1. Daft Ada

    Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

    All the same gameplay content as the main game, but with chibi style characters and simplified graphics. This is the version that was made for mobiles, and recently made the jump to PS4 and Xbox. No release date for Switch yet though! I've completed, and nearly plat'd, the main game on PS4...
  2. Woodywizz

    Fantasy Football League 2018-2019

    Right guys.......after a great season last year, a wonderful world cup, a sweltering summer so far, well - we are back!!!! The Fantasy League Site is live and you are now able to choose your squad. Here is the link to the site, LINKY Apple and Android Apps have also been updated. Same format...
  3. nheather

    Single Volume Fantasy Book Recommendations Please

    Hi, I have two audible credits available and I have decided to cancel my subscription as I don't get through the books quick enough. But found that if I do I lose those credits. So for now my account is on hold whilst I find something to spend those credits on. What I'm most interested in is...
  4. Tom Tom

    Fantasy NFL 18/19

    As it can take a while to get interest, Who would like to sign up for so NFL fantasy action? Looking for 8/10 people. I will update the list here as we go. (If we get lots more, on ESPN you can do split leagues) Interested: @Tom Tom @domtheone @booyaka @Sebastalona @andyparksy @Stulock Holmes...
  5. tomelli

    Fantasy Football Head2Head

    Feel free to join. A bit of Head2Head fun 109766-504432
  6. brumhee

    Football League Championship 17/18 including Fantasy Football

    So, with the pre-season coming to a close and only 6 days till kick off it seems a good time to start a new thread for the coming season. So will Middlesbrough's tactic of buying up the championship at any price pay off? Will Sunderland do a double drop? Will Ipswich make it 16 seasons? Will...
  7. Woodywizz

    Fantasy Football League 2017-2018

    We are back! The 2016-17 AVF Fantasy Footie season was a great success with circa 20 members taking part and some great banter throughout the year. The official Premiership site is now allowing you to start tinkering and building your squad - LINKY. Similarly, the Apple and Android apps have...
  8. raigraphixs

    Coma (2018) Russian sci-fi fantasy

    Directed by Nikita Argunov Screenplay by Nikita Argunov Alexey Gravitsky Timofei Dekin Starring Rinal Mukhametov Aleksei Serebryakov Anton Pampushnyy Lyubov Aksyonova Milosh Bikovich Rostislav Gulbis Vilen Babichev I'm expecting the plot to be the usual mess
  9. A

    Final Fantasy XV - Similar Game Options?

    Hi- I am in need of some game buying help as I am not very familiar with what is out there. I am trying to buy a game for someone who loves Final Fantasy XV. Are there any recent games out there for PS4 that would be good options? This person enjoys games that take many hours to complete as well...
  10. T

    Question PS4 OpenWorld fantasy split-screen multiplayer & online or network multiplayer

    My brother and I were looking for an open-world fantasy adventure game the other day with multiplayer on the same machine. That was when we discovered that PS4 games are almost all multiplayer only over a network or online. Of course, we all know why this is, because we tolerate it. So, my...

    Question B6, Xbox One S and Final Fantasy XV Problem

    New to the forum, sorry if this has been answered. ( I searched and didn't find anything on this) I'm currently having an issue where my B6 does not find a signal the moment I start Final Fantasy XV on my xbox one S. To my knowledge FFXV should have HDR suppport on launch. All check marks are...
  12. Chrisharry12345

    Fantasy football dreamteam minileague

    I know you guys have one for FPL but I have set one up for dream team. £5 to enter and SDT take the payments with no fee so no messing about trusting and chasing people for cash :) £5 entry pays top 3. Could be some decent prizes if enough people join! Enter your team for free on...
  13. Woodywizz

    Fantasy Football League 2016-2017

    Ok guys, as the old league has not been refreshed by the op on the 2015-2016 thread, I've set up a new league on the official Premier League site : LINKY It's a tenner in and the prize pot will be announced as soon as we know how many members we have. I'll hold the monies in a separate account...
  14. J

    Garda Festival of Fantasy

    Not long back from Lake Garda, Italy. They had a festival and Goth type market on our first day,the locals dressed up as princesses, goblins, etc, they all wanted their photos taken and posed for the camera,due to the crowds it was hard to get a shot. This is one I got but had to clone out...
  15. RedDevil85

    Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV (Blu-ray Steelbook)

    Purchase link: Amazon.co.uk - HMV UK - Zavvi - Zoom.co.uk Re-release link: Zavvi Release date: 30/09/2016 Re-release date: 21/08/2017 Status: In Stock
  16. kristianity77

    Final Fantasy XII Remaster - 2017

    This I can most definitely get on board with!
  17. newbie1

    Fantasy Basel - Swiss Comic Con

    Just back from the Swiss comic con - surprisingly tricky to get good cosplay shots with so many people around. 1. 265A1641 by Good Lux Photos, on Flickr 2. 265A1594 by Good Lux Photos, on Flickr 3. 265A1734 by Good Lux Photos, on Flickr
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