Extender may refer to:
DOS extender, a technology for bypassing the limitations of the DOS operating systems family
Extender (ink), a transparent material added to printing inks
KC-10 Extender, an air-to-air tanker aircraft
Meat extenders
Media extender
Seafood extender or Surimi
Tele extender, a secondary lens for SLR cameras
Quickdraw or extender, a piece of climbing equipment used by rock and ice climbers to allow the climbing rope to run freely through bolt anchors or other protection while leading,
Extender (set theory)

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  1. J

    WiFi Problem..Replace extender or add another?

    Hello. I have a Fritz!Box 7530 Router in my front upstairs study which serves my adjacent PC, and a Netgear EX6100 Extender in a back bedroom which gives a decent connection of 2 and 5Ghz( far better than any other location) to my ipad tablet used in my single story extension at the back of my...
  2. H

    Question RT-AX86U Pro and WiFi extender/Mesh system.

    I'm looking for some wifi extenders / Mesh system to work with my RT-AX86U Pro router. It's a 4 bedroom house with an outside room at the bottom of the garden. I've seen these RP-AX56|Range Extenders|ASUS United Kingdom anyone used these ? Probably look at getting 2 or 3. Maybe a mesh system...
  3. Preacher

    PC as Wi-Fi 6 extender

    I have a Pico 4 and a wi-fi 5 router/modem, I am getting a solid 866 Mbps in Virtual Desktop, I bought a TP link AX 10 wi-fi router to use as an extender to give me wi-fi 6 for the Pico, but it kept fluctuating from 73Mbps to 1200 Mbps back to 500, 130, 1080, 700, and so on. This was causing bad...
  4. LFC Jon

    Question TP-Link AC1750 (RE450) Range extender. Good or Bad?

    Has anyone used the TP-Link AC1750 (re450) WiFi range extender. Can you recommend it. This one gets good reviews but I would like your opion on it or if you have any other recommendations on a similar product.
  5. bkkbar

    HDMI Ethernet Extender and HDCP

    Hi All, Searched a bit on the thread but would like to(hopefully) rule out some of my setup problems before problem solving. I have a bar with many TVs displaying content from a Set Top Box, this carries HDCP protection. I have found a HDMI splitter that bypasses the HDCP. I then have a HDMI...
  6. ItzMar

    Using RuiPro Fibre cable with HDMI extender

    I use a HDMI extender in the back of my GPU from UGREEN for any temporary/secondary displays. Its served me well for second monitor or when dragging a 6m cable over from a nearby TV and helps me plug anything in without having to reach the actual port on the back of my main PC. Ive got a...
  7. sep8001

    IR Extender for Sonos Playbar

    Hi A friend has had to place his sonos Playbar behind the TV and is now unable to control it via the remote. What options are there to be able to control the Sonos Playbar via a remote please. Some pictures attached, showing placement and the cable that came with his TV. Thank you for your help.
  8. thekilljoy

    Range Extender

    Doing a speed check on my Virgin Router by direct cable connection I get 270Mbps but when I check what i am getting from a range extender I get 25 Mbps. The router is plugged into a virgin extender and at the other end I have an old extender, I assume that I should replace the old one and my...
  9. terencejames

    WiFi Extender for Sky Q Mini Box

    My Father in law has a Sky Q Mini box in his conservatory that really struggles to pick up a solid wifi signal. I've had a word with Sky but they won't offer wifi boosters because my FIL is on the basic broadband package. I'm thinking that sticking a couple of wifi boosters in would solve the...
  10. D

    TLWA850RE Range Extender

    if you look at the picture circle in yellow are there supposed to be lights on thanks
  11. DaddyR

    WiFi extender for Blink camera - simple to install and use

    Classic Sunday morning call with my 80 year old dad this morning. There has been a prowler in the neighborhood and his neighbour's security camera spotted the prowler trying car doors. Dad has now bought 3 Blink cameras, one for the front of the house, 2 for the side/rear. That's fine, seems a...
  12. R

    Wi-fi booster / extender for Smart TV

    I've just bought a Smart TV to use in an upstairs room which I want to connect by ethernet to some kind of wi-fi booster / extender. If I got something like this and connected it by ethernet to the TV, would it be likely to give me a decent signal...
  13. L

    Infrared Remote Control Extender Via RS232

    I have a 10 year old Plasma. There’s an RS232 Jack in the rear and I have an extender / booster that the Jack plugs into. However, nowhere in the manual does it give instructions on how to take advantage of it. I can’t find anything in the menu system and of course Pana does not have support...
  14. G

    HDMI over CAT5 extender - help please!

    Hello I'm a teacher and I'm doing a set up for a school play which takes place in a few weeks. We're upgrading some of the AV cabling. I'm struggling to get a signal for a 60 MTR run when using HDMI over a CAT 5 extender. Nothing from Amazing is working over a 40 MTR run. Can anyone...
  15. lg c2 vesa extender

    Hi I just installed my lg c2 sanus bracket, upon installation after watching the tv i feel its a little bit too high, is there any vesa extenders i can buy or even diy metal brackets i can use to extend the vesa to lower the tv height? i feel if i extend the top of the sanus bracket i could...
  16. A

    HDMI Extender Over Coax

    My HDMI extender which has been working flawlessly over the past two years to feed my bedroom TV has died and I can't find a suitable replacement. The replacement has to work over coax and be able to handle 1080i from my Sky+ box. The failed unit was configurable for 1080i and 1080p but all the...
  17. D

    Using HDMI extender over Powerline adapters

    I currently make use of HDMI extenders which work over a regular network using TCP/IP. I am trying to do the same via a powerline adapter and it doesn't work. I can connect the HDMI transmitter and receiver boxes with an ethernet cable that goes via a switch successfully, to show it doesn't need...
  18. Scott Wright

    Bargain Expired TP-Link AC1200 Wi-Fi Range Extender Reduced from £34.99 to £23.99

    TP-Link AC1200 Mesh Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender, Broadband/Wi-Fi Extender, Wi-Fi Booster/Hotspot with 1 Ethernet Port, Built-In Access Point Mode, Works with Any Wi-Fi Router, UK Plug (RE330) Will update this post when the deal has expired. If you find this kind of bargain post useful...
  19. amardilo

    Range Extender or Extra Node for AiMesh

    I have an ASUS AiMesh network (setup as ethernet backhaul only) and it works fine in my home but my wireless doorbell and outdoor wireless security cameras don't have the strongest WIFI signal so I would like to try and boost the signal to them. Could I use WIFI extenders to boost the signal...
  20. J

    Virgin wifi extender - confused

    We have virgin. We have extended the house and I needed WiFi for my office. Got a guy who came and extended the cable into the room and it now has a small box with ports. I can use Ethernet cables to connect my laptop and TV to the box and works fine. However my wife now wants internet...
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