 10 years, and choosing one is just as difficult (if not more so) than it was back then. I need a TV for streaming via Netflix/similar services, connect to phones/pcs to view content as well as the occasional video game console (some retro, but also newer...
  12. R

    Best 40/43" FHD or 4K?

    I realise this is a variation of a lot of threads before but I'm itching to replace my 2011 32" Samsung D6750 with something a bit larger. Ideally I'd prefer 43" but the options seem to look better quality at 40" From the looks of it the best options in 4K currently are still the 40"...
  13. J

    Question Transmission Signal with UHD & FHD TV's

    this two part question. 1. Can a 65inch UHD 4k Television be run via a standard Sky HD Box? 2. Can a 55inch FHD 1080p TV receive a watchable signal connected to a Freeview Sky SD box via a Scart lead. NB. This is likely to be a temporary measure as Sky Q is on the cards. Many Thanks in Advance.
  14. la gran siete

    Looking a decent 40" FHD TV that is good for gaming purposes

    Hi, my first thought is the Sony KDL40WE663 as owners seem to be quite pleased with it and the price is reasonable. I see that amongst its picture modes it has "Game" as a choice so I assume my Xbox 360 will work well with it. For audio, I will be using a Cambridge audio 1 so the TV is for video...
  15. B

    New TV - FHD or 4k

    Hi All, I am looking for a new TV. I watch mainly BLU RAY and some DVD. Mainly older movies 50's-80's My could happily accommodate a TV up to 75" I am worried that a 4k TV will make DVD's unwatchable. I'm not too worried about price as I get a new TV once a decade. I have narrowed down...
  16. L

    best 40 inch va panel Fhd or 43 inch va 4k?

    Hi there: @Dodgexander I would like if possible your advice: I would like to now what is the best 40 inch fhd tv, I came across with the Sony kdl-we663 (400£) but same reviews say that have issues with motion and im very sensitive to that, I also view the sony 4k 43inch xd8005(580£), both...
  17. D

    40” - 43” FHD max £400

    Hi All Any recommendations... I dont have the space for a big 4K TV so going to replace my aging plasma with a more modern looking LCD. I use the following sources and I need a TV which has the below apps. Virgin - movies and sports Netflix Amazon Plex - SD & HD content so upscaling is...
  18. paulczar

    TV for Gaming

    Hi, My son has managed to save up his money and is looking for a new TV for his bed room. Size wise we are looking at 32" minimum. 90% of his time will be playing his xbox one with a bit of netflix, Prime and Now TV. I've also just recently built him a PC which he may well use more often...
  19. A

    Question Which 40” TV? (Panasonic/Sony/Samsung?)

    Hi guys Please could I have your advice. I’ve hunted through lots of threads here and note there’s some similar ones to mine, however would love some specific advice on a new TV as am a bit lost! First, can I get your opinion if a larger TV will likely be worth it? We currently have a 32” HD...
  20. K

    Question Recommendations for a FHD TV

    I'm asking for recommendations, as there is a dearth of reviews on the models I have shortlisted below. My current TV is a Panasonic TX-32LXD600, which I have had from new. Its a 720 IPS panel, and to me, has decent picture quality. I run the sound from it, PS3, DVD player and Sky+ through a...
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