1. 152bobby

    Ring Lithium Fast Charge Jump Starter

    Hello, I need to replace a faulty non Ring Jump Starter pack and I was thinking of something like the one mentioned below. They seem to have good reviews and if I buy direct from Ring, the extend the warranty to 2 years. However, there is one question I cannot find a answer to and it's, how...
  2. M

    Humax Aura fast forward and 4K out ?

    Hi Can you set fast forward to 240 seconds like the older humax recorders ? Also I don't see 4K for output in settings, why not if its 4K ? Thanks
  3. HiFi Dave

    Fast choppy thrashing noise from new 4k blu ray player

    I bought a new Panasonic DP UB9000. Worked fine for several days with HDMI lead to TV. I then connected an optical lead from TV to my DAC then to amps and speakers. This worked for a bit but now mostly gives a horrible distorted noise instead of audio from disc, not even close to being music or...
  4. N

    Help! Fast motion = Image blur

    We bought a Panasonic JZ980 for Christmas We were watching Modern Family on Sky Comedy Via our Virgin box . We noticed if the camera panned round quickly or someone moved their arms quickly the image would be blockie/blurred Doesn't seem the whole image , just the persons arm or a tree/car if...
  5. P

    Motion flicker on fast moving scenes from n a 4k film downloaded

    I recently downloaded a film that’s meant to be in 4k, and whilst the picture seems a little sharper than 1080p it doesn’t seem full 4k resolution. But there’s a lot of flickering or juddering in fast moving scenes or when the camera pans around. Maybe being a gamer, I hadn’t realised most films...
  6. L

    Help fast.

    Long story short. Child got covid and kitchen tv now in his room. I need a 50 inch tv for kitchen immediately. It is wall mounted on a swivel and won't always be watched straight on. Its a fairly bright room. Its for freeview, netflix and youtube. It'll be viewed about 3 to 4m away. Hdr doesn't...
  7. TechboyUK

    LG OLED65G16LA - video playback speed too fast

    I've just got an LG OLED65G16LA and am watching Cruella on Disney+ via my Xbox One and Denon X3500H receiver. The video speed keeps varying, it's like it speeds up in places (or perhaps it's dropping frames), the audio remains at a constant rate. Please can you let me know how I can I fix this?
  8. S

    Ethernet Wired Internet Not As Fast

    Hi folks, I recently upgraded my Internet to Sky Fibre and get about 140mbs on Wireless, but the speed has barely increased on my wired PC connection, which went from about 70mbs to 90mbs. But I can't seem to get much more. I noticed my Ethernet cables were old Cat5 cables and have replaced...
  9. W

    Slow Motion or Fast Forward

    I cancelled our cable tv after gradually subscribing to a few streaming services, and the only thing I miss is the cable DVR box and the functionality of the remote. I currently use the "Smart TV" options of my Sony XR 90J TV mainly to watch YouTube TV, Netflix, and HBO MAX. But, I really...
  10. The Dark Horse

    Can you downgrade from full fibre (FTTH) to super fast (FTTC) ?

    If you upgrade to the full fibre service and decide down the line to save money, are you able to go back to the copper wire service, or are you stuck with FTTH?
  11. D

    fast cpu low ram vs slower cpu high ram budget mobiles

    hi everyone, ive had my lg g7 since 2018 and looking to upgrade to a £300 ish phone so seems to be things like poco, oppo, xuami etc now if you bench test vs it rates my lg better than most of these cheap ones, but if i check, my ram is near full all the time, only 4gb would you upgrade or...
  12. RidleyDeckard

    UBS C port not fast enough

    I bought a new PC and it has a dedicated UBS C port on the motherboard - it is the ASUS ROG STRIX B560-F GAMING WIFI Intel B560 PCIe 4.0 ATX Motherboard. It has 1 UBS C 3.2, 2 UBS 3.1 and 2 USB 3.2 ports, built into it, plus a UBS C 2.0 connector for audio. I've tried connecting the Quest via...
  13. outoftheknow

    Very fast boot from power off

    I have reinvigorated my Acer Aspire X3995 i3 2nd generation, by replacing the failing HDD with a Crucial MX500 SSD and the single 4GB DDR3RAM with two 8GB DDR3. I also loaded defaults in BIOS and now from power button press to Windows is so fast there is no POST beep and no BIOS splash screen. I...
  14. C

    Is John Lewis trying to pull a fast one?

    Hi All The TV I brought from John Lewis has developed a fault and now has a black line down the middle of the screen. After some back and forth with the JL Service Repair Dept they've said there are no longer replacement parts, so will replace it with a "similar" one available. My Faulty is a...
  15. SFkilla

    Fast & Furious 9: The Fast Saga (4K/Blu-ray Steelbook) (DE/FR)

    Fast & Furious 9: The Fast Saga (Steelbook) (4K + Blu-Ray) Purchase link: (Cover A) / (4K) Release date: 28/10/2021 Status: Available to pre-order (TBA) ------------ Fast & Furious 9: The Fast Saga (Steelbook) (4K + Blu-Ray) Purchase link: (4K) / /...
  16. raigraphixs

    Fast & Furious: Cipher (TBC)

    The studio is looking at a spin off film featuring Charlize Theron's villainous Cipher.
  17. RedDevil85

    Fast & Furious 9 (Amazon UK Exclusive) (4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbook)

    Purchase links: Release date: 11/10/2021 Status: Available to Pre-order
  18. RedDevil85

    Fast & Furious 9 / 9-Film Collection 4K UHD

    Links: - HMV - - WB Shop UK - Zavvi 9-Film Collection: - - HMV - WB Shop UK - Zavvi Release date: 11/10/2021 Steelbook thread: Fast & Furious 9 (4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbook)
  19. Drax1

    Fast And Furious 11 (14th February 2024) Justin Lin Directs

    Vin Diesel is currently talking up the potential release dates of 2023, and 2024 of the Justin Lin directed two part finale. Love these flicks or loathe them, looks like we're getting a grand finale of sorts.
  20. S

    USB 3.1 Gen 2 fast charging

    Does USB 3.1 Gen 2 cable support fast charging?
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