Fault may refer to:
Fault (geology), planar rock fractures which show evidence of relative movement
Fault (dog), in dog breeding, is an undesirable aspect of structure or appearance that indicates the dog should not be bred
Fault (legal), in criminal law, one must determine fault in a crime
Fault (technology), an abnormal condition or defect at the component, equipment, or sub-system level which may lead to a failure
Fault (tennis), a serve that fails to place a tennis ball in the correct area of play
Fault (power engineering), an unintended electrical connection, a "short circuit", of several kinds
Fault (computing), also called a trap or an exception, a type of interrupt in software or operating systems
A penalty in show jumping applied in scoring horse and rider performance
Faults (film), a 2014 film
"Fault", a song by Taproot from Welcome

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  1. S

    Question LTDN58K700XWTSEU3D Dark Vertical Band

    Hi, TV has developed a strange fault. About 10 inches in from left, there's a dark patch, approx 3 inches wide, which extends almost bottom to top of screen. Initially I assumed some form of led failure. However, if I factory reset it goes away until I put the TV into standby and switch back on...
  2. D

    Deal Agreed Panasonic 58" DX902B (Free) - Panel fault but watchable

    I have an out of warranty 58" DX902 that developed a fault last year with multiple vertical lines running down from the top of the screen. We used it for 11 months like this and then replaced. I did actually advertise this for a short while at the time we replaced it, but never actually got...
  3. Cocksure

    Lg g3 & marantz A8802a, audio delay changes with format

    Hi, with a 36ms delay on the marantz and Dolby vision at 24hz and Dolby atmos I get lip sync to within 3ms, change to 60hz signal and lip sync changes to 25ms. Change to an hdr signal at 24hz and lip sync is out by 84ms, change from atmos to dts hd and lip sync is out by 184ms. It goes on with...
  4. martmd

    Question Batch fault with Yamaha RX-A6A

    Hi, I've just returned a new RX-A6A and the replacement had exactly the same fault, so it's maybe a batch problem, or possibly a software issue. So I wanted to check if anyone had experienced the same thing, and possibly discovered the solution. It's a UK model, with the DAB/FM tuner. Here's...
  5. B

    Faulty Panoramic Electric fire - how deal with seller

    Hi all, I would really appreciate any advice please. I purchased THIS 205cm version Electric heater from wayfair which was delivered 30th of June. By the time the media wall was complete, it was around 2nd week of August. It was working all fine then around the 24th of August, the remote had...
  6. pixelchads

    Question 4" Portable Analogue TV: Casio TV-8500 (Video Input Fault?)

    I'm looking for some pointers on how to proceed with fixing the video input on my analog portable TV - the Casio TV8500. I bought it for £3.50 in a charity shop. The screen is a tiny 4 inches but I just love the retro aesthetic. This little telly is perfect... if I can just get find a way to...
  7. O

    CCTV motion sensor fault / advice needed

    Hello, I have Optima CCTV system at home and one of my sensors in the room is not working, the light is always on rather than only when sensing something. When entering the code before leaving home, system wont engage unless I omit that zone. Does it mean I need to replace the sensor or is...
  8. S

    Freesat Recorder Audio Fault.

    I've had a Freesat 1TB recorder for the past nine months. When listening to broadcast or recorded content there is a random, intermittent surround sound dropout lasting milliseconds, but is extremely annoying. Contacted Freesat who quickly replied that they were aware of this problem. For a...
  9. J

    Technical Advice (fault)

    Good morning team, I turned my Panasonic TX-50AX802B on yesterday. The green led flashed for approx 8 secs and the PANASONIC logo appeared. The led went steady green for about 20 secs, but then the tv rebooted and repeated continuously. This happens with cable inputs connected and with nothing...
  10. buddy777

    HUAWEI 14in Matebook backlight fault?

    I have a huawei matebook laptop,and it has a keyboard backlight but only on during signing on.Is there a way to get the backlight to stay on when using it? Someone suggested i try pressing FN and F3 keys using them just puts them back on for a few seconds.Is there a way to put them on all the...
  11. A

    Question Fault with Panasonic viera after virgin install

    Hi, we had virgin media out yesterday to upgrade our services. The technician installed the new router, and upgrade the TV box. He then said he had to disconnect outside to install new TV boxes in the bedrooms. When he disconnected it caused our Panasonic viera TV to turn off, and the red power...
  12. P

    Question Samsung 50 Inch UE50AU8000 problem - worth fixing?

    So I have a Samsung 50 Inch UE50AU8000, purchased from Argos in September 2021. It's just developed a fault. Hard to describe but it's temperamental powering on then when it's on after a few seconds it kind of freezes the picture (not the sound), sometimes leaving just the bottom third...
  13. Jimbob57

    JVC X30

    Hi all My jvc X 30 has developed a fault and just wondering if anyone has had the same issue. I recently had a new ballast and bulb fitted, all vents and had a general clean inside and out. Problem After switching on from the mains and selecting activity on the Harmony elite,the pj powers up...
  14. lhj180

    Optoma UHD30 red fault lights after fan replacement

    Hi all- my colour wheel on this projector began making a funny noise but the projector was still working fine apart from that. I decided to replace the colour wheel (having done some tests and decided it was probably not the fan at fault), so purchased one from China. I have just installed it...
  15. H

    Rotel RMB-1075 Spares ?

    I have owned a Rotel RMB-1075 from new. At has provided good service over the years but recently the centre channel has become unreliable. I have narrowed the fault down to an issue with the protection circuit relay. Unfortunately Rotel no longer support the 10 series amplifiers. The faulty...
  16. O

    QE55Q7FN Screen Help

    Had my QE55Q7FN for nearly 5 years now and the screen has developed a fault towards the bottom, it is really visible when the screen shows light images or block colour (Football). Anyone know what would have caused this?
  17. S

    Car accident - Who’s at fault?

    Scenario: Car A is driving towards the M1 heading south just after the A5. Comes across a double round about and to get to the south end of the motorway he needs to take the exits on the second roundabout. Approaching the roundabout car A comes to a stop at the traffic lights at the roundabout...
  18. bobbymax

    Panasonic TZ65 fault?

    I have an oldish TZ65 which I use occasionally, and it won't shut down now. I get a message on the viewing screen "Please turn the camera off and on again" to no effect. The lens just stays out o_O Any ideas please guys?
  19. G

    Broken 55XE9305

    Hi, I have a XE9305, developed a fault. Last week it went black, and refused to come back on. I unplugged everything, power included, and left it for a few days. It's back on but jumping, flickering, and got ghosting. As the TV is only 5 years old, I have emailed Sony, as I don't feel it is...
  20. V

    LG OLED55B8PLA Screen fault - Richer Sounds Beyond Economical Repair

    Hi all, I have had my TV for about 4 years and recently it has developed a very intermittent screen fault with a black line from the top to the bottom of the screen: Richer Sounds sent someone to have a look at it yesterday and he said it was a screen fault, wasn't worried about reporting...
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