1. S

    Yamaha RX-V685 with Bose Acoustimass 10 III problems

    I have the RX-V685 with a fairly old Bose Acoustimass 10 III. On the whole it is great. When it is working, it seems to sound fine with plenty of bass - With or without the blue connector plugged in - which I thought was the bass box, thus leading me to the conclusion that I have wired it up...
  2. Johnmcl7

    Failing Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 8in - replace/repair?

    My Mum has a Galaxy Tab S2 8in which unfortunately after being dropped repeatedly the charging port is really loose and it's reached the point it's difficult to charge it. I've looked at a teardown and although the charging port is on a separate board it looks a pain in the neck to get the...
  3. I

    Defra at risk of failing nature and farming!

    Ive become depressed what ive seen happening to wildlife over recent years and sadly i agree with much of this article/blog from the RSPB website. I hope I'm wrong about this subject but it doesn't bide well for the future. But that’s my personal thoughts...
  4. Fluclear

    Question Series X, games failing to load

    Anyone having problems booting games downloaded via GamePass, titles enhanced for X/S? Gears 5, Gonner 2, Ori: Wisps all fail to make it past the initial loading screen.
  5. M

    Old Foxsat PVR frequently failing to display

    About a year ago, my old Humax Foxsat box started playing up. It showed menus and information bars fine, and appeared to be able to flick through the channels without issue. However, there was no actual TV picture. Drilling into the menu suggested it was failing to find a signal so we presumed...
  6. PC1975

    TV Manufacturers Failing To Deliver Previously Stated Features/Updates

    *PLEASE TRY TO KEEP DISCUSSION SPECIFIC AND NOT GENERAL COMPLAINTS/OPINION* There has been a lot of discussion over features and/or functions that TV manufacturers stated would be included at a future point when marketing tvs but have subsequently never materialised or have done so in a...
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