1. F

    Virgin 2 boxes profile syncing? Plus favourites list issue

    Hi I just got virgin installed which was 1 main box and 1 secondary one. I set up a profile on the main one but notice that it didn’t sync with the other box. So I tried creating the same profile on the 2nd box and it came up with an error and wouldn’t let me do it. Does anyone know if you can...
  2. Turnbullissimo

    Toshiba TV - Do you need a degree in quantum mechanics to create a favourites list?

    I pulled a Toshiba CT 8541 out of a spare bedroom to use temporarily and it refused to download Freeview channels in order, they are over the place. Is there a way to fix this? Second, to try and circumvent this I decided to create a favourites list from the on screen manual instructions. What a...
  3. Bully9

    Desperate for information/recommendation: new TV or secondhand?

    Things seem to have changed a lot since i bought my last TV 7 years ago. That was a Sony Bravia KDL50W8 LED HD 1080p 3D Smart TV, 50" and i've absolutely loved it. I didn't connect to the internet, never used the 3D and the set performed faultlessly both on terrestrial and satellite. Naively, I...
  4. buddy777

    Is it. possible to contually keep favourites on a Panasonic 980 oled tv?

    II have a favourites channel section on my pana 980 but everytime i power on it always goes to all satellite channels,and i have to press more buttons to get the favourite list back.Can i get it to power up on favourite list every time?
  5. raduv1

    My ten favourites in the supe genre

    These are not rated best to worse by myself or in any order but just films in this genre that I always find myself coming back to for another watch . The Dark Knight The Incredibles Watchmen Thor Ragnarok Kick-Ass Logan Winter soldier Guardians of the Galaxy Infinity War Hellboy , not...
  6. U

    Manhattan Favourites

    I'm sure this is a dumb question, but is there a way to fix my favourites channel as the channel which comes up when I press 'Guide' on the remote? Every time I try it comes up with All Channels and I have to press Yellow and choose Favourites from the list. Thanks Undecided
  7. M

    Panasonic TX-50HX800B unable to set up channel favourites

    Can anybody help with my brand new Panasonic TX-50HX800B, everything works ok but there is no dvb tuning menu (like on my old Panasonic) where I want to set up favourite channels. Only likely option given is set up/freeview tuning menu.
  8. J

    UHD channels set as favourites

    I've just changed to the latest Sky Q 2TB box in order to get HDR, as my original box was not compatible. On the old box, I had two UHD channels set in favourite positions 3 and 4. I could go straight to UHD football or F1. But I can't find a way of setting these on the new box, and can't...
  9. T

    XE9305....problem with favourites just disappearing???

    Had this set for almost 3 years now...and it behaves flawlessly...til now!! Here's the problem : I've setup my Favourites1 (labelled it HD GROUP) to contain only the Freesat HD channels available to me...to be my GOTO favourites group. (In fact...it's my ONLY favourites group as it happens!)...
  10. J

    No option to “Create Favourites List”

    TV is a Philips 43PUS8555/12 just installed on 10th October 2020 and software, TPM191E_R. u2, is up-to-date. The TV is connected to my satellite dish because I am in a poor terrestrial signal area and have no “Cable” option. As such "Freeview Play" is not enabled. If I press OK...
  11. Sandman

    Harmony Ultimate and Favourites

    I am struggling to get my favourites (tv channels) to show up on my harmony ultimate. I have the “watch tv” activity set up and working fine and I input my region and tv provider into the app when setting up. I then chose which channels to select as favourites and they show up fine on the...
  12. ace5

    Philips pus8204 ambilight (Favourites)

    Hi guys I deleted the favourite channel list by mistake and I cannot find out where to add a new 1 from. Any help will be much appreciated thanks
  13. ShamblesX

    55PUS7334/12: no more favourites list following f/w upgrade

    I thought this might have been reported here before but I could find no reference to it. Since the f/w upgrade to TPM191E_R. last week I discovered I could no longer create a favourites list. So I got in touch with TPV-Tech and asked their advice, just in case the options had...
  14. jedi44

    Answered Panasonic DMR-PWT530 Default Favourites not working

    Hi, I have had the above recorder for some years and have never had this problem. I have set up my Favourites 1 and, up till now, it has come up as the default category for the guide. However, a couple of weeks ago, my husband went looking for a channel that wasn't in Favourites 1. Ever since...
  15. Robothamster

    A24 Movies - Your favourites?

    I've just been looking at the list of A24 movies and there's many I'm yet to see: I've seen the ones in BOLD - what are your must see recommendations on the rest of them? Hot Summer Nights 2018 Eighth Grade 2018 Woman Walks Ahead 2018 Hereditary 2018 How To Talk To Girls At Parties 2018 First...
  16. dsajones

    Answered Favourites and Amazon on Panasonic DMR-HWT150EB

    Hi All. I'm new to the forum and also new to the world of Freeview set top boxes - i the process of jumping ship from Sky!! After lots of research I've purchased a Panasonc DMR-HWT150EB. I've also picked up a NowTV box as there are some Sky programs that we want to continue with. I've set up...
  17. B

    Question Nice iPad Denon AVR app, but where is internet radio favourites?

    having just got my Denon AVR 2300x, I'm impressed with the iPad app. Browsing new internet radio stations is easy and I see the heart symbol to add a find to favourites. Blow me if I can see how to see my favourites though. I can't see a favourites folder or any other special button. Am I...
  18. ahaydock

    Answered Harmony Touch Defaults to TV Favourites

    I have an activity to 'Watch TV' and once it has set up the screen defaults to my favourite channel list and don't want it to. I would like it to default to the next page - how can I change this in the settings please as cannot find it anywhere...? Thanks in advance.
  19. M

    Question Customise Favourites In Harmony Mobile App?

    Got my Harmony Elite on Saturday morning and am just about getting to grips with it, however I am wondering if it's possible to customise the favourite channel icons in the remote app for some that are more up to date - rather than the ones available? Thanks
  20. T

    Question Harmony Elite - Favourites on 2 activities

    Hi all Just got an Elite in the Black Friday madness. As per subject, is it possible to have channel favourites on more than one activity? I have 2 Watch TV activities setup - one with just the TV and Humax, the other to include the Onkyo for 'proper' viewing, but it seems I can only choose...
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