1. B

    For Sale MicroBerry - Raspberry Pi 4 8GB + Grey Mesh RGB Casew Case + RGB Fan + OLED Display

    Raspberry Pi4 8GB + Grey RGB Mesh Desktop Case & OLED Display with 16GB MicroSD & Raspberry Pi OS - Overclocked to 2Ghz Custom Grey Micro Desktop Mesh Case with RGB Fan & Tinted Intake & Exhaust Cut Out Design OLED Stats Display, LEDShim with RGB Rainbow Pattern NeoPixel Ring with12 Led's...
  2. A

    Wanted AC Infinity AIRCOM T9 fan wanted

    Hi guys, I am after AC Infinity AIRCOM T9 fan. Just looking for this model as I prefer the exhaust direction going upwards. Can collect in Greater Manchester, or happy for delivery. Not sure what to price this at as it goes for 99$CAD (£57.78) new, and the most recent one sold on ebay in new...
  3. AVDavid

    Behringer NX3000D fan replace

    Using the Behringer to power 2 subwoofers but the fan is very noisy so I bought a noctua AF8 fan to replace it. I looked at a couple of u-tube videos on how to do this but the noctua comes with a 3pin lead and the stock fan is a 2 pin and there is noway I can get the 3pin to fit has anyone done...
  4. D

    Wanted Noctua NF-A8 PWM (80mm fan)

    Hi there, As title I'm on the lookout for an 80mm Noctua NF-A8 PWM fan. Not in a huge rush or anything, but thought I'd see if anyone has one languishing at the back of a drawer before I bought one new. Cheers!
  5. Dr.Rock

    Recommend a 200mm PC fan please

    Hi, My Cooler Master A20030-07CB-3MN-F1 PC fan has started to get noisy after 10 years of service, so time to get a replacement. Can someone please recommend me a new one? I'd like an LED fan, good air flow and needs to be quiet. My old fan was quiet enough but unfortunately I can't find any...
  6. brookheather

    For Sale NZXT Aer F 120mm Airflow Fan (x2)

    I have two NZXT Aer F 120mm 3-pin fans for sale which were taken from an NZXT H510 desktop case. Both in excellent working order. I would like £5 for each fan exc. postage. Delivery will be £3 with RM or £2.50 with Hermes. This performance case fan is...
  7. 4004

    Fan/electrics specialist needed

    This section seems most suitable as it's a somewhat unusual bit of kit, but with some usual components. What I've got is a ventilation unit for my car, which was made by Webasto for BMW. It's an array of 6 IP44-rated axial fans, a voltage converter (it is powered by a solar panel)...
  8. Dr. Robert

    For Sale Ryzen 5 3600 with Noctua NH-U9S and fan

    Ryzen 5 3600 CPU with Noctua Cooler and fan. As said before I'm getting rid of my computer as I'm saving and waiting for xbox X
  9. S

    Replacement Graphics Card Fan XFX Radeon RX580

    Hello everyone, Hoping you can help, has anyone bought a replacement fan for an XFX Radeon RX 580 GTS graphics card? Somehow one of the fan blades on mine has bent and it keeps catching on the PCI wireless card that is underneath it on the motherboard I can't swap either around but if i...
  10. PsbakerEight2

    Which ceiling fan?

    I am looking at fitting a ceiling fan in our bedroom. It’s needs to have a light built in and needs to be quiet. Never had one before so looking for suggestions. Thanks
  11. Bingoman

    Would 51% fan ownership work in England?

    Would the German model of football of fans owning 51 %- 49% work in the English Leagues with fans have ore of say on the game is run? If the German Model of ownership did come to English Football would own the 49% of the club if fan own the other half how would it work if the 49% wanted to...
  12. S

    Do any undercounter fridges have fan assisted internal air flow

    My old fridge has the cold plate on the back wall and depends on passive air circulation within the fridge. Am enquiring whether any current fridges internal fan circulation to give better/more even cooling within the cabinet ? Thanks
  13. J

    Noisy Fan Teac AG V-8520 receiver

    The fan in our Teac AG V-8520 receiver is noisy all of a sudden. We took it apart, and the blades in the fan are not hitting, so we feel it is the motor. We cannot find Teac replacement parts online. Can we substitute another fan motor? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  14. A

    Please recommend a make of fan for a rack

    Hi all, I had a rack installed by a home automation company when my house was built. It may have been prematurely installed when the house was dusty, but either way the two 5" fans have one by one failed. They were running 24/7 - perhaps they didn't need to - don't know if intelligent fans...
  15. As Lantern

    Replaced a fan in my VPL-HW40ES - now it won't turn on for more than 20 seconds

    See title. The bearing in the blower fan in my Sony VPL-HW40ES got completely shot, the fan in question was the fan blowing onto the lamp assembly - it's a nidec D07F-12B1S1 24B 12V 0.32A which I can't get a replacement for anywhere: I've emailed every Sony licensed repair shop in the UK and...
  16. roman700

    Laptop fan, always on

    Hi I have a Dell XPS15 from a few years ago with an i7 4712HQ processor. A few months ago (I think after a series of crashes, but can't quite remember) one of the fans started running, remaining on until power off. As soon as the button is pressed to power on, the fan comes on - straight away...
  17. S

    Beko extractor fan

    Hi all, I am looking for all PCB board replacement for a Beko extractor fan. Can someone point me to a seller? Could not find the part on Beko official
  18. K

    acer revo rl85

    Hi all anyone know where i can buy acer revo rl85 fan thanks....kev
  19. rousetafarian

    Recommended fan/oil heater for a small home office

    Hi Working from home 100% was ok during spring summer and autumn, but my home office has two external walls and is behind the internal garage wall. It’s a ‘real feel’ of bloody freezing so I want to get recommendations for a small fan heater/non-oil heater to assist me getting through the day...
  20. T

    ONKYO TX-RZ740 no fan

    I recently bought a used ONKYO TX-RZ740 receiver and I want to ask if it is normal for the fan not to working at all even if I play a movie for 2 or 3 hours. When I put my hand over the receiver after 2 or 3 hours working it is slightly warm.Not hot.I don't know if the fan is working properly...
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