1. 1

    My second hard drive has failed.

    My PC stopped working the other day. It booted, but was stuck on the Windows 10 loading screen. It's my fault. I was getting the 'S.M.A.R.T status bad backup and replace' message on start up which sent me to BIOS. I didn't know what drive was corrupted. I just exited BIOS without saving and my...
  2. V

    Failed Smart Meter Install, Wanting to Change Providers

    I had Smart Meters (SMETS2) fitted in early June - Gas & Elec. The Gas meter never connected to the network, so is effectively dumb. Shortly after, Bulb said there was going to be a price increase for me, so I'm looking to jump ship. When I raised the failed install with Bulb a week after...
  3. Mohammed Asiimwe

    Question I hav a Flatron M2394D-PX for kids and they locked

    I hav a Flatron M2394D-PX for kids and they locked the body keys. Currently the remote also has failed to work, though it works on other LGs. Can some tell me where to find an update. How do I update it without using the remote
  4. timey

    Manhattan T3-R failing to record specific programmes

    I’m posting this here because I have searched everywhere and can’t get an answer. I’ve also contacted Manhattan but as with everyone else it’s “we might take a while to respond due to COVID-19”. Plus it’s a weird problem that I can’t understand why it is happening and wondered if any of the...
  5. C

    Impact of nearby lightening strike - failed HDMI ports

    Following a nearby lightning strike (about 300-400 metres away) my TV and A/V system flashed and went off. Initially I thought it caused the ARC HDMI port on my TV and A/V amp to fail. Apparently the electro-magnetic burst from lightening can take out electronic components when switched on, but...
  6. R

    PSN sign-in failed

    Hi all, Ever since we moved house my son hasn't been able to play online. He signs in and plays as normal for anything that isn't online. We purchased some games online and he can't access them. He can sign into the PSN on his brother's console, but not his own. When we test the Internet...
  7. I

    Question Freeview HD channels have legged it on Panasonic recorder

    Hi, A few nights ago all the HD channels vanished on my usually very well-behaved Panasonic DMR-EX97 Freeview recorder. Gah! I've cleared the channel list by removing the aerial and rescanning, then scanning again with the aerial plugged back in, but the channel list still shows nothing at...
  8. ElectronicMan

    Dune BD Prime 3.0 Power Supply repair suggestions

    Dune BD Prime 3.0 Power Supply repair suggestions My Dune BD Prime 3.0 Media player power supply failed recently. After searching the net for repair solutions, I compiled a document of my research and included a detailed explanation of the design of the Power Board to assist other users with...
  9. P

    Freesat Humax HDR-1100S Dual Tuner Failure - Any Ideas?

    Hello, I am new to this forum and looking for advice: I have a Fresat box - Humax HDR-1100S with dual tuner input and both have simultaneously failed - with both tuners identifying no signal. As I have a 4 channel LMB dish and exactly the same humax tuner in my daughter's bedroom upstairs I...
  10. Waynej

    TV Failed Recordings problem?

    I recall someone here mentioning that they got a refund due to the failed recording issue, I suspect I seen it in the KS8000/9000 Owners thread. Can anyone shed any further light on this? Am I right to assume it's an ongoing issue from the 2016 models to the current 2018 QLEDs? I have had...
  11. W

    All Chromecasts Audio's Have Failed

    All the Chromecasts were working 3 days ago. Now none of them are being seen by my network. Rebooted them and my router, tried different Android devices all to no avail. Steady White LED on all 3. All running the latest firmware according to Google. Tried a reconfig on 1 chromecast and got a ID...
  12. M

    Question Failed NAS - How to recover data from disks

    Hi My NAS recently failed due to a failed firmware upgrade which I have since managed to recover back to default settings. Though unfortunately all RAID settings were lost so I can't recover the data on the drives. The NAS is linux based with 4 disks in set up as RAID 5. I have 2 options to...
  13. aVdub

    Possible Homebase bargains

    With the recent news of Wesfarmers failing badly with the Homebase brand and some stores going back to the Homebase name after being changed to the Bunnings brand, there may be some good bargains to be had if stores change their shelf brands. DIY disaster ends as Homebase sold for £1 Might...
  14. Bimbleton

    "Your TV has not failed enough times to be replaced"

    LG OLED B7A [bought end of August 2017] failed for the second time in 5 months since buying brand-new from an authorized reseller. Entire panel needs to be replaced for the second time. Spoke with the technician who said "Your TV has not failed enough times for it to be replaced". Spoke with LG...
  15. shooter 6 6 six

    HTC vive FPGA updates Failed

    Hi people I'm having trouble with this. Display FPGA update keeps failing I've restarted the pc, steam and vr Swapped the usb though usb 2's and 3's on the mobo. Signed in and out of HTC program and restarted the internet. Any one else had this problem? Or know something I should be...
  16. G

    Question I can't access Netflix - connection to server failed 006

    So I've had my Panasonic VIERA TX50DX700B just over a year and it's been working fine. Recently netflix has not been working, so I though maybe deleating the app and reinstalling. Before this though I tried some of the other apps, BBC iplayer for example and this would not connect eirher...
  17. John

    55b7 and failed ARC since Friday?

    So sometime between Friday night and Saturday lunch time ARC gave up the ghost between my B7 and pioneer amp . It's on Netflix and Amazon so am assuming it's not an app based Anyone else having the same issue ? I think there is one person, but it's tagged on the end of a different thread @JoechLee
  18. I

    Talktalk Youview box failed (again)

    My latest Talktalk Youview box has just failed (this is the third box that has failed) and I assume TT will expect me to pay for a new one so having decided that buying cheap TT crap is a bad idea anyone got a good alternative for watching catch-up TV so the kids can still watch old episodes of...
  19. Keiron

    Question Bluetooth has failed: cannot connect keyboard

    I have a little Windows 10 Intel NUC pc and use a Logitech K810 bluetooth keyboard. I cannot recall how exactly I set it up years ago, but I do recall going through a pairing process. As far as I am aware, my PC has a built in Bluetooth receiver. Yesterday the keyboard stopped working. In my...
  20. sykotik

    PS4 disc ejecting all the time and failed HDD

    Did some one have a problem with there disc drive ejecting all of time, a good while back ? ( and an other problem the HDD is not been recognized) just had a call from a mate who is telling me that there ps4 is trying to ejected a disc even tho there no disc in the drive all of the time , im...
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