1. C

    Sony xr83a90j faults

    Hi all, I’ve owned a xr83a90j from release. And as soon as I turned it on there was a line smack bang down the centre of the screen on the grey settings page! And it continued to be there on every other picture! Sonys official response was it needs replacing and they would replace it with a...
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  3. M

    What were the common "faults" on plasmas?

    The plasma Vs LCD race passed me by, I was quite young then and by the time I really started taking notice in TV technology, plasma had died off. Some of the issues that all OLED's have is tinting and banding that appear to be inherent with the technology. What inherent technological flaws...
  4. D

    Question Denon PMA-350 faults

    Hi Guys, I'm hoping some one out there will be able to help with this problem.(please don't say chuck it in the bin:() Right here goes, when I plug in head phones it no longer cuts out the external speakers, also the balance control has no effect where ever the source direct switch...
  5. Aceshigh4

    Question Possible faults with TV

    Hi all, just looking for some insight in to a problem I'm having. I bough a LG 65UJ630V in Nov 2017 to replace a 55" LG in the front room. All was fine, until recently, when I was watching football (English) and it has developed a very noticeable lighting issue. At the top and bottom there...
  6. Crazy2287

    DVR - Panasonic PWT550 Faults, cooling mod and HDD replacement

    Good day all, I've recently done some work on a PWT550 and this forum had some good info that helped me fix the issues. (Thanks guys) original thread: Panasonic720-Installing a New Internal HDD- How to do it HDD Replacment. Attached is a file containing the DRM data from the start of the...
  7. B

    Question Reproducible issue on other projectors ??

    All, I've been fault finding on a JVC-LX UHB1 projector. The issue has been seeing the Projector suddenly dim then lighten the picture. I have now identified a part of a film where this is reproducible. STAR TREK - BEYOND 1h 1m into the film, Kirk kneels down to examine an old motorbike. As he...
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