1. S

    All day everyday IEM recommendation?

    I'm looking for an all day everyday IEM. One which i can wear during work listening to Zoom, music or a stream and then use for gaming in the evening. Music wise I listen mostly to drum and bass, electronic and the like - occassionaly go through phases of listening to the entire catalogue of...
  2. D

    Question Newbie here. Are UST projectors good enough now to replace a tv for casual everyday use? How about with ambient sunlight?

    Hi all. I recently moved to a loft that has these great high vaulted ceilings and thought this would be perfect for a projector. I'm especially intrigued by the two new UST laser projectors that Samsung came out with this year, they seem to have a really nice UI. A potential annoyance comes into...
  3. barnaby jones

    Everyday Parenting Tips (2022) Ryan Reynolds

    Phillip Lord and Chris Miller are writing and producing a new vehicle for Ryan Reynolds. https://variety.com/2020/film/news/ryan-reynolds-everyday-parenting-tips-monster-comedy-1234726499/
  4. AVRAG

    Question New Rig Help and Advice Needed Please

    Hi all. I'm currently running a modest set up I built 10 years ago that was good enough to play The Old Republic. Since then, I am 99% of my time a console gamer. However, I do like to go on PC now and then to browse and I like to dip in and out of the odd indy game and occasionally, The Old...
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