1. M

    Fault On Sony Bravia 40WE663

    Well I say with some confidence because of my setup. I could be wrong but I doubt it. My Sony Bravia has updated software My TV is connected to my router by ethernet cable. So is my Virgin Tivo box. When I try to watch something on catch up through the TV it buffers constantly but watching...
  2. T

    Sub woofer intermittent fault

    Hey all New member so please be gentle! I have a Denon AVR-X2700H amp and I’m having sub issues. When I turnthe system on the sub would display the usual red “on but not active “ light but then display the green “in use” light when I played any source on 5.1. Now the light stays red even...
  3. deans6571

    Car Collision - Who's at Fault ?

    As per Image 1 (both cars are within speed limits) : Car 1 is in a side road indicating that they wish to turn right. Car 2 is approaching from the right, indicating that they wish to turn left Image 1 Image 2 This shows Car 2, who did NOT actually turn left, colliding with Car 1 as Car...
  4. lpoolm

    How to check fault codes on a 16 plate vauxhall zafira

    The other half's engine light has come on. Does anyone know how to do a self test to give me a rough idea on the fault. Every youtube video I check says press brake/accelerator then turn key to two and will show the codes, most of these videos seem old maybe why they don't work for me? Is anyone...
  5. jimmythefish

    ADT Visonic Powermax door tamper fault

    Hi. I wonder if anyone can help me please. My daughter has moved into a house with an ADT Visonic Powermax10 wireless alarm. The door sensor (looks like a PG9975 or similar) was reporting low battery so I replaced it following an on-line tutorial. Now have a door tamper alarm I can’t clear i.e...
  6. H

    Epson 9200w Green Vertical Line

    Hi Forum, I bought a Epson 9200w second hand about a year ago. The seller was straight up with me and said there was a green vertical line when the projector first turned on and then went away after about 30seconds. Which is exactly true. For a year its done this however this weekend the...
  7. Nefersmum

    Soundbar fault or poltergeist?

    Hi, I have. JVC soundbar which has suddenly started switching itself off and on and switching between the source options without the remote or unit being touched. I can't fathom what's causing it. This morning I must have switched it on or changed the source a dozen times in a period of...
  8. bm7412

    Horizontal Lines Fault on Samsung LE40A559P4F LCD TV - Fixed by tapping!?

    Hi there. I have an old Samsung LCD TV (LE40A559P4F) that has an issue with it. A block of flickering horizontal lines appear on the right hand side of the screen. This often appears shortly after switching it on first time of the day and is currently temporarily fixed by tapping on the bezel. I...
  9. M

    Marantz SR7013 fault , do I trade it in ?

    My Marantz SR7013 has suddenly developed a fault , front left & right channels have stopped working and also the front atmos channels , Marantz advised that I did two different hard resets that hasn’t solved the problem so I was then told to contact the place that I purchased it from ...
  10. DummySpit

    Canton DM55 Display Fault

    Hi, I have the canton DM55 soundbase, it is fully working apart from not having any display. It shows the red and green power lights but no menu. The remote works fine, but i just have to guess what menu i am on through the manual. You can probably understand how frustrating this can be. I have...
  11. RobTi

    Cx802 fault

    , ,Anyone know what this fault is the ones at the side happened last week while the ones in the middle appeared over the weekend ? Thanks
  12. D

    LG 65UJ634V fault

    My TV is 2 years 4 months old and over the weekend a large black semi translucient horizontal band has a appeared from all sources. Any advice on what this could be?
  13. T

    SC LX88 HDMI through intermittently turns off

    I have my Fetch set top box going into HDMI 1 and have set the amplifier's HDMI through to number one. It will work fine for a week or so then it turns itself off. Not literally, the blue indicator light turns off and that's it. I have to unplug it from the mains then plug it back in and it...
  14. R

    Samsung RU8000 fault?

    Hi guys, any ideas what the problem could be with this? Only bought it 15 months ago, gutted. Grateful for any advice, thanks.
  15. jbmouse101

    Panasonic TXL42ET60B screen fault, repairable or not?

    My 8 yr old Panasonic has suddenly started exhibiting a series of horizontal lines near the bottom of the screen, they flicker a bit, are worse on the right hand side, worse on light picture, not visible on black parts. I have attached some photos and I have a video that I dont seem able to...
  16. S

    Panasonic P50GT60B Fault Patches of Blue Green Dots

    Hi all, I've had my Panny P50GT60B since December 2013. Recently I've noticed patches of blue/green dots (pixels) across parts of the screen when watching TV. This is most noticeable when watching Netflix or Amazon Prime. Its not really significant and is random where the dots are located...
  17. D

    Logitech keyboard fault - help with warranty

    I have just started to get the usual RGB fault on my G513 keyboard where the blue LED on a few keys stops illuminating, so my colours are limited. There is only two months left of warranty. I didn't register it with Logitech when I bought it but I have proof of purchase. I seem to be going...
  18. RobTi

    KD-49X8005C Screen fault

    Hi mothers tv and it’s started showing feint blue patches all over the screen really noticeable on white backgrounds. ( just 2 months over the 5 year warranty) Have reset it back to factory and still the same. So anyone know the cost of repairs for this ? Thanks
  19. kenshingintoki

    Arcam AVR390 issue - fault 01 detected (dc)

    Arcam AVR390 when in DIRAC mode and trying to watch the Dark Knight will always auto shut off at some point with the error fault 01 detected (dc). I'm running Arendals 4ohm 1723S. I've set crossover at 80hz. Is the ARCAm simply running out of juice and I need some external amplification?
  20. N

    Projector fault from new, Richer Sounds service advice needed

    Projector fault from new, Richer Sounds service advice needed I recently picked up an open box Epson 5600 from Richer Sounds that we are really happy with as a tv replacement but it has what appears to be a stuck pixel. I contacted Richer Sounds to ask what my options are and was initially...
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