1. R

    Defective Samsung JS8500 TV

    Hello, I have created this post to explain the defects that I have recently noticed in my Samsung UE48JS8500 TV. I must say that the goal of this post is not to search for a solution to my problem (I think there is none), but to show other potential buyers what they might be facing when...
  2. Cyprio

    Faulty APU on Xbox one X.

    Just been informed by a repairer that my 'Xbox one X' has a faulty apu and as it is soldered to the motherboard and uniquely coded to said motherboard it cannot be repaired. Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. A

    Is my Oculus 2 faulty?

    First of all thank you for all your recommendations and guidance (other thread) to buy a VR console. No choices at the moment as Oculus is the only one available so I bought it from JL. I set it up, downloaded few games and started playing. Wow! Amazing. I was not expecting the visuals are this...
  4. 1

    Question faulty format of new HDD

    Bought a new HDD WD Red = 6Tb... but of course it comes unformatted so it just sits there. Plugged it into an External caddy whose drive had croaked... Went through the DiskMgmt routine, selected GPT and when formatted it shows only 1.4Tb (=one point four), now on my Win10 PC and today on Win7...
  5. johnc201

    Question LG 43UK6300PLB Screen Shadows

    Hello, I have an LG 43UK6300PLB, acquired new in June 2018, that has developed a couple of shadow areas (the picture isn’t actually that blue). Any ideas as to the cause? LG support have so far failed to come up with anything. Thanks in anticipation, John.
  6. A

    Faulty SAMSUNG Q80T HDMI 2.1 Blank Screen Fiasco / Samsung REFUSING replacement or refund what should I do?!

    Hello everyone, So I was really hoping it wouldn't come to this and I'm not someone who usually turns to forums for answers to my problems but I'm really at a loss with this one and have received the worst customer service in all my life so bad that I will never buy a Samsung product ever...
  7. M

    Question Faulty Panel or Calibrated incorrectly?

    I purchased an LG43UN71006LB from Amazon a few weeks ago. I believe it has an ips panel. It arrived on Saturday and I soon realised that the tv was displaying yellows as more of a greenish-yellow out of the box. The tv seems to be adjusting the picture automatically but I’ve turned every...
  8. M

    Samsung Frame (2017) not switching on

    Hi there, Hope someone can help. I've had my Frame TV in storage for 6 months whilst we renovated our house. This is the 2017 UK version - model UE43LS003AU. When I tried to switch it back on I get this image telling me to connect the 'one connect'. When I do plug it in, the screen goes...
  9. F

    Sony kd55x9005b - bit of green screen and areas of slow refresh.

    Hi there First post and typically it’s a plea for advice. My Sony is playing up after taking a wee knock. there’s areas of the screen which can be green when on a dark background. Also that area seems to have a slower refresh. It’s not a permanent green it’s only visible under certain scenes...
  10. Spoonablehippo

    Faulty Series X

    So set my new Series X up, did the firmware download etc Loaded up my first game, sea of thieves and I noticed the odd random "pop" from my TV speakers. The game loads up as as I'm moving around I'm noticing a few artifact lines appearing along with the popping :( Tried fully shutting down the...
  11. J

    Faulty Marantz Pearl Lite. Fix or replace?

    My much adored amp appeares to has developed a fault. Sometimes when bringing it out of standby the right side channel doesn't come on. If I rapid turn the volume up and down it will kick in, albeit at a lower volume than the left channel. I've tried swapping the speakers and cable around and...
  12. T

    CYRUS CDXT SE...with intermittent faulty play??

    On lookout for decent CD player...and have option on a CYRUS CDXT SE ....supposedly fine 'some' of the time ....but then won't play. Anyone experience of this....what kind of repair 'might' it be? (How long is a piece of string??) I'm handy with screwdrivers, and a soldering iron, and like the...
  13. F

    Faulty Dreamcatcher

    Evening everyone, I've got a Totem Dreamcatcher centre speaker and to use the vernacular, "summat's up wi it". I've been noticing distortion from it recently, so I finally de-configured the centre on the amp, pulled it out and attached it to my computer where I ran a freqency sweep on it. The...
  14. M

    Question What's wrong with my projector? (video/audio)

    Hi everyone, My projector was repaired by Richer Sounds almost a year ago due to a faulty power supply. Since the repair, the projector has been louder than usual. I assumed that this was due to the replacement power supply being of an inferior quality but not a big issue. However, yesterday...
  15. I

    Question Cambridge Audio Azur 640c faulty

    I own the above CD player and the buttons on the front panel don't work, for a while they took a few presses to respond but they don't work at all now, has anyone got some advice on where to start looking?
  16. R

    Onkyo HT-R380 Losing Front Audio Channels

    Hi My Onkyo HT-R380 receiver has started to play up. On power-on, it most of the time works fully, but then (after an unpredictable, or at least not yet identified, amount of time the unit makes an audible click (the same kind of click that it makes when switched on or off) and then the front...
  17. Von Ryan

    Question BK Gemini 2 faulty?

    A couple of weeks ago purchased a second hand Gemini 2 from a seller on this site, within a couple of days it started to buzz/hum. It can go a couple of days without any problems, though it has been doing it quite a lot lately. It replaced my old Canton subwoofer from a Movie 125 Mx package...
  18. 1

    Are all HDDs delivered faulty?

    I'm in the Market for a 4Tb drive to use in an existing ext housing, which has its own PSU and is USB3 connected. Of course I could install it inside the PC as I do find external HDDs fail rather quicker( 4-years maybe) .... possibly due to mechanical shocks which I would try to avoid...
  19. bandyka

    Question Faulty AVR or sub??

    Well, my system has been acting funny lately when it comes to bass response. I cannot figure out if its the sub or the processor for certain. Components are in my signature. So the issues are: - Cannot raise test tone in AVR higher then +5db as the subwoofer cuts out completely (fine if...
  20. JCXDenton

    Ebay: Intel i9 9900X Faulty - £189.99

    Link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Intel-i9-9900X-10-Core-CPU-Faulty-Spares-Repairs-Not-Working/324062316348?hash=item4b739e873c:g:-mQAAOSwfhVeOBTA Why do people pay idiotic prices like this for Faulty CPU's. What are they going to do with them.... Put them on their "mantelpiece" and admire it...
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