1. B

    For Sale 3xML120 Fans and Lighting Node

    Quick for sale thread (first refusal to Lustral) Bought recently from here - but plans have changed. £50 inclusive of 2nd class postage - if faster shipping wanted then the postage cost will be the top up from 2nd class postage.
  2. S2000 VTEC

    For Sale New Noctua D15S CPU Cooler

    New Noctua D15S CPU Cooler - £65 delivered (absolute gangster CPU cooler which is new un-used. Box is a bit worn). ASRock SLI HB Bridge 2S Card - FREE just cover p&p (not sure who would need these anymore). Won’t be able to do better than the listed prices. Sold: Corsair Strafe MK2...
  3. S

    For Sale Cooler master aRGB fans + daisy chain

    3 x cooler master aRGB addressable fans with daisy chain splitter, as new condition taken out of my cooler master 530p case to make room for AIO CPU rad.
  4. T

    DX 902 with noisey fans

    my DX902 as started ticking away i have blowing them out with compressed air, vacuuming them still keeps ticking away, how easy is it to get at them, i presume its taking the back off can anyone give me some pointers if they have done it
  5. Humanitarian

    For Sale AM4 CPU Waterblock, 10g unifi switch, monsoon reservoir

    cleaning up the old thread, Have these bits hanging about I don;t need. Chucking it all on ebay on this weekend so feel free to make me a reasonable offer. BYKSKI CPU-RYZEN-X-MK, CPU block for AM3/am4/tr4 in silver - £30 15cm plexi/nickel monsoon res - £10 unifi US‑16‑XG 10GB switch, boxed -...
  6. SmokinWaffle

    Wanted Corsair (or decent) RGB fans & AIO

    As above. Friend got a good deal on a secondhand but fairly new PC but the fans in it push as much as an asthmatic donkey. CPU cooler is also meh. Temps a little higher than we'd like. Looking for at least 5+ decent RGB 120mm fans (preferably corsair) and an AIO (240mm minimum) for AM4+...
  7. tpr007

    Dear Rock Band fans... (vr drumming game recommendation)

    I just played the free demo on my oculus quest called smash drums - definitely worth a go! Smash Drums Demo on Oculus Quest
  8. M

    For Sale Noctua NH-D15S with black fans and swap out kit

    Selling various parts of my old games pc beginning with this cooler and 2 black swap out fans and kit [preferred the look] all in excellent used condition this was used on an intel system although it does have an AMD kit as well. Postage will not be cheap as its over 2kg and pretty large to...
  9. S2000 VTEC

    Question Best 120mm case fans

    I have this case running an i5-10400/1660. Looking for a few fans that are quiet yet reliable. It's between Arctic P12, be quiet silent wing 3 and noctua nf-a12x25. Has anyone tried these and can advise from experience? Or other brands. Not into RGB at all. Thanks
  10. tonyadamson

    Question CiT Master Gaming Case aRGB fans

    Has anyone done a build with this case that could help me out? Basically I can't get the fans or the front LEDs to light up. Fans spin fine, they are powered via...
  11. MikeKay1976

    Z-Race...Wipeout fans... A game to keep eye on

    I know we have redout and it's pretty good... but I don't think any game has managed to match the feel of wipeout. Maybe this one will? It certainly looks great visually.
  12. Soundwave

    Question PS4 Pro Fans

    Hi all, Been having an issue with my PS4 Pro in the last few weeks where the fans kick in & get to levels too loud to hear the audio! It's been happening on Cut Scenes in Fifa '20 Basically after the game is completed & I go to the post Match interview or during Transfer talks the fans fire up...
  13. P

    Vertical mounted GPU holder for case with basement fans?

    I've got intake fans in the basement my PC case sucking air in fro under the case and blowing it upwards on to my horizontally mounted GPU through a grill in the basement. I'm looking to get one of the new 3000 series graphics cards, I really like the look of the founders edition cards and I...
  14. Harkon321

    Anyone have experience of duct fans for ventilation?

    I’m planning on having two duct fans to provide ventilation for my sealed room. I’d looked at AC Infinity as I have a few of their products but I’m not sure they will do what I want. I want to wire the fans back to either a fused spur near the door, or ideally to a spur activated by the...
  15. B

    Bathroom extractor fans not powerful enough, options?

    We use a 4 inch fan for our en-suite shower room and main bathroom and both suffer from condensation and mist. Been told can go to 6 inch fan which is biggest you cna get but can't see it helping. Anyone else suffer form this what did you do? Thanks
  16. captainarchive

    Any Bob Hope Fans? The Cat & Canary : The Ghostbreakers Blu Rays Coming

    With The Paleface, The Lemondrop Kid already out this announcements means we have all Bob Hope's best films out on BD. Kino Lorber have dated and detailed their upcoming Blu-ray releases of The Cat and the Canary (1939) and The Ghost Breakers (1940). The two releases will be available for...
  17. vaderag

    Question Fans or Remove back from AV Cabinet

    I have an Ikea unit that I'm using for my AV cabinet I currently only use the central section and have 2 120mm fans installed in it to provide cool air to that section However, I have just upgraded my AV Receiver and I'm going to need to spread things out a bit, meaning I need to move my Xbox...
  18. Our Year

    new fans

    hi gents this is the cooler i have yeah its old now lool but its an ace cooler but the fans are buggered so i ordered some replacements but there is no way to attach then the clips wont fit there are no screws hols on the rads any advice bar a new cooler (yes its on the cards...
  19. T

    Question Supplying fresh air to a cinema room. Can PC fans do it?

    I hope to finish our extension build in a couple of months, and move on to building the cinema room (build thread here: A dreamer stops dreaming) I'm putting in a single room MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) for the kitchen/living area, but I also need a solution for the cinema...
  20. PhantomICEMAN

    Which Aio and Rgb fans to use

    Hi guys I'm in the process of building a new system . I have acquired most of the components the only ones left is the graphics card , something I intend to get later once ampere,big navi and Intels offering are shown off, im going to use an old graphics card for the time being . Im however...
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