1. D

    For Sale Samsung S21 FE 5g - 256GB Olive Green

    As new, got it with a new phone contract but just prefer pixel os over Samsung UI. Higher capacity 256gb model, its only one month old, Olive green colour, really nice looking phone. Boxed, can add photos later on, £400 inclusive of RMSD. Collection welcome and preferred from Gloucester.
  2. J

    For Sale Sony FE 24 -240mm F3.5-6.3 oss

    Hi, Here I'm selling my first sony lens. It's probably the most versatile lens sony have in the E mount range and imo provides the most bang for £ you're likely to get. If your travelling or hiking its absolutely the lens to have. It will do the job of a variety of lenses freeing up a lot or...
  3. M

    For Sale Samsung Tab S7 FE 128gb 12.4" Wifi Mystic Silver BNIB

    Hello all, This is brand new sealed. Purchased in May. I am happy to post at buyers expense. I can send weight and dimensions of packaged for a label to be generated. Any questions please ask. Thanks.
  4. R

    Samsung S7 FE tablet worth buying?

    I have a Samsung A7 10.1 tablet and have been considering an upgrade for a while. I've had a look around and while I would like an S7+ I can't justify the price and the only S7 tablets I can find in stock are the 5G versions which would mean I would be paying extra for something I probably...
  5. E

    Budget SFF or PC on a Stick to run FBNeo / Simple Touch FE / ZenPoint DigitalCenter on Touchscreen Monitor

    Making a touchscreen jukebox to run music/karaoke/quiz machines/touch games Got all the software/roms required Ideally powerful enough to potentially run a Windows XP Virtual Machine Have been playing about with extended display on Windows 10 but too much of a faff to get the touchscreen apps...
  6. steelydanfan

    Help to connect 3060ti FE

    Hi all, just wondering if someone can help me find the correct cable to attach my recently purchased 3060ti FE to my psu. I purchased the psu from these forums, it’s a Corsair AX850 gold, admittedly it’s several years old but I’d rather not replace it if possible. I was considering using the...
  7. dollag

    Anyone put a waterblock on an FE 3090

    just got hold of a 3090 and gonna swap out my 2080ti with a ek water block on it. Ive seen EK's FE waterblock and the way my loop is set out will make it difficult to do runs as the inlet and outlet are on the side. It's also pretty pricey. Ive seen that corsair has one but never used their...
  8. cirian75

    Question Samsung S20 FE 4G battery life

    Got my shiney new Samsung S20 FE 4G on Tuesday So far deeply unimpressed, its snappier, but not that much faster than my year old Motorola One Action which the benchmarks say is x2 slower, and some x3 slower The main gripe is the battery life, -20% per hour of screen on with brightness at...
  9. GameDos

    Samsung s20 FE 5G vs OnePlus 8T (for gaming and YouTube)?

    I am currently looking to upgrade from my 5 year old Galaxy note 4. I was looking at phones with oled screens and Snapdragon 865 and currently focused on the 2 above phones. I mainly use my phone for reading (manga and books), YouTube, and playing Fate Grand Order which turns my note 4 into an...
  10. GreyMutton

    Bargain 3060ti & 3070 FE in stock at Scan

    As the title says. I just nabbed a 3070. Be quick!
  11. midknight

    Question LG CX48 connected to a FE Nvidia 3090 - no 120hz option...advice please!

    Hi, apologies if this has been covered already but I just wondered if anyone could shed some light on a question I have. I have just received a CX today, I have it connected to a RTX3090 GPU and it’s connected via a 5m 2.1 HDMI cable, the issues I am having are that I am getting a lot of...
  12. pembs

    Samsung FE 4G or Pixel 5?

    Hi - any ideas which is best, the Samsung S20 FE 4G or Pixel 5 - both at £599 in UK A LOT of the reviews online (esp from USA) suggest the S20 FE is better - but they are typically looking at the 5G version with the snapdragon 865 chip, not the Exynos 990 of the 4G model...so not comparing like...
  13. M

    I am not sure that my 1080 Ti Fe working sometimes correctly.

    Hi. My card just sometimes doing weird. And sorry for my language oki? Most usually card is on fan auto fan 49-50% and when temps going max 83-84C there is a throttling in clocks which is normal ,true? But sometimes card goes to 60% fan speed on auto, temps are higher 86C and clocks are higher...
  14. V

    Miele KM6322 Induction plate - Fault Code FE 31

    My one month old Miele KM6322 Induction plate stopped on Christmas day with the flashing error code FE 31. Vittorio
  15. raigraphixs

    Fe (TBA) XB1

    Fe, created by a small studio based in Gothenburg, is the first game coming from EA Originals. EA Originals is about finding great new games that we know players are going to love, and working with small developers to make sure those games get discovered and into the hands of players
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