1. Z

    Next PlayStation Event, TBC

    Let the speculation commence. I’m going with August 27th as the date- opening night of Gamescom. Full on conference-style event. Price and launch date to be revealed.
  2. Z

    The Future of Gaming on PS5: 11th June 9:00pm UK time [Live Stream link in OP]

    What: https://blog.playstation.com/2020/06/08/updated-time-this-thursday-see-the-future-of-gaming-on-ps5/ When: Thursday 11th June 2020 UK/Ire: 9pm BST North America: 1pm PDT / 2pm MDT / 3pm CDT / 4pm EDT Europe: 10pm CEST / 11pm EEST Asia/Oceania: 5am JST / 4am AWST / 6am AEST Duration...
  3. Spoonablehippo

    Google Stadia Connect Event: TODAY (28/4/30) @ 5pm GMT

    Watch via YouTube here: Stadia New games announcements and rumoured price drop of Stadia Premier Edition bundle to £99! (But take that with a pinch of salt for now)
  4. L

    Question Does this projector even exist?

    Hi everyone, New to this forum and in need of advice. I've been tasked with creating an event at my work, in a stately home. The theme is a masked ball, but the majority of costumes with be displayed on mannequins. I need to create an atmosphere with a sense of movement...
  5. CanoePolo

    Set up for 4 Live Streaming Cameras for Sports event

    Hi I'm planning on setting up a live stream for a large sporting event. We would like to provide 4 static cameras on individual youtube streams. All I have so far is running Cat6 to a computer and somehow connecting to 4 IP cameras (probably HD-IP Mini Bullet Camera 4MP, IR 15m, POE) with...
  6. Promoted Content Poster

    Promoted Invitation to join Cello for their QLED reveal event in London on Tues 11th Sept ‘18

    AVForums readers are invited to join a QLED reveal event in London on Tuesday 11th September. Space is limited so RSVP to secure your place. Cello is Britain’s best kept secret! We’re not just the only TV manufacturer based in the UK, but we are also a successful business with revenues of over...

    Nottingham EV Event Fri 29th and Sat 30th June

    Just a heads up for anyone in the Midlands with an interest in EVs Friday 29th and Sat 30th June, Nottingham City Council are holding an EV event in the Market Square (Outside the Council House) in the City Centre, There will be Celebrity Guests giving talks about the EV experience (Mark...
  8. L

    No Event Information Problem

    I was just wondering if anyone on here had this problem.When I press the guide button on the remote there are a lot of channels which have the message No Event Information.So in order to watch a program on one of these channels I have to do a digital retune which temporarily solves the...
  9. David Briggs

    Some HD channels missing after Retune Event

    Today is the 7th of March and I have been seeing warnings about today's Freeview retune event. I have done a full retune on the LG HD TV and a "Smart" retune on the Humax FVP recorder. The latter preserves the recording schedule. Afterwards, neither TV nor recorder can see BBC News HD on 107...
  10. P

    Question What's the best way to build a video wall for my event?

    Hi everyone, please excuse my lack of knowledge about AV. I am currently planning an event which will be held after one year. There will be a lot of activities during the event and therefore I'd like to have 4 video walls in the middle of the venue. The venue is quite large so each...
  11. sebbykin

    Blade Runner Fan Event

    Interlinked Within cells Interlinked Blade Runner Fan Event coming to the U.K for the first time in 2019. From Dangerous Days Twitter feed. :clap::clap: Interlinked Within cells Interlinked.....
  12. maxious

    Best 4Player PS4 games

    me and my boys are doing a gaming weekend at the EXP leisure venue in London. Their are a lot of things going on from board games to VR. But I'm working with a small network of 4 PS4 consoles. and I'm wondering what would be the best games to put on these. I'm making a list of games to put on...
  13. Timbo21

    Question "Next Event" Banner - How to get rid of?

    Hope someone can help. My parents have just bought a TX-32DS500B TV. They are getting a "Next Event" banner that keeps coming up 30 mins before a program along with with a beeping noise. Please, how do they turn it off? I cannot find any mention of it in the manual. Many thanks, Tim
  14. TheBlueBrazil

    'Best' way to stream an event to a number of people?

    Hi, I'm attending a sporting event at the end of the month in Germany and as one of the only parents going I was hoping to live stream the individual fights so those back in the UK who want to watch it live can do so. The amount of data it will take isn't a problem although I don't need to...
  15. Member 518284

    Ideal AV launch RBH Speakers

    its Ideal AV's forum event time and quite a few new toys and systems to listen to, Saturday 28th September is planned to please register your interest in this thread if you are wanting to attend First up are the fantastic and i mean fantastic amplifiers from Amplifier Technologies On demo in...
  16. JonnyTester

    I need to sell an event ticket. Best place to list it?

    I have a spare ticket for an upcoming concert in Belfast, as my wife will be visiting a friend in Edinburgh on the same day now. But I've never sold an event ticket before and I'm having some problems doing so now. I know all ticket resale sites have a bad rep, but I'm not trying to make a...
  17. I

    Switch event opinions

    Got to play the switch at the Manchester event today - thought I'd report back seeing as I only saw the event thanks to this forum. The event itself was very well run. They didn't overbook it so queuing was at a minimum, which was good as it was a fairly small room. Basically if you were careful...
  18. KEF Audio UK

    KEF Audio UK Event Forum

    If you want to find a store local to you, take a look here. Want to keep up to date with not only our Events but KEF offers too? Then take a look at our News and Events page, here. Get updates sent straight to your inbox with our Subscriber-only newsletter; KEFTalk. You can sign up here! KEF...
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