1. H

    Omnibus f4 nano v6 FC

    I recently bought a omnibus f4 nano v6 FC. I however have 4 separate esc and the FC only has input for 4in1 esc. I am using a dji f450 frame which has a pdb and pads for the 4 escs. Is there a way I could connect the esc to my fc through the frame so I don't have to buy another esc. I would...
  2. A

    Tannoy Mercury F4 Custom speaker Issue/Help (12/13 years old)

    Good day people, i hope somebody could offer some advice on a speaker issue im experiencing please. I have set of front floor standing Tannoy Mercury F4 Custom speaker Issue (12/13 years old) and experiencing some "tinny sound" issues with them in certain scenes on shows and movies. This is...
  3. damo_in_sale

    First lens to buy for Nikon D750

    I just ordered a Nikon D750, second hand from MPB in supposedly excellent condition. Any suggestions for a first lens, second hand? Ideally I’d be looking for 24-70 f2.8 or similar, maybe f4.0 with longer reach. Obviously want to spend as little as possible. Cheers, Damo
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