1. A

    Question I have already replaced both A and P boards on my Panasonic TH-L32E6Z and the fault is still present

    The fault is the tv turns on the screen comes on the picture seems to be ok then the screen flashes dark comes back on then after a few seconds the tv turns off the stand by led flashes then starts pulses at about three second intervals. Thanks if anyone can help
  2. john.hem

    Car developed fault which was software related!

    I purchased a Vauxhall Grandland X 1.2 Turbo, petrol, three months ago from Lookers with 3900 miles on the clock. The car had been fine until last Tuesday, then it developed a fault. The whole dashboard would not come on, no gauges, speedo, etc, totally dead. The rest of the car was operational...
  3. M

    Question Harmony Elite fault

    My remote won’t charge in the base, it charges fine by directly plugging it in, any suggestions how I can get it to work? Or replace. Everything seems fine by looking at it, it’s not been dropped just stopped charging.
  4. H

    Weird Speaker issue

    Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum and have fairly limited knowledge of hifi equipment, so please be patient with me 😄. I've just received a pair or floorstanding Platinum Audio PT808s from ebay. There's a fairly odd issue with them that I can't get my head around. The speakers, from top to...
  5. sparkie1984

    Question Harmony Elite - Fault

    Hi all may elite has started to not charge, it keeps flashing up charging. I have tried just plugging a USB straight into bottom of the remote and it still does it. so I am assuming that the port is knackered. Anyway is it worth replacing?I am worried to see that Logitech seem to have given...
  6. C

    Denon 3600h fault, options on return ?

    I bought a Denon 3600h last week. Firstly i'd like to say i am surprised how thrown i've been by just how good it is in my set-up. Apart from finding the centre speaker to be a bit low (-db), everything else is great. I have the q-acoustic concept 40 front speakers with the concept 20 as...
  7. M

    Is it Virgin Media at fault or broadcaster when HD is not HD ?

    Hi, Just got brand new HD tv panasonic. Now enjoying HD channels. Found just 9 of 28 supposed HD channels in full crisp pin sharp HD, quite a few in semi HD (someway towards HD from SD but certainly not as detailed and with the clarity of HD) and some clearly SD quality, sharing same matching...
  8. swiftpete

    For Sale Anthem MRX510 with fault. £300

    Hi I have an Anthem MRX510. Its in excellent condition apart from an issue where it occasionally turns itself off. If turned back on it carries on for the rest of the night. I don’t know what the fault is and I don’t have the skills to fix it anyway so am moving it on. It’s still connected up so...
  9. daKlone

    The weirdest fault on my Onkyo TX NR-717

    OK, I have no words...this is the single weirdest fault I've ever seen and I hope someone can suggest what might be the solution. Here goes: This morning my TX NR-717 refuses to respond to the remote properly. If I press and hold the volume up or down, it only changes every few seconds. Last...
  10. TUX1977

    Question La La Land BD Playback Issue?

    Hi all, Apologies if I’ve posted this in the wrong section, but I’m having a bit of a quirky issue: settled down to watch La La Land this evening; first time I’ve tried to play the Blu-ray disc and it wouldn’t load/play… just seemed to keep loading/initialising. I’ve a Panasonic DMP-BD35...
  11. A

    Firmware upgrade has stopped Hik-Connect functionality

    Hoping some experts in HOME cctv can assist? Recently did an upgrade on the firmware of my CCTV via the web app after checking online and it stating there was a later firmware. Since that time, there have been issues with playback and live view functionality via the Hik connect app - the...
  12. J

    Brennan JB7 fault

    I recently tried to load some CDs onto my JB7 and it wouldn’t recognise any of then. I decided to look up on forums what the problem may be but no success. I then opened up the unit and didn’t really have any ideas what the problem was so was about to see where the nearest Brennan repair shop...
  13. Paul D

    Zoomed screen. Bug or fault?

    Hi, i've got a two month old iPhone 11. I had a problem with the screen going into mega zoom after a call ended. I mean one keypad button was nearly the size of the whole screen etc. I couldn't pinch it down to size. It was stuck in mega zoom. I could use three fingers on screen to move the...
  14. A

    Question Krp-600a fault

    Hi my krp-600 will not come out of standby. The relay in the back of the display panel clicks when I turn it on and the led at the bottom of the screen goes from red to blue but after about 2 seconds the relay clicks again and the led goes red again. The LEDs on the media box blink 7 times then...
  15. L

    Roku Ultra causing flashing red error on XBR-70X850B

    I have a Sony XBR-70X850B TV that I have recently tried to add a streaming player to with no joy. I'm using an older Yamaha surround sound receiver that has no HDMI inputs, so all my devices are connected to the Sony's 4 HDMI inputs. On this TV, HDMI ports 1 & 2 support 4K. Prior to adding a...
  16. M

    Question Techwood 43AO8UHD epg fault

    Please help. The epg (electronic programme guide) on my TV has completely gone. The menu, settings, retune, and all that still work, it's just the programme guide that has vanished. Retuned hoping that would solve it, but no joy. The TV is less than a year old. Any advice greatfully received...
  17. starfarer

    Fault liability from insurance company

    I recently gave advice and help in writing statement on this accident. Today they received mail from insurance company saying the claim has been settled on own fault basis. I'm surprised with this conclusion. Map location . This is a two lane splits to 3 lane at roundabout. The road markings...
  18. cogla

    Question Canon Powershot G3 Fault

    Recently I decided to dig out and use my old G3 The battery and card appear to be in good order, when I press the shutter I get this which I presume is a fault code My email to Canon only got two computerised answers -they don't want to know I did mention that I paid £750 in 2002 but to no...
  19. petealmera

    Nissan Almera, Tino SE '07. Intermittant Starting Fault.

    I have an Nissan Almera, 2007. That is unreliable in damp/wet weather as car refuses to start. I think the fault lies with the NATS system, alarm immobizer. Where is it located in engine bay? Help, any ideas?
  20. RobTi

    dell fault

    Hi sons girlfriends laptop wont boot so get the 2 amber 3 white led error code fault which comes up with the following "No memory or RAM detected" so opened it up and tried the stick of ram in the 2 available slots, anything else I could try, don't want to buy another stick of ram in case its...
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