1. T

    You need playstation plus to access this feature - kids getting this error even though parent has it - SOLVED

    Hi there recently got a Ps5 for my kids, created my own PS account and added the kids as family members. I paid for a Playstation Plus subscription yet when my son tries to play Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War online with friends he gets a "you need playstation plus to access this feature". He...
  2. Slimbobby

    When Did Panasonic DVD Recorders Remove The Playlists Feature Please?

    Hi there, If anyone would be kind enough to shed some much needed light on this it would be so much appreciated. I have a DMR-EX88 machine that is still going strong and never given me any problems since 2008. This model allows you to edit what you record by creating and deleting chapters and...
  3. H

    False chiney tv wall feature

    Few bits left to finish off, it's not perfect, but it'll do for now: 55" samsung tv, denon avr, q acoustics 5.1.2 with monitor audio minx front heights/atmos, sky q, xbox one x (managed to get a xbox series x too), all controlled via alexa on fireTv Cube, spotlights are on smart switch too...
  4. C

    Question Best feature gimbal for android phone?

    Hello everybody. So I'm looking for a reasonably priced smartphone/android gimbal with great features. Like inverted shooting (phone at the bottom, handle on top, to get low angle running shots), dutch angle shot (360 tilting), aside from good basic features (object tracking, good software etc)...
  5. simon1967

    Question New Echo user can’t get group Dropin intercom feature to work?

    As above, I’ve installed 4 Echo dots / echos around the house but can’t seem to get the drop in feature to work on all devices at the same time. I can call them individually but can’t seem to call all devices. Online help says you have to enable contacts - which I’ve done on my profile but still...
  6. plucas62

    New LG sports alert feature. Will the 2019 lg's get this feature also?

    I was wondering if the 2019 LG oleds will get the new sports alert feature like the 2020 models.
  7. Gordon @ Convergent AV

    Meridian Barco Lumagen Cinema feature

    Here's a wee youtube video about a nice cinema room i was involved in earlier in the year. Old forum user X3ELS is the chap who did it (Elliot Hicks) and i was drafted in to supply the Radiance Pro and do the LUT based calibration and configure the dynamic tone mapping for the projector. It was...
  8. Brodio

    Question 22'' LED TV with unusual feature - repair advice

    I have a 2-year old 22'' led tv - Logik model L22FE14 with an unusual feature, and need advice on reparing it. It has a 'full-screen' option under Aspect ratio settings, which I'm told is unusual for tv's in this size. I prefer to use this setting because, with the 16:9 setting that most tv's...
  9. gabstar01

    Converting garage and need help on feature wall please .

    Hey Guys !! Looking for help, I'm converting my garage Sept 2018 and thinking of putting in a feature wall (similar to the pictures below.) I have a few questions though. (Forgive me as I'm useless when come to these things). 1) How easy/difficult is it to create a feature wall? (...
  10. D

    Answered Have LG B8 a dynamic tone mapping feature in HDR game mode?

    I know C8 has, but i dont know is it an alpha 9 processor feature or not.
  11. T

    Question Building a tv feature wall

    Can people show me pictures of there home feature wall with the tv on it? I'm moving into a new build soon and toying with the idea of a chipboard/plasterboard false studded feature wall to hang my tv and home cinema speakers and hide the wires etc Not sure whether to paint it/wallpaper or...
  12. A

    Question How to How to disable the most watched feature on a Samsung TV

    Hi, I have a Samsung UE49MU6400 tv and after I carried out a factory reset a couple of days ago, a feature where it shows the most watched programs have appeared. Prior to this reset, this feature must have been disabled. When I delete the programs, they re-appear, even although I haven't...
  13. S

    Triple Feature: Heathers / The Boys Next Door / Tuff Turf , all Widescreen ?

    hi AV members , i need some info on this Triple Pack DVD. I've tried googling without success , what i want to know is are all 3 films in this pack Widescreen ...
  14. B

    Feature wall at the back of the room not front?

    This should be relevant to most here. I own a projector and the front wall is white, not into drop down screens etc. We are decorating so would like some wallpaper to break up what is a big room. Only option we have is the back wall where projector is and 3 tall units to be a feature wall...
  15. TheyCallMeTJ

    Complete PSVR Games DataBase (released/upcoming/controller/etc) - maintained

    I've mentioned this database some time ago on the PSVR general thread but thought I make a dedicated thread for it to get more exposure to all you PSVR users as I think its extremely useful in many ways and is continuously upto date. For example I have used it to purchase almost every game that...
  16. PMO

    Question Samsung HW-K550 Arc or SoundConnect feature?

    Which should I be using or is there minimal difference. My TV is the Samsung KS8000 btw Thank you in advance and any other settings help or opinions would be super appreciated also!
  17. TheDarkKnight01

    Question All in One Remote's "Activity" feature issue

    First of all, apologies if this is in the wrong place but I have searched the site for an answer on this but have not found any joy so thought this was the next best place to post. I have just got the below All in One remote...
  18. TheDarkKnight01

    Question Using an All in One Remote's "Activity" feature on Panasonic TV's

    First of all, apologies if this is in the wrong place but I have searched the site for an answer on this but have not found any joy so thought this was the best place to post. I have just got the below All in One remote...
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