1. P

    A man who wants to lose fat and was previously an avid gamer of computer games

    Hello, I am here to ask you for help. It's been about 5 years since I stopped playing computer games and became interested in a healthy lifestyle. I lost weight and gained muscle mass. However, one problem remained. Because I used to live in a sedentary way, I gained weight, so my body learned...
  2. Spiderpig

    My Couch to 5K Journey

    Three years ago, I was couch potato and very overweight. I used to get out of breath and ache walking up a moderate hill, I used to "feel" even going upstairs. My waistline was steadily increasing as was my self-loathing at seeing photos of myself. At the point at which I was buying 40"...
  3. D

    Hi!I’m new here

    Hi I am new to avforums and I am new to this discussion of health and fitness I am very motivated in having better health and getting in shape and feeling healthier I will be posting my progress on here
  4. Kirbo

    What motivate you to exercise?

    Hello, everyone Currently, My team and I are working on an application project that aims to help motivate others to exercise more. So we would like to know what's keeping you motivated or what restrain you from exercising. If you are free and interested in sharing an opinion you on do so in...
  5. R

    Would an unfit person burn more calories running the same distance and speed as someone who is very fit and athletic?

    Bit of a random question but in my mind... the unfit person would lose more calories... can someone confirm or deny this? :) thanks
  6. mhussain

    Survey on fitness of the general public in the UK

    The following questions are designed to help me understand the fitness of the general public in the UK. This will provide an insight for my A level Psychology Coursework. All results will be kept anonymous. By completing this questionnaire, it is assumed that consent has been given. You will...
  7. D

    Discosize. Need your opinions!!

    After the lockdown, I am hoping to start an exercise class focused around Disco dance - not Zumba, Aerobics etc, but a class concentrating on fitness through the enjoyment of dance, and I would value your opinions on this. What do you look for in exercise? What would you like to get from a dance...
  8. michellen303

    How to be active when you work in an office

    I'm sure a lot of you have seen in the news recently that working in an office is really bad for your health because it involves sitting down for long stretches of time. I've seen some suggestions on how to incorporate physical activity into your working day, e.g. taking walks on lunch breaks...
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