1. A

    Your favourite dark chocolate

    What is your favourite dark chocolate? I'm liking Lindt 90%. I thought it might be too bitter but it's less bitter and more creamy than their 85% and even less bitter than some 70-80%ers from some other brands. All together well-balanced.
  2. Boo Radley75

    Favourite Christmas Films that aren't really Christmas Films

    People find it weird that I see The Hateful Eight as a cozy Christmas film. Look - being snowed in a log cabin, however violent it gets, is a perfect Christmas film for me. You lot?
  3. Roohster

    Favourite Movie Weapons

    A year or two ago there was a really good thread about everyone's favourite space ships, (it's still available here if anyone missed it: Favourite space ships) ...so I thought it might be fun to see what everyone would pick for their Favourite Movie Weapons. I'll start the ball rolling with...
  4. 1

    What's your favourite alcoholic beverage?

    I like ice cold Stella Artois.
  5. M

    What are your favourite 2-channel tweaks for under £100?

    Here's my attempt to start a new thread that I know I'd find interesting, and hopefully others would too. I'll start with a few of my own favourite tweaks. My system is built around a Dell Laptop containing all my ripped FLACs with some 320K MP3s, an Audiolab 6000A amplifier (£599), and Quad S2...
  6. 1

    What's you're favourite food?

    For me it's ceviche. I literally live on it atm.
  7. 1

    What vegan foods do you like?

    I eat a lot of mangos, peaches and black cherries. I only drink this brand of soya milk, https://groceries.aldi.co.uk/en-GB/p-actileaf-soya-unsweetened-1l/4088600052922 The sweetened version has over 23g of sugar in it which I find too rich, but unsweetened only has 5g in it. It has a nice...
  8. Notorious PIG

    Which are your favourite museums/factory tours in the UK?

    I really rate the Tank Museum in Bovington and the Imperial War Museum in Duxford. Despite not particularly reflecting my personal interests, I found them very interesting and a great day out. Someone we met on our travels suggested the Train Museum in York. We’d never have considered going to...
  9. S

    Favourite Jazz Tracks

    getting into Jazz in the last few years ....... here's one of my favourite tracks please post yours ! John Coltrane - Olé
  10. SonoriusMaximus

    Your favourite antiquity movies

    Hello guys, I am a geek for greco-roman antiquity, i also study Latin. Now i want to see a bit of reception of the topics in 20th and 21st century TV and cinema (preferably on Blu-Ray :) Films i have Troy Immortals Rome (TV show) Jason and the Argonauts Ulysses (with Kirk Douglas) Percy...
  11. Pict Oh

    What was your favourite piece of playground equipment?

    Playgrounds today are much better equipped than when i was a youngster. Our local park has all kinds of equipment that confound me but i did manage to have a go of, and fall off, the zip wire. In my day we had the basic set up off slide, swings, see-saw, roundabout and climbing frame. But which...
  12. N

    Have you met any soap actors?

    A lot of people dont bump into soap actors by chance. I've come across a lot, My first time ever in 2010 - Jessie Wallace who plays Kat Slater in eastenders. My aunt spotted her first in a local fairground, Got a photo with her and a signed autograph. 2011, was Lee Ross who played Denise's...
  13. K

    That old favourite, gapless playback

    I've been following discussions of gapless playback for longer than I care to admit, but do not seem any closer to achieving it. My music library is on a NAS drive (WDMyCloud). I use the Yamaha MusicCast app on a Samsung S21 5G to play it through a Yamaha RXA3070 receiver. I rather wish I had...
  14. D

    Favourite British Sitcoms

    People have very different tastes when it comes to comedy, for instance... Outnumbered was a hugely popular sitcom but we couldn't get past how annoying the kids were. We got that that was the point, but we just didn't find that fact entertaining, just irritating. Then there's Mrs Brown's Boys...
  15. Mr Lime

    That perfect film moment. (Add spoiler waring if spoiler clip)

    While discussing both versions of The Thomas Crown Affair elsewhere, the famous chess scene from the original came to mind and gave me an idea for a thread. What's your perfect film moment? It could be a scene or just a few seconds in a film where all of the elements come together to create...
  16. C

    LG C9- Freeview and Freesat TV favourite channel order glitching- UK

    Hi, not sure if this is C9 only issue or a wider issue for LG TVs.Here in the UK I have my C9 hooked up to both Freeview TV and Freesat. In both cases I am struggling with setting up favourites for the TV channels in the order I want as it glitches. I set it up and then a few days later a few of...
  17. S

    Your favourite UK city

    What's your favourite City in the UK? I really like Sheffield and Manchester because you will have this modern feeling. You also will have nice people and a great university in Sheffield.
  18. G

    What is your favourite rendition of a Christmas carol by a famous singer?

    For me, it has to be "O Holy Night" by the legendary Neil Diamond...
  19. raigraphixs

    What is Your Favourite Trek Movie?

    I've read Zantarous & VisionMan's previous comments so no need to tell me you don't like it, ok if you must :) I rewatced JJ's Star Trek (2009) again on my projector last night, it still one of my favourite Trek movies imop, Parts were film in an Budweiser factory hence the brewery look most...
  20. K

    Being able to play favourite tracks more often in a shuffled playlist

    Hello I have been using Itunes for a long time (I tend to listen more to imported CDs than streaming) and one thing I Iike about it is that I can add duplicates to a playlist so on shuffle my favourite ones will come up more often. There may have been a better way to do this but it has always...
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