1. K

    Quick time events

    Hi guys, I'm relatively new to the PS4. I've played Uncharted 1 and 4 and The Lost Legacy and completed them, with the help of youtube of course, Wanting a change I recently bought Tomb raider 2013 but I've run into trouble, I've only played it for an hour but it seems to be full of quick time...
  2. jamiev

    Projector for community group presentations, charity events and possibly home cinema?

    Hi all, i'm looking for a projector that can do both presentation evenings and charity events such as presenting horse racing but can also do some decent home cinema. The throw is about 8 foot and we want the biggest screen possible really. Budget is around £1k. Thanks
  3. B

    Which camcorder to live stream events?

    So last weekend I helped out on a project to live stream to social media a tennis tournament. It was fun and the software Vimeo live stream was really easy to use. So I'd like to try this myself. So which camcorders would suffice and also be able to have multiple microphones attached...
  4. Stuart Wright

    I agree with delaying reopening from June 21 at least for nightclubs which will be superspreader events

    Covid: Lockdown easing in England to be delayed by four weeks While I want the lockdown to end ASAP, it seems crazy to me that they would open nightclubs when virtually no young people have been vaccinated. My kids, 21 and 19 will be right out there enjoying themselves as soon as they can and...
  5. D

    Small events after June

    I cancelled a small birthday last June and been looking to rearrange. I tried last summer cases were low and I switched from a pub to a bowling green however live music was banned in Scotland and the guest numbers never increased. This summer 50 guests are allowed so should I look to have it...
  6. raven219

    Outdoor light - triggered by two events

    Hi I have a standard outdoor light that I would like to automate. I would like the light to know when it is dark and then set a geofence round our home. The outcome I am looking for is that light will come when any 1 of 3 phones enter the geofence and it is dark. The light won't turn when...
  7. R

    Hikvision: events: playback, view, search - just doesn't work

    Issues with events not working. Setup is: 1x Hikvision Acusense DS-2CD2386G2-ISU/SL IP Camera 8MP 4K With Audible Warning & Strobe Turret Network Camera. Firmware v5.5.131 Fitted with: SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-I Memory Card 256GB No NVR iVMS-4200 client software v3.3.1.8 No cloud...
  8. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Philips online events to replace IFA 2020 attendance

    Philips has released an official statement explaining it will not be attending IFA 2020 and will instead be presenting new product releases via a series of online events. Read the news.
  9. Lostsoul 301281

    Events getting cancelled. Confirmed and speculation.

    I’ve just seen that this year E3 has been officially cancelled. The ESA put out a statement I’m starting to wonder what else will get cancelled. There’s quite a few coming up this year, including gigs, festivals, MCM and LFCC comic cons, gaming expos such as EGX and EGX Rezzed. Anyone...
  10. D

    BT Sport enhanced video player for UFC events

    " BT Sport has announced the integration of the BT Sport enhanced video player for UFC events. Viewers can now watch full event replays immediately after the live broadcast. Offering instant, spoiler-free replays and an interactive timeline to enjoy the fights as they happen, the enhanced...
  11. D

    Any feedback on HikVision Acusense smart motion detection events?

    Hi, I'm interested in the Hikvision EasyIP 4.0 cameras with Acusense, specifically the model DS-2CD2346G1-I. I have searched around but haven't found any user feedback or reviews of the performance of the Acusense "smart" motion detection. They claim: The videos look cool: Does anyone have...
  12. Sonic67

    Your "likes"

    Man fined by Swiss court for 'liking' defamatory comments on Facebook Be careful what you like.
  13. Harkon321

    Can you record Pay per View events on Virgin Tivo box?

    I've paid for the Mayweather Mcgregor fight. I know that it is aired at midnight and then repeated the next day at 10am and 5pm. Is it possible to record the event on the Tivo box or are my only options the times above? Thanks
  14. Winky

    What Do You Know About Recent Events In Antarctica?

    Besides the penguins and warmer climate than usual there, something else seems to be happening. I've read all kinds of crazy things. Many important world leaders have recently visited there. According to some sources, the ice melt has revealed an ancient civilization. Some say more advanced...
  15. waring192

    Question Simple wifi calendar for elderly that shows upcoming events etc

    So I bought my grandma a clock from amazon for people with dementia (which she doesn't really, just old age) and its fantastic. Screen about the size of a iPad and cost about £15/$18. Simple black background with the date, day (written like Monday, Tuesday etc). I'm looking for something...
  16. E

    Brexit - Events after the triggering of Article 50

    This BBC article makes interesting reading: Brexit could place 'huge burden' on Parliament - BBC News The article deals with the additional burden parliament faces scrutinising many new Brexit bills and associated legislation. This means some local stuff might have to take a back seat. As the...
  17. swayzak

    What sort of price drop is seen after big tech events e.g. CES 2017 ?

    Hello I'm torturing myself over whether to upgrade from my 4 year old HD Sony 55 HX853 to an LG OLED55E6V (currently £2499 at Richer Sounds, with 6 year warranty). I assume this price may well go up again after tonight (end of Black Friday weekend). However I gather there is a big tech event...
  18. M

    KEF Audio UK Event Forum

    If you want to find a store local to you, take a look here. Want to keep up to date with not only our Events but KEF offers too? Then take a look at our News and Events page, here. Get updates sent straight to your inbox with our Subscriber-only newsletter; KEFTalk. You can sign up here! KEF...
  19. cebs_uk

    Signing Events , stores, centres and events

    Just saw an apperance by Peter Hamilton at a FP, listed on their latest flyer for their London branch. Prompted me to look at his own website to see if a tour was announced and while not on his owns site, it is on the waterstones page. Sure I have signed up for their emails and listed him as...
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