1. T

    Loft aerial quadruplex connection confusion

    Newbie question, trying to understand TV reception more and my new build’s cable set-up. I have coax cables run into the loft. The main living room TV connection is a quadruplex faceplate which takes two coax satellite inputs and gives four outputs: two satellite outputs, one ‘TV’ output and...
  2. RobTi

    Anyone used a scolmore definity faceplate

    Hi just wondered as I change my switches to scolmore to work with Shelly if anyone had fitted the Click GridPro SCP20401BS Definity faceplates I was concerned about fitting the yoke to a plastic back box wether it would fit okay ? Thanks
  3. DT79

    Max length for 75ohm coax run (terminated in faceplate at either end) for digital

    I have 75 ohm coax cables installed running from behind where the hi-fi sits across to the other side of the room where the speakers are. When we had the lounge decorated I had these and some balanced cables installed for future proofing in case I ever wanted to switch to active speakers in the...
  4. M

    Question in-wall cable and speaker wall/face-plates, advice needed

    Hello all I have a reasonable hifi system, an Arcam CD player, a Riga Brio amp with some Monitor Audio S8 Floor standing speakers, perhaps old now but I like it. I have the speakers bi-wired with some good quality speaker cable. However, we’ve recently moved house and in the new house I need...
  5. T

    Question Surrond Speaker Cable in Wall - How to get a neat finish?

    Hi I'm routing some surround sound speaker cable under floorboards and up a wall to wall-mounted speakers. I'm going to cut out thin channels in the plaster up the wall to where the speakers will be and then plaster over the cable once in place. The internal wall in question is brick with...
  6. T

    Connect RCA cable to soldered faceplate

    Hey guys, I’m converting my garage to an office and have decided to run a 5.1 speaker cable setup, just in case we ever want to use it as a cinema room. As part of that, I’ve run a single RCA cable behind the stud walls from where the amp will be to where the sub will be located. I’ve bought...
  7. M

    Free View and Sat Faceplate

    Hi, my aerial installer is coming Tuesday to install a new aerial and change my sat lnb to the visible wave that's recommended, I got a head start by making two new openings for an ethernet face plate and a combined twin sat and coax. So I have ordered the ethernet faceplate but I also ordered...
  8. chenks

    Question faceplate with 2 sat and 1 aerial?

    has anyone come across a single gang faceplate that has 2 sat connectors and 1 standard aerial connector? currently the wall has an aerial faceplate, but ideally i'd like the satellite cables to enter the room at that point (it's an external wall). there is no space to turn into a double size...
  9. eliotcole

    4K Dolby Vision rec.2020 Capable Install Sockets / Pigtails

    Hi, It's never easy finding compatible products (believe me, I've tried), and I've actually found one that works (Amazon 1.8m 18Gbps cable + Cable Matters 3m 48GBps cable) ... It's this eBay listing from York AV: Details about HDMI v2.0 Wall Face Plate Panel Mount Tail Stub Cable Lead...
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