1. B

    Philips OLED936 Exchange for 807

    Picture Quaility on 936 model is amazing, TV has everything i need, until my bubble was burst when i heard the news 936 wont get VRR fix 2 months after my purchase, then later i found out, TV cant even do True 4K120Hz without vertical resolution reduction, Thats without VRR on! after contacting...
  2. S

    CX - Much talked about OLED Grid issue - worth it trying to get an exchange?

    Hi! I've had my LG CX since July last year, and I noticed right away the much talked about horizontal lines noticeable in mainly HDR content. Now obviously this issue isn't present at all time, but rather in white or otherwise light backgrounds, and especially in HDR. They're many. I'm still...
  3. A

    SD card connector/adapter to facilitate data exchange

    Hi, Following my previous thread (link), I was wondering if there is a connector or adaptor which would make it easier to physically eject and insert the SD card. In my case, I would need to switch the SD card almost daily between my two computers, and I thought there might be a device to...
  4. A

    SD card to regularly exchange data

    Hi all, I am planning to buy an second computer, in addition to my main main computer at home. The second computer should stay at my boy friend's apartment. Due to this, I would like to avoid always carrying my computer to my boy friend's apartment. For all data which is not stored on a...
  5. Yorkshire AV

    Yorkshire AV - part exchange, ex-demo and open box units

    This thread will be kept up to date with current part exchange, ex-display and open box units. All prices include shipping with DPD though collection is welcome, as are any demos in our Yorkshire based showroom.
  6. P

    Should I exchange this LG C1? Uniformity issue

    Hi all, I recently purchased an LG C1, and I am still in my window to exchange it with Best Buy. There seems to be blue tint on the left and right sides of the screen, with yellow tint in the middle. I noticed it immediately when I went to Google something on the TV. The tint is noticeable...
  7. N

    Sony TV exchange under warranty

    Hello, I was wondering if someone can help with the following as I don’t know a great deal about televisions when comparing different ranges and what to look for. Sony replaced my TV under warranty a while back. Original purchase - KD-65XE7093 Under warranty they replaced with the...
  8. Spoonablehippo

    AVForum Stadia Friend Exchange

    Thought I better get one of these going lol If you want to add your name to the list, please do so using the format below. AVF Username | Stadia Name Forum Name | Stadia Name @Spoonablehippo | Spoonablehippo#1633 @BMox81 | BMox81#8271 @Timalay | Timalay#9598
  9. P

    Best 49" TV available?

    Hi all, returning noob here. I've got a CAPEX signed off by the boss on a new TV (in exchange for fitted wardrobes, water-softner and handbag - I need new negotiating skills too I think). There is just one criteria, it has to fit a 110cm alcove. This restricts the choice to a 49" right? The...
  10. deadlydave90

    any have experience with hisense repair

    hi i have a hisense 75m7900 has a fault sent pics have my details passed to a local ish reair company via hisense ,under the email it has Service Type: TRADE do they just exchange ? i would guess its a faulty panel anyone know ? as out of all the tvs i have had in the last 7 years none have ever...
  11. S

    FLAC exchange

    After ripping 600 CDs to FLAC,on a NAS and backed up to a HD.Someone asked me if they could do a FLAC exchange their collection for mine.Just by doing a large USB stick swap. Is this legal or is it classed as distributing ?
  12. S

    Keep Sony 930e or exchange for lg OLED b6

    I know this gets talked about a lot but I just bought the 65 sony 930e and was thinking if it’s worth it to exchange for the 65 lg OLED b6. I mainly game, stream and watch 4K discs. There is some cable here and there but not alot. The main thing I do is game so that’s a big factor for me. Input...
  13. TheBunkDontSwim

    COD WW2 PSN Exchange

    Thought we could do with a thread to compile a list of people playing so we can can team up :thumbsup: Ill put them all in the second post to make things easier.
  14. DLxP

    Question Anywhere to part exchange projector for TV?

    A bit of a longshot, but I wondered whether the AVF hive mind might assist. Does anyone know anywhere one could trade in a projector in part ex towards a Sony 75XE90 or 75XE94? I've just bought a projector (about a month old) and, due to a surprise house move, can no longer accommodate it...
  15. M

    John lewis Exchange

    After 2 months of getting no where with a repair with my Hisense 55m7000 tv, finally been told i can have a replacement from JL. Here are the options, please could you recommend please. (Also i can pay extra for better TV) LG 55UJ635V LED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart £0 Hisense H55N6800 ULED HDR 4K...
  16. C

    Question Peter Tyson Part Exchange

    Hi All I'm looking to update my receiver to the newly released Denon x2400H. Ive currently got a Denon 2313, its boxed with all accessories. They have offered £120 for my old receiver, a bit miffed but seems like a very easy no hassle swap. I need something that's 4k now, and the new x2400...
  17. tadek

    CEX Exchange - Parents Beware

    Shockingly arrogant & rude service. Sold faulty goods to an 11 year old boy, then refused to give him a refund when he returned to store 24 hours later. When challenged they then offered £2 trade in for an item that they sold the poor boy for £10. A tough life experience for an honest young...
  18. DrPhil

    Currency exchange

    I'm about to change a big amount of euro to sterling, around €25k. Usually I change about £1k a month the other direction as I work in Northern Ireland but live in the South. Is currencyfair still the best option? Given last night's election carry on the pound has nose dived so no better time...
  19. Tetlee

    Where best to exchange dollars?

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend where best to go to exchange a fairly substantial amount of dollars into pounds please. I've made the mistake of exchanging in banks in the past and folk telling me after that's the worst place to go for exchange, but the post office looks pretty poor and not sure...
  20. Dorsa

    Question TV Exchange, but dilemma.

    Hi, I had / have a Hisense 65M7000, but it developed a non serviceable fault. I have an exchange underway with John Lewis and they have asked if I would like the same TV again or a Different one. Now the Dilemma is that the M7000 is a good tv but with 2 really annoying issues, it has orange...
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