1. R

    Wanted Isoacoustics Gaia feet (with carpet spikes)

    Hi, anyone out there prepared to sell theirs to fund another upgrade they must be dying to purchase? Gaia iii are fine for me as looking to keep cost low. Thank you.
  2. V

    Technics SL-J11D Turntable Feet

    Hi all, new to the forum after being out of hifi and electronics for quite some time. I wonder if any one can help, I am after 1 or a set of feet for a Technics SL-J11D turntable as the rubber part in one of mine is broken. If any one has a spare set for sale or knows where I can get them I...
  3. HeadBanger

    For Sale SVS Soundpath Isolation Feet (4 Pack)

    Per title. Decouples the subwoofer from the floor greatly reducing room rattles. Like new and all packaging and fixing bolts included. Four (4) SoundPath Isolation Elastomer Feet with Steel Outer Shell Four (4) M6 x 20 mm screws Four (4) M8 x 20 mm screws Four (4) M10 x 20 mm screws £47.50...
  4. S

    Missing Rubber Feet

    I have an ideapad ideapad 3-15IIL05 Laptop - Type 81WE one of the rubber feet is missing. Does anyone know where to get new ones ? Or a generic part that can be made to work ?
  5. barnaby jones

    Six Feet Under (follow up series)

    As is the fashion at the moment.
  6. password1

    Wanted subwoofer cabinet for xls400 and feet, re-veneer.service

    Its a long shot but does anyone have an empty cabinet, ideally df oak? Would also be interested in 4 feet and anyone who can supply oak finsih veneer cut to size Can collect within Wolverhampton, Walsall, South Staffordshire area. Thanks
  7. lgans316

    Subwoofer - soundpath isolation pads / feet

    Hi Fellas, So the my sub bass is causing some vibrations in the floor upstairs thanks to poor insulation. Before I try any expensive options, I would like to try adding sound path isolation feet / pads to the sub. Please can you let me know if the below would work: It's for washing machines...
  8. M

    LG C1 55" or 65" @ 3.8m/12 feet

    There is a big deal on both these tv's right now and I don't know which to buy. Generally speaking I've always chosen a bit smaller tv then recommended since I have it on all the time even when I'm working the tv is on in the background :). Now I have an LG CX 48" and like it a lot, but I have...
  9. theninjagecko

    9 feet throw

    Hi, been lurking a bit as I have a room I can dedicate to a cinema room. I'm planning on painting it all black and then go for either a 92 or 100 inch screen. I'm only sitting 9 feet away from the wall. I can get a projector about same dustance. I was initially going to get a epson tw9400 as...
  10. G

    Speaker isolation feet

    Morning all I’ve just acquired a pair of Celestion speakers (about 8kg each) and some old Gale stands. It’s really an experiment at this stage, to see how I get on with speakers over 40 years old. I‘d like to isolate the underside of the speakers from the top plate of the stands without paying...
  11. A

    55' A80j or 65' X90j at 10 feet distance

    Hey, everyone, I've decided to get a new TV but I'm having a tough time choosing one. I was going to get a 55 inch A80j when I moved into a new rental suite, but I have realized that the distance to the tv stand from the couch is 10 feet. TV will be used for watching sports, movies, and gaming...
  12. Johnboy 130

    Dali ef9 lose rubber feet

    Hello I have a Dali ef9, which has some vibrations, I believe it's due to the rubber feet being lose. I have tried to tighten the feet and remove them and can't do either. The just spin on the shaft. Has anyone had a similar issue, or now how to tighten them ? Thank you in advance John
  13. snoopdon

    What is the best way to connect a security camera that is 70 feet from my house?

    We purchased our current home in 2015 and it was completed in March of 2016. The builder's electrician also installed security systems and security cameras. We have six exterior IP cameras by Alibi Witness/Hikvision which are recorded on an Alibi Witness NVR. I believe the cameras are 1020P...
  14. D

    KEF Reference 5 plinths, feet, base system

    Can anyone recommend feet/bases for the KEF Reference 5? I would love to not spend a fortune as I wait for new plinths from KEF (out of stock for a while). Note, if you're not familiar with these speakers you can't just put feet on them because the screw holes underneath are NOT way out at...
  15. Alex442

    Monopod, with feet or without?

    Hi, I've seen that some monopods come with feet and some don't. I'm wondering if it's worth paying extra for this feature. I take it that with the feet the monopod can be locked from moving left and right and you can get smoother shots? Some tripods come with these 'feetless monopods' built in...
  16. J

    LG GX Stand

    Has anybody actually bought the stand/feet for this model? ...Im moving next year so don't want to go to all the trouble of wall mounting for now and ruin the freshly plastered wall but I may do once we choose our new house as it looks great on the wall. Do you think it would be worth the...
  17. Bilbo 69

    Question Isolation feet

    Hi Can anyone please tell me what size thread are the feet on the PB 4000 And how long the thread is ??
  18. AFProduction

    Miele washing machine rubber feet

    Hi All, The rubber feet on our Miele washing mahine needs replacing. I know Miele products are not cheap but having a look online it will cost me about £100 for repalcing the four feet. From espares.co.uk Is this my only option? I can't seem to find third party options. Thanks
  19. R

    75 inch xh90 - can you get smaller feet?

    Im gonna buy this tv this week, but the depth of the feet is too deep for my stand. Dont really want a 3rd party stand as my soundbar will go under the tv and the standard height is perfect for it.
  20. RobTi

    Question Subwoofer feet recommends

    Hi I have an old rel strata that I am repainting and need a set of new feet for it, now i will be flipping it over from down firing to front firing and placing on a slab of something (I live in upstairs flat), just setting it up to see about neighbours before diving in for a new one, so where to...
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