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  1. elsmandino

    Can you vent a bathroom extractor fan into an air brick?

    Hi there. I am struggling with a bit of an issue, following the installation of a new humidistat bathroom extractor fan. I went with this one: https://www.extractorfanworld.co.uk/st100ht-silent-tornado-hi-power-bathroom-fan-with-humidistat--timer-3437-p.asp as it has a great extraction rate...
  2. rccarguy2

    Panasonic 820 fan

    I'll be changing the fan inside Panasonic 820 BD player here's the fan 3 pin with small connector. Gelid make budget fan but it has the larger 4 pin connector.
  3. Harkon321

    Speed Fan Controller for S&P Inline Duct Fan - Anyone any electrical experience with this?

    I purchased two of these 5" S&P inline fans, running from the same fused spur. 5"/125mm In Line Duct Extractor Fan - Silent 350m3/hr | Soler_&_Palau (5211360400) One pushes air out behind the projector, the other draws air from above the cab. They are quiet but not silent and I'm trying to...
  4. goatywoaty

    Anyone on here fitted a ceiling light/fan? I'd like to, not sure what brands are decent though!

    Hi everyone Anyone on here bought a ceiling light/fan recently? I'm looking to buy one to help circulate the warm air in my living room as it's got a high ceiling... Not sure where to start, we don't really use these much in the UK so there doesn't seem to be much discussion on it and I don't...
  5. T

    For Sale Corsair’s SF600 Platinum PSU (New/Sealed), Noctua U12S CPU Cooler and Fans clearout

    I have the following for sale and all prices inc P&P and will be well packed when posted: ASRock Z270 GAMING-ITX MOBO. £35 MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4GB GPU. Excellent condition and comes boxed in original packaging. £85. Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000mhz 16GB C15 (2x8) comes boxed in it's orginal...
  6. T

    What switch will work for controlling on/off bathroom fan and light

    Hello, Looking for a smart switch ZigBee or ZWave that can turn off/on the bathroom fan and light individually (No dimmer needed). House is USA 1950 build probably no neutral wire in most of the outlets. Please see the picture attached of the wiring. 1 Black wire- Hot 1 Black wire- Turns on/off...
  7. D

    Epson tw7400 service manual, for replacing fan.

    Hi All One of the fans have become defect in my projector, it sounds like an old two stroke motorcycle. I have been in contact with Epson here in Denmark, first they said I could have a service on it and provided me a price. However, when I needed to pay for it in advance, they suddenly didn't...
  8. Asim hussain

    Fan capacitor issue

    In my old farm house an old model single phase pump motor slows down to also dead position. I have checked circuit and power supply all is ok. Then i look its capacitor because a faulty capacitor may slow down motor speed. The capacitance value i found on multimeter screen was little bit below...
  9. J

    Suggested fan to cool down Receiver

    Hi all, My 720 is in my AV cupboard which, though there is ventilation, I’m concerned is still not ventilated enough. Can anyone recommend a good fan? With thanks. James
  10. T

    Should I set ventilation fan to push air out or pull it in

    We have a very limited ability to create ventilation in our media cabinet It is behind closed cabinet doors - there is a ~1/4 crack in the doors to let a little air in Inside the media cabinet, however, we do have a ventilation pipe that goes to the exterior of the home I have a single 4" fan...
  11. Ooch

    Be Quiet! 9000 Base pc case how does fan control work?

    HW monitor only detects x2 of my many fans same with the BIOS. How does the fan controller on the case regulate the fan speeds?
  12. Stevie G

    Can I put a 3 pin plug onto a (Bosch) fan oven and use it through a smart plug?

    Hi knowledgeable people! We're booking in getting our kitchen done in a couple of months time. I've been looking at the appliance options and am wondering if it's possible (ie safe and legal!) to have a fan oven wired with a 3 pin plug and plug it into a simple smart plug? I know there are...
  13. Y

    Anyone got an Induction hob with built in extractor fan they can recommend please?

    Seen this 60cm wide one in Ikea for £1099 FÖRDELAKTIG Induction hob/integrated extractor, IKEA 500 black, 60 cm - IKEA But would appreciate any feedback if you have one, particlarly effectiveness, noise and ease of installation. See this video review but keen to get other opinions Thank you
  14. M

    gpu fan at 100% speed, cant control

    My RX 570 Fan is at 100% speed (3700RPM) and i can't control it with anything. It sounds like a jet engine taking off... Anyone got any ideas? Specs: MSI A320M -A PRO Sapphire RX 570 1TB HDD 250GB SSD Ryzen 3 2300x Windows 10 Home
  15. KriTixz

    LG TV Remote on COSTCO Omni Breeze Tower Fan

    I was trippin about this LG TV Remote controlling Costco Omni Breeze Tower Fan, also found out the Left arrow controls the fan's timer 😅
  16. Y

    Fan advice

    Dear a v forum members does anyone think 🤔 25 pounds is good value For a stand fan
  17. D

    PC fan replacements

    I have a Lancool II Mesh case with the stock fans connected to the fan HUB on the normal speed profile but one of the fans keeps making a weird noise. I can tolerate the fan noise on the slow, medium or even high fan speed setting but the fans have started to make a strange noise recently on top...
  18. Bengie11

    Sony projector VPL VW760ES fan problem

    I cannot switch on my 760 ES projector. The red light blinks 3 times indicating fan has broken down. Has anyone had any similar issues? Was thinking of using an air duster to blow of the dust from the fan but am worried it may further damage the projector
  19. music

    Desktop suddenly wont start. Fan comes on for a sec then stops and this goes on repeatedly. Any ideas? Power button flashing yellow.

    Hi, if anyone can help I'd be grateful. Have a Dell OptiPlex -all working fine. One morning I try to turn on and nothing. Power button is flashing yellow. The cpu fan starts up for a half second then stops - that goes on repeatedly. Nothing otherwise. I've trued a different power supply and...
  20. Whitley Lad

    The Fan (Snipes & De Niro)

    See this is getting a release on Monday, Anyone planning on picking it up/pre-ordered it? I'm not familiar with the label Signal One?
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