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  1. laik

    LG 65UH6157-zb

    Hi. I'm looking all over the internet for default ez-adjust values for lg 65UH6157-zb. Once upon a time I blindly changed almost everything because I thought that reseting to default could fix what I had done, but it didn't.I somehow managed to make my tv work again, but some features are not...
  2. Orionis5

    Question LG 42LM615S-ZE - EZ Adjust Tool Option3 greyed

    Hello, I have 42LM615S-ZE TV and have it installed in bedroom with extension to headphone plugged-in. Down side is that TV is in auto headphone mode even though just extension is connected. So I tried to access EZ Adjust menu to disable Headphone mode since regular menu does not allow that...
  3. calaudude

    LG UH780v/UH770V/UH8500 *Dolby Vision / HDR10* Service Menu * EZ ADJUST*

    I got now my LG 75UH780v which is quite possible the UH770V in a 75" upgrade or like the 75" HU8500 less 3D support I was told the UH780v has the same 3D pannel like the UH8500 so technical it should be possible to enable 3D so I went into the service menu / EZ adjust there there I saw...
  4. C

    LG 32LN530B Access to Service Menu?

    I have been reading many posts about how one can access the service menu on LG flat screen TVs and enable the playback of videos via the USB Port. However, I just can't seem to get to that service menu with my LG 32LN530B that I recently purchased used in Mexico. I am presently running firmware...
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