1. N

    Are there any integrated amplifiers with these features? (switch A & B but not both)

    Hi, I'm only using stereo these days, so I'm tempted for my amp upgrade to be a stereo amp instead of surround receiver. However, looking around I can't figure out if there are any integrated amplifiers with the features I need. 1. I want to be able to switch between my near-field and far-field...
  2. SilentHill89

    Do international phones have the same features?

    Phones are typically cheaper when you buy an unlocked international version and you can buy these brand new, so I'm just wandering if they have the exact features of the UK version for instance. I'm close to buying the Samsung 10e at the moment and Onbuy sells it brand new for £300 brand new...
  3. shoemaker666

    PS5 And Xbox Series X-Friendly AV Receivers Reportedly Hit By Major HDMI Bug

    PS5 And Xbox Series X-Friendly AV Receivers Reportedly Hit By Major HDMI Bug
  4. B

    Special features discs ( Dunkirk )

    Does anybody watch the extra discs? y’know the extra’s discs, i don’t usually.... like ever until now, i watched the special features disc of Dunkirk because i always wanted to know “ how they did that” because to me it all seemed so real when i watched it without much cgi, which to me is really...
  5. G

    Question Are there any Tv's with these features

    Hi, does anyone know of any higher end 2020 tv's or 2019 tv's still in production which have these features. Dolby Vision Dolby Atmos DTS-X DTS-HD EARC The LG C9 would be perfect but there doesn't appear to be anymore in stock with reputable companies. The B9 is available but the HDR peak...
  6. F

    Looking for the best new no internet mobile phone with camera video with the most features ?

    Hello I am looking for a new no internet phone which has a good camera and video ? Which mobile has the most features without having to connect to the internet!. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours Farhan
  7. westmoors

    Epson XP 345 printer / scanner features query

    I have tried to find out if this model has the built in feature of telling you it has reached the end of its service life and you must take it to an Epson service provider. Its not happened yet but I am sure the time is near. What this usually does is count so many operations and then shut the...
  8. magnus00125

    Question GALAXY A3 2016 [Different versions of same device?]

    I have 3 Galaxy A3 2016 devices. 1 device was bought early and does not support 4G or Wifi Calling. The 2 other device were bought simultaneously and both support 4g and wifi calling. I own the worse one. Is it a software or hardware problem?
  9. Dodgexander

    2021-2022 OLED Comparison

    A comparison of OLEDs Here's a brief summary of what the small differences are. Don't get so hung up about them though, as each TV is very similar.
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