1. G

    For Sale Acoustic Energy Extreme 5 outdoor speakers in white

    Due to a house move I'm selling my Acoustic Energy Extreme 5 outdoor speakers. They are in ok condition but before collection/delivery I will try and clean them up a bit. They work perfectly, sounding really good. Will come with speaker plugs and brackets. Collection ideally or I'll deliver...
  2. BB3Lions

    Keto Extreme - Reviews?

    This is not a product pitch. If you google "Keto Extreme", they won an investment from dragons den as their product is proven to work - if you believe the hype, that is. Due to its content being high in "Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB)" works incredibly well, but has anyone here actually used the...
  3. LotusElan

    Extreme E

    Kicks off this weekend (it's on now!). Saudi Arabia qualifying today; race tomorrow. Watching it on iPlayer at the moment. :) https://www.extreme-e.com/en/broadcast-information https://www.extreme-e.com/
  4. J

    Don’t know how to set up Logitech extreme 3D pro joystick for Xbox one

    Please can someone help. I’m a real novice at gaming but have bought my son squadrons and a Logitech extreme 3D pro joystick for Christmas. Reviews say the joystick is compatible with the game but I can’t get the joystick to respond at all on the Xbox one when plugged into the usb slot. No...
  5. nadavrub

    Amazing Drone footage from a rappelling adventure on the Dead Sea

    It's the middle of the desert, it's a long way down, we were lucky to have a rope around :) A hardcore rappelling adventure to the Tmarim wadi, not for the faint hearted & not for those who are afraid of heights Not the ideal environment to fly a drone, but, the views were awesome !!! CRANK...
  6. nadavrub

    A breathtaking rappelling adventure on the Dead Sea (Drone footage)

    It's the middle of the desert, it's a long way down, we were lucky to have a rope around :) A hardcore rappelling adventure to the Tmarim wadi, not for the faint hearted & not for those who are afraid of heights Not the ideal environment to fly a drone, but, the views were awesome !!! CRANK...
  7. M

    X1 Extreme android 9 update warning!

    Sony A8G/A8F/A1E 900f etc. It could just be me, but I've noticed an increase in input lag at 60hz. It feels like at least 20-30ms longer. This thread was initially about the removal of the digital audio output volume adjustment from the accessible menu (now you have to go to home and settings...
  8. M

    X1 Extreme android 9 update problem

    The one which updates the tv from android 8 to android 9. Personally, my TV is the A8G, but the A1E and A8F are likely affected too. I used to make small adjustments to the sound level out of the optical output in the menu if I didnt feel like getting up (my preamp has no remote control - I use...
  9. M

    Apple TV app in A1E A8F A8G/ other X1 Extreme TVs?

    Just like the title says. I've been reading and have seen the Apple TV app is coming to Sony TVs. Could have sworn my TV was on the list. I have an ATV4k and so a subscription, it'd be great to get it running on my A8G to put the device elsewhere. Is it just the X1 Ultimate TVs, or are the...
  10. Drax1

    To The Extreme- Vanilla Ice Biopic (TBC)

    Not sure if I'll be seeking this one put, but James Franco is set to play rapper Vanilla Ice in a new film detailing his struggles in the music industry. The project was previously on 2018's Blacklist. There's currently no official start date...
  11. Z

    Ultimate or Extreme?

    What are the differences between the Ultimate and Extreme 4K HDR processors that equip the XG9505 and XG9005 accordingly? What will i actually see in the picture and theor differences are they more obvious in HDR content only?
  12. C

    Extreme noise on Crouching Tiger 4k Blu Ray

    Maybe some of the experts here can throw an answer at this. I recently purchased Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 4k from Ebay, sealed and brand new. The dealer had shifted a lot of copies and to my eye it looks completely genuine, packaging, both disks, and digi code all complete. On my LG 86" LG...
  13. R

    Extreme fatigue, overtaining or undereating?

    I started a calorific deficit a few months ago varying on 500 to 600 calories. I go for a one hour run a day and three hours later I weight train for half an hour. I'm 5 ft 7 and consume anywhere between 1200 to 1700 calories a day. At the weekend I binge eat and on the Sunday and Monday I have...
  14. MyBoxLife

    Question Raspberry Pi 4 and Sandisk Extreme Pro microSDXC UHS-II, do they play well together?

    In the process of buying the SD storage for the RPi 4 4GB, and trying to evaluate whether there's advantage to be had in the faster speeds, whether the RPi's SD card slot would be able to take advantage of the quoted 275MB/s transfer speeds, and whether the advantage outweighs the price...
  15. D

    Question Apple TV 4K extreme judder on 4K content - replace?

    I’ve recently centralised my streaming to Apple TV 4K, using Infuse for streaming my own files. Increasingly, I’m noticing extreme judder on new 4K files, even though it remains fine on older ones. It appears that this is an issue with higher bit-rate files and it is not something that...
  16. H

    Apple Magic Keyboard not fit for purpose, due to extreme vulnerability to water damage

    In this post I will argue that the aluminum Apple Magic Keyboard is flawed and not fit for purpose. This is because if the tiniest drop of water is spilt onto the keyboard, or if you try to clean the Magic Keyboard with a damp cleaning cloth, this will often instantly and permanently destroy the...
  17. A

    Question SOLVED (thanks for responding): Extremely quiet Denon AVR-3803. both speakers and headphones

    Would someone help me figure out what's going on? I just picked this up. I usually don't have trouble setting up receivers. Before I figured out how to do the "factory reset" (holding the Zone 2 and Pure Direct buttons simultaneously while manually powering up the unit), the audio was leaking...
  18. dbug

    Extreme budget tv under £400

    Just bought new main tv Samsung KS800 which i love, now need to buy a tv for my manhut. Looking for a 40" max, LED, mainly for watching sports in HD on sky Q. Happy if its a slightly older model. £400 top end budget Reason for low budget is that it may get damaged, stolen, beer spilled on in the...
  19. T

    JVC RS 46 extreme screen flickering

    Please help. My first post here. So I purchased a used JVC rs46 and it was working fine for a month. I noticed that there was a slight flicker in the brightness so after searching I thought it was the issue with the bulb filament that needed to be run on high for a while to attempt to correct...
  20. Draconia

    Extremely powerful HT Subwoofer options.

    Cliffnotes to avoid the wall of text below: Subwoofers only ; I have most of the high end figured out - i may need a little more in the Mids but I'll worry about that after I get the subs replaced. 400 sq foot room - I want 130+db of volume that can go down to 16hrz (music / orchestra / sci fi...
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