1. N

    Cat Cable and HDBT Extender recommendation

    Can anyone recommend a cat cable to use with an HDBT extender for future proofing FOA A 20M run going from inside to outside then back in again in some form of truncking. I have read somewhere that the HDBT is in current version 3.0, I am not after just a named device but a working solution...
  2. jlai928

    2 pin female and male extender? Sony HTS 20 system wires

    I want to extend my l and r speaker wires and I can't find any adaptors or extensions for the head. Anyone know where I can get a connector for this?
  3. D

    USB extender over LAN with 4 USB outputs

    I just bought from Amazon a USB extender to use via network cable and I was a bit baffled by what I received. The input end has one USB port but the output has 4 USB ports. How can this be. USB is a bidirectional protocol.
  4. M

    TP-Link AV600 Powerline Wi-Fi Extender TL-WPA4220 kit

    Hi All, I have a Sky Router which has an internet speed (when measured with a broadbandchecker) at the router is around 50MB I have a TP-Link AV600 Powerline Wi-Fi Extender TL-WPA4220 kit which has the following specs:- HomePlug AV2 Standard - Provides fast powerline transfer speeds of up to...
  5. M

    HDMI Extender

    Hello. Wasn't sure which area to post. I have run a few cat 6 and a fiber to each of my tv's. I'm going ot have my cable boxes in one location at my head end. So I'm only concerned with extending the HDMI for my cable boxes( watching tv), not sure what else I'd need to extend for as most other...
  6. S

    Musiccast & WiFi Extender Issue

    Hi Everyone, I've had a search through the forum and can't find a similar thread so here we go. The problem: One musiccast speaker (WX-021) connected wirelessly to a TP-Link AV600 immediately fails after set up. I can set it up perfectly happily via the musiccast app, but soon after set up...
  7. D

    Cat5e to HDMI extender supporting 4K and Sky Q

    Apologies if this has already been posted before, I’m a newbie to forums ! I have a new build house with fibre to premises. I want to have SKY Q Box installed in cupboard at door which houses electrics etc. There is 1 x rj45 socket in the cupboard and 1 x rj45 socket behind the tv with a...
  8. B

    HDMI Extender Camera Feed Problem

    Hello All, I am in the process of testing a Black Magic ATEM mini pro with a camera feed through a Cat6 Ethernet patchbay with Ethernet to HDMI 1.3 extenders (I am within the operating 50m range of the extenders). When I connect the camera directly to the ATEM the feed is fine, but when I...
  9. B

    Wi-fi extender for the garden

    Hi All. I have some Wi-fi lights in the garden (8 in total) but no matter what I try I cannot get them all to connect to my internet. I can get roughly 5 out of 8. I have the full works with BT. They have sent two engineers, I’m on a third hub and have 3 discs. At the rear of my house I have...
  10. BlindBloke

    HDMI Extender Choice

    Hi, first post - yay. I'm looking to help a family member with fault finding a problem with an existing system. It's quite a simple system, CCTV NVR displays its HDMI signal to a domestic TV. The current setup, NVR -> passive HDMI / twin ethernet extender kit -> TV. This setup has failed and...
  11. cHGO16Sd

    HDMI+USB Extender over Cat6 - Challenges with Wireless dongles

    Hi everyone, I have a setup with Multiple HDMI Extenders (4KEX100-KVM-H2) extending my screens which are 3840 x 1080 and 4K into different monitors. The setup works great and without any latency. I currently face 2 related Challenges 1. Connecting a wireless game controller I want to connect...
  12. F

    HDMI or DVI over ethernet?

    Could I use a passive DVI over an ethernet extender for an HDMI output if I convert the HDMI at the source, to DVI via a simple adapter first? I ask because I do not want to power the HDMI over the ethernet TX device (There is nowhere to provide power and I will not use the Sync power for EDID)...
  13. J

    Using a 5M active USB extender cable between my machine and a USB docking hub (with lots of stuff plugged into it).

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone can advise on the safety of below - Issue - my macbook has a loud and noisy fan that goes off like a car engine at any opportunity. I use an external condensor mic for recording and conference calls and this compromises quality and creates a lot of noise. Solution...
  14. jont

    Multiple IR extender leads for Harmony Hub

    I would like to control all my devices in the tack by IR from my Harmony Hub ... anyone got/used any 1>6 sized leads that would plug in rather than the 1>2 supplied ? ... shame there's only one socket ... I know it's a blaster built in but I can't position it in a way to easily control...
  15. T

    Marantz PM7000N IR Extender - who makes them?

    Hi all, Following up from my previous post requesting advice on upgrading my Chromecast-Topping D50-Marantz PM7200-Kef Q350-Rel TZero setup (see New amp for Q350/Rel Kitchen setup? ), i went for a PM7000n, which has simplified the setup, and offered some improvements in sound to boot....not...
  16. A

    VM - Wi-Fi extender / Access point?

    Hello, We currently have a Virgin Media Super-Hub, but am looking to extend Wi-Fi coverage to a small building / man-cave in our garden that contains a TV etc. Initial approach is to hard wire (via a Cat 5 cable) from the virgin router in the house across and direct into a Smart TV. However we...
  17. Coco0202

    HDMI HDBaseT Extender Issue

    Hi all, I recently have a HDMI 2.0 HDbaseT extender. Initially things look excellent. Plug everything together and bam, image comes up, PC recognises the TV, surround sound streams picked up by the amplifier, keyboard and mouse input sent back to the computer with very minimal lag. After a few...
  18. B

    Wi-Fi - Second Hub

    Hi all. Forgive me if I’m posting this thread in the wrong place. Im still getting to grips with how this site works. I’m far from being gifted with technical knowledge, so this may be a very simple issue to some. A relative has bought a house not long back and are considering converting the...
  19. Evokazz

    WIFI Range Extender Confusion!

    Hiya guys, I have my router downstairs and the connection upstairs at the rear of the house has always been a bit iffy, but usable. However now my kids are getting older they both have a tablet and play games like Roblox etc with each other, when playing it's fine until they come into their...
  20. S

    Outdoor Wifi Extender

    Hi, am looking at extending my wifi to receive a strong signal to run a firestick on a tv in a newly built gazebo. am looking at probably 100-150ft from where i can place the extender to the gazebo. am currently on virgin media m200 broadband with the superhub 3 and. seen the tp link N300...
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