1. R

    Anyone tried using a Ethernet adaptor to the U8H USB 3.0 port?

    Anyone tried using a gigabit Ethernet adaptor with the U8H USB port? I'm trying to find out if it's compatible before purchasing. Using on 2.0 can provide 250mps but 3.0 over 500mps. Referencing Vincent Theo's YT application. How to Turbo-Boost Your TV's Internet Connection Speed (Works on LG &...
  2. DanJD

    USB Gigabit Ethernet Compatible with Google TV

    Hi, Can anyone recommend any USB 3 Gigabit Ethernet adaptors that are compatible with Google TV?
  3. beachboy

    Ethernet Port on AV Receiver

    Hi all, I was wondering if the Ethernet Port on a AV Receiver would be able to take in AV data from my PC on which I have my Plex Media server installed and Upscale to 4K through HDMI to my TV? if yes, does anyone know of a not too expensive receiver brand with this capability in the $3-400...
  4. P

    Splitting ethernet cable to firestick and LG C1 problems.

    Hi Complete newbie here so go easy if this question is a bit stupid. I hardwired my LG C1 to my router (virgin). Everything was fine,but I also wanted to hard wire my firestick the same TV. I used an ethernet splitter to do this but the TV only recognises the firestick is hardwired and the...
  5. Dec1973

    Ethernet drop prices looking for advice.

    Looking to get a few drops on a newly build house. Does anyone roughly got an idea how much is the going rate just outside central London? What would I expect per drop normally is added to the price and is that only for terminating both ends and check for continuity? I’m thinking a few Ceiling...
  6. I

    Tenda nova MW3 ethernet connections ethernet

    I am possibly picking up a Tenda nova MW3 mesh router to replace my current wireless setup. My main concern is regarding the secondary node. I haven't found a visual picture of it to know if it has an ethernet jack so that I can attach a wired device to it. I know the main unit does, but not...
  7. KJ Smith

    ethernet cable

    We recently closed our Sky account and switched to Netflix, the TV., in the conservatory is having problems with the Wi Fi, because of the distance, I was wondering if I could use the existing ethernet cable (ex-Sky) to get a better result. A. Connect it directly into the remote TV., B. Buy a Wi...
  8. J

    Help connecting Sky Mini using the Ethernet port of a TP-Link M4 Mesh

    I recently had SkyQ fitted which has been nothing but trouble. I always planned for the Minis to be connected via Twisted Pair but my cabling had problems, so they did it wirelessly with 2 repeaters. This was horrible as I had nothing but trouble and the Repeaters broke my network.. So I fixed...
  9. J

    Sky Q over Ethernet keeps loosing connection and then going back to Wifi

    After finally getting the Ethernet in my house sorted, I decided it was time to move SkyQ over from Wifi to Ethernet. I assumed it would be an easy task but ended up wasting a whole evening. As soon as I put the main (or Mini) boxes to Ethernet they work, but shortly after they report that...
  10. J

    Interconnecting Ethernet switches over a Wifi Mesh?

    I have just moved into a 10 year old house and one of the things I really liked about it was the fact that it was Ethernet wired.. Or atleast I believe it was. In the cupboard there are 6 cables sticking out of the wall with RJ45s terminated in the end.. And in 6 of the rooms there is an...
  11. RobTi

    Have to run Ethernet next to power cable for 3”

    Hi running cat 6 and I have to run it parallel an inch away from the power cable for around 3”, anything I can do or just accept it ? Thanks
  12. MartinTweak

    Anyone using an ethernet splitter to share one line for a Samsung smart tv and the other line for a pc?

    My Neo Qled 43" QN90A will be delivered in a couple days and if use an ethernet splitter to share the same net line with the tv and my pc will it slow down the net speed on the pc? The ethernet is from a ATT Uverse router. PC is a I7-7700 with a Titan RTX video card. Don't really want to use...
  13. L

    B&O Beosound Stage ethernet cable purpose

    I’ve recently got a Beosound Stage soundbar hooked up to my LG CX via eARC. Everything works fine but I’ve been wondering what purpose connecting an ethernet cable between the Stage and CX serves? I’ve tested with the ethernet cable connected and without, and I don’t notice any difference. Can...
  14. AlexC95

    Virgin Gig1 - Some devices often only gettting 100mbps instead of 1000mbps

    Hi folks, firstly I know this may have been discussed/solved before, but my situation is somewhat unique and I am completely out of ideas (bar one which I will be trying shortly). This may be a lengthy post but I'd appreciate if people wouldn't mind reading it all as I want to make sure I don't...
  15. S

    Working USB-Ethernet Adapter for Hisense TVs (U8QF) [or any other TVs]?

    Has anyone got a working USB-Ethernet Adapter for their Hisense TV, specifically 2020 model U8QF? Or any working adapter for other TVs, might even try buying several other just to try if it works. Recently bought Gembird NIC-U3-02 USB-Ethernet Adapter after some users reported that it was...
  16. L

    HDMI over Ethernet Extender Concern for New Projector

    Hello from the States I am in the market to replace an early 2000's Yamaha projector. Currently I am looking at the Epson models. My concern is if I can send 4k content over an ethernet repeater/extender using CAT5 cable. Unfortunately I can't replace the CAT5 with higher level 6 or 7 since...
  17. J

    32" The Frame Art Mode QLED - ethernet port?

    Hi. I'm thinking of purchasing The Frame TV (2021 model - QE32LS03TCUXXU) for my bedroom but I'm seeing conflicting information about whether the included One Connect box for this model has an ethernet port? Can anyone confirm? Or is it luck of the draw? I don't really get reliable WIFI in the...
  18. M

    Recommended USB to Ethernet adapter for Samsung TV The Frame 2019?

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone recommend a USB to Ethernet adapter that works with Samsung TV The Frame 2019? I would like to plug the adapter to one of the USB 2.0 ports on the TV's One Connect Box to increase the TV's internet download speeds. The built-in Ethernet port on the One Connect Box only...
  19. Piscauk

    USB to Ethernet possible?

    Not quite as straightforward as appears. Appreciate there are many adapters to pop an RJ45 to USB connection, but I specifically want the connection below... Android 12 phone -> USB Internet sharing -> ethernet -> PC to provide Internet connection. I don't have admin on the PC to add the USB...
  20. J

    Purchased ASUS AX82U router , need access point to work with it.

    Hi, I bought an ASUS ax82u router today, I also bought for my lounge a TP Link Access Point to work with it also , to work in client mode so I could hardwire to an Ethernet switch in my lounge. The wifi I got was not good and the speed was poor. Could anyone recommend a good access point with...
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