1. J

    Tone Factory Turntable – anyone have any experience?

    Hi – I recently saw a turntable from Tone and wondered whether anyone had any experience with them as I can't find many reviews of it. I was looking for a budget end, very minimal turntable preferably with an in-built preamp and saw this and thought it looked good. Thanks for any help.
  2. S

    Monting a TV in an automobile factory. Looking for a sofisticated TV Mount

    Hey everybody! I've encountered a delicate issue here. Looks like LCD TVs seem to leack after a while instulled at a factory facility with ponding heavy machinery. Looking for a TV mont with some sort of compensator, or ani-vibrational quolities that will allow me to safely instull a TV at a...
  3. SFkilla

    Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (4K/Blu-ray Steelbook) (ES/IT)

    Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (Steelbook) (4K + Blu-Ray) Purchase link: Amazon.es Release date: 07/07/2021 Status: Available to pre-order ---------------- Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (Steelbook) (4K + Blu-Ray) Purchase link: Amazon.it Release date: 07/07/2021 Status...
  4. J

    New Clingwrap swap?

    So, I recently got into a show, and I really enjoy it, so I bought all 6 of the dvd volumes, each one being a single volume, all of them came in the whole little folds on the edge shrink wrap, except one, the 4th one in the set, after this one it goes back to the edge folded corner wrap. I...
  5. jamct


    I am selling my Sony KD-49XF9005 SMART TV to a relative. If I do a Factory Reset will all my Picture Settings be affected?. (The relative is not a geek :rolleyes: like me and has always said what superb PQ I have so is not likely to want or know her way around the setting....Covid lockdown...
  6. madfiddler

    Apollo/Transco Vinyl factory goes up in blaze

    Sorry not sure where else to post this, mods please move if in the wrong place https://www.analogplanet.com/content/major-vinyl-production-catastrophe-apollotransco-lacquers-burns?fbclid=IwAR0lHediqkmB9NQeLDjhqV5A9Me1S1Kd6pcUyNQbb4_HLZlF9jdO4o5TEZw
  7. frafra

    Answered Factory Calibration-uniformity

    Can a factory calibration,as sony said, make the uniformity better?.....and make me interested on af9
  8. Racquel Darrian

    Shout Factory 3 disc The Thing Steelbook

    Here we go again. Another one for my large The Thing collection. The Thing [Limited Edition Steelbook] + Exclusive Lithograph - Blu-ray | Shout! Factory
  9. Bj01

    2008 ford focus aux out

    I have a 08 focus se with a factory radio I want to wire my subswoofers up. I'm wondering does the factory radio have a aux output that could go to the amp and if it doesn't is there any way I could keep the factory radio and wire subwoofers. Any help would be appreciated.

    Factory Reset

    I am trying to do a factory reset on a LG 43UJ701V -ZC as i have been getting the "app needs to restart to free up memory" message ever since the last software update. So after doing settings/general/reset to initial settings i end up with the latest software version again: 04.70.45 I skipped...
  11. Paul Iddon

    Question Factory reset (Pano 802B)

    Because over the last year or so I have tweaked and twerked and messed around with so many settings in the TV menu for picture IQ, today, I got to thinking, since the HLG update for my TV set, is it worth doing a factory reset of the TV to get it back to the out of the box state (and if I did...
  12. jvgama

    Question Stuck on loading screen after factory reset

    Hey everyone, I think my TV is screwed up :( After having some issues with the YouTube app on my LG 49UF6800, I read on LG’s support page that doing a factory reset should solve the problem. So I did that, the TV quickly rebooted and started showing a grey screen with three colored dots going...
  13. haujobbz

    Question I can’t factory reset Asus Eeebook ..please help!

    Hi all, I recently bought an Asus x250ta laptop from a car boot sale , and the user has locked the laptop with a password ? I tried to reset the laptop but it needs me to insert a BitLocker recovery key which I don’t have and without this I can’t factory reset ? The problem is I can’t find...
  14. A

    Question Help with LG OLED55B7V factory reset sequence

    Hi everyone, I have an LG OLED55B7V which has a bad screen fault (no usable picture, just horizontal coloured lines - photo attached). The TV repair service will take about 3 weeks so I would like to try a factory reset while I wait. The WebOS in the TV is still working (I am able to open the...
  15. stearman65

    Nikon to shut factory in China!!!

    Just read this on DPR, Smart phones are pushing compacts out of the market. Nikon shuts down camera factory in China, blames 'the rise of smartphones'
  16. Taco85

    Factory reset Onkyo everytime I want to use it?

    Hello av forum! I am having issues with my older Onkyo HT-RC 180, where I have to reset each time I want to use it. Unfortunately my receiver isn't used that often. The issue is it doesn't recognize the speakers and subs plugged into it. The speaker diagram on the front display stays dark. I...
  17. lifouk

    Question lg b7 factory mode floating box

    Hi all, I've just purchased A LG OLED 55B7 every time I turn it on I'm presented with a Floating box that says Factory Mode - [How to go to user mode] Press Instop key with a remote control. I can't find much on the internet about this, apart from this "instop" key is on the service remote...
  18. R

    Cannot Factory Reset Matsui M22LID618 TV

    Hi I think I need to reset my Matsui M22LID618 TV as I seem to have upset the channel setup. I've tried the following resets without success. Failing this, I could manually reset but I need to know the individual settings for Programme/Band/Channel/Standard/Search, etc. Can anyone help please...
  19. G0FOYGarry

    Samsung Factory reset now no DTV Tune.

    Samsung TV FACTORY RESET NOW NO DTV TUNE I have done a factory reset on a Samsung portable T-CRM19PEUD-1000.1. This is reached in the service menu after the "INFO MENU MUTE POWER" start up. The set now does the expected "First time use" on start up. However it only sweeps the old analogue...
  20. MrMav11

    Question Replacing a factory fit to aftermarket CarPlay...

    If removing a factory fit unit to replace it with a CarPlay head unit, the existing had a DAB, the new one would also have DAB, would you still have to fit a DAB glass aerial or something? could you not use wherever the exisiting DAB aerial is on the factory fit one? There doesn't seem many...
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