1. B

    eBay - Selling to someone with zero feedback

    Hi, I didn't know where to post this, but want people's opinion on what to do next. I have sold an item on eBay for £1200. The buyer has been an eBay member for 3 years, but has never bought or sold anything, so has 0 feedback rating. Now he purchased my item and paid within 10 minutes. I...
  2. E

    Serial / Art project - early alpha, need your feedback

    Hi everyone! Created few episodes for a new serial, or art project, not sure how to call it. This is my first media experiment, and it is a little strange :) Kindly ask to take a look, and leave a feedback. Smart Home Station You can find it here, notice that first episode appears as the last...
  3. 1

    Question What’s Causing This Feedback??

    Hi All, I’m getting some really frustrating feedback from the high range on one channel. This only happens on some CD’s or songs from other sources (Apple Music etc). What else should I check? The speakers are Q Acoustics 2020’s, I’ve swapped them over and the same thing happens so speakers...
  4. D

    Swann Security Camera Feedback needed

    Has anyone been using this particular security cam from Swann. I intend to purchase one tomorrow but would love to see what others had experienced. Swann 1080p 2 Pack Security Camera with Spotlights
  5. A

    Question 7.1.4 New Atmos Setup - appreciate feedback

    Hi there, I'm working through a house renovation which will include a main TV room in the basement. I previously posted on this but have done a lot more research over the past few weeks and had some questions I was hoping to get some help / feedback with. Speaker Placement for 7.1.4 - see...
  6. malcolmduffin

    Question ADVICE & FEEDBACK - Using Studio Monitor Stands instead of 'HiFi' Speaker Stands

    I'm setting up a small system in my work studio so speaker stands need to be a little higher than usual home living space ones which tend to be at sofa height. I'll either be listening sitting at office desk or standing up. I'm therefore considering some adjustable studio monitor stands which...
  7. S

    Question VR Cinema Mini Bass Shaker chair help

    Hi guys, Decided to make a cinema chair with 4 bass shakers installed, two in the seat and two on the back for extra immersion while watching film in VR Cinema apps though the Oculus Quest. I'll be using headphones going into the amp and ideally don't want the chair to emit sound. I've wired...
  8. R

    Recording TV with my Daewoo DH-6100P

    Hi. I'm tring to record TV with my Daewoo DH-6100P recorder/player. The TV I'm using is a Polaroid P22LEDDVD12. I'm using a scart lead. The best arrangement I can manage at the moment is to connect the TV to AV2 on the recorder. Under this arrangement I cannot see the OSD output from the...
  9. Sandman

    Just got my first non positive feedback

    I agreed to buy an iPad of the forum from a member with good positive feedback. I paid quickly and later the same day the seller asked for my bank details to issue me with a refund because apparently he couldn’t find the plug. No problem and my money was refunded. He has now left me neutral...
  10. N

    Question Feedback Buzz/Hum When Turntable Turned On

    Basically when I turn on the turntable the amplifier emits a feedback buzz/hum sound, that is constant as long as the turntable is on or until the volume is turned all the way down. At first I thought it was a mains issue but I moved the system around my home and to different outlets and it made...
  11. T

    Just switched to SkyQ - Feedback

    Afternoon all. Switched to Q on Monday, and while it's a slick piece of kit, there are a few things that I feel could be better. Maybe there are solutions to these "problems" already, but here are my thoughts.... - Please reinstate the "green button reminder" option. It's all well and good...
  12. Osva Lab

    Question My first music video. Feedback please? ❤

    Hi guys, I would like to try to give you my first independent audio / video work: it's a cover of a famous rock song, totally rearranged by a friend (I apologize to Neil Young fans :D). I sing, act and I shot and edited the video by myself in Milan, Italy (outside Parco Lambro, inside my...
  13. Jules

    My feedback to Dolby regarding Dolby Vision & audio delay control

    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm actively avoiding Dolby Vision content. Not because it's no good, but because there appears to be one serious flaw in its current design, and I've written to Dolby expressing my concern and asked for their comments. The issue is audio delay and Dolby...
  14. Stuart Wright

    AVForums writing game reviews again - your feedback invited

    We're happy to bring back game reviews to AVForums. We're working with Luke Albiges who is a seasoned reviewer and former magazine editor. He has access to games early and the kit to review them. This is the first review Monster Hunter World PS4 Review with an accompanying video. We're planning...
  15. Muso1070

    Independent music video shot off the coast of Ireland. Feedback welcome :-)

    Hello all :-) Wanted to share this music video we shot off the coast of Ireland on a fishing trawler. Any feedback is very welcome good or bad, nice to hear other peoples opinions. Thanks
  16. TheftProtect

    Sony Tv Lock and Alert App Feedback

    Hey guys, I own an app company that's currently operable on Sony Smart Tv's. I wanted to seek the opinions on those on here. Would you guys be interested in downloading an app that would automatically lock and send alerts to your phone in the event of a house break in? Just seeking your...
  17. J

    Question LG OLED65B6V - HDR Question / HDR Feedback

    Hi Folks, First time poster, so apologies if I'm breaking any rules and or using the wrong thread. I own an LG OLED65B6V and it has been a steep learning curve regarding 4K / HDR / UltraHD etc. etc. for me but I think I'm there now in understanding the differences and what the LG TV is capable...
  18. Palwan

    XBOX One X Feedback

    Hello Guys, I wonder if someone know a good video review of XBOX One X over One S. I don't have a 4K TV so was checking an in depth review compare One X and One S. Thank you
  19. R

    Feedback suppressor

    Hello all, Just a quick question, can someone please recommend a feedback suppressor they have used? Good and bad points. This will be used in a multi purpose venue where multiple techs will have their hands on the mixer. I guess budget is 300-500 but happy to take advice on all units. Many...
  20. S

    Looking for feedback on Virgin Media V6 TV Box

    Looking for feedback on the V6 as doing research for a family member. Is the interface easy to use and responsive? The box is for someone used to the Sky+ HD box. How is the remote control? It states that not all content can be streamed from the V6 to a Tablet/Phone so any idea what channels or...
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