1. B

    Question Expand storage capacity ?

    Hi I have a QNAP TS 451+ 8GB NAS with four 6TB HDD configured in a RAID. Unvelievably , Im almost out of storage space and am looking for options. 1. Stuff an old PC full of HDD and back up the NAS , however this is not really addressing all of my issues. 2. replace all 4 of my HDD in the NAS...
  2. Garrett

    World of Warcraft : Shadowlands (The 8th Expansion)

    Next expansion to be called Shadowlands and the level cap to be smashed down to 60 and the present cap squashed to 50. I can't say I like the idea even in the day of original game the cap was 60. There saying it's now taking a long time to level chars up from scratch but personally enjoyed the...
  3. zantarous

    Question Synology DX517 expansion

    About a year ago the good folks on this forum helped me select a DS918+ NAS, and it has honestly been a piece of tech that I have ever bought, its been used everyday and has just got better and better as I have started to use it for more and more. I have the current unit fitted with 2x 8TB...
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