1. nicolaidenmark

    Streaming 4K lossless MKV files from NAS: Ethernet on 9005 too slow!

    Hi all, I have noticed that I'm only getting a max of 60 mbits download from my XE9005 both on WIFI (which is not working post Oreo Update) and Ethernet port. This is insufficient speed for streaming lossless 4K MKV which, as listed by Plex, requires around 130 mbit of through put. How do I go...
  2. stevebk

    Gigabit Ethernet Switch

    Hi all. I am looking at doing away with my WiFi set up and hard wiring it. My sky router is in the hallway, and i am going to run 10 meter cable to my lounge, where I have my tv, sky box, 4k player. I am only doing this because when watching BBC Iplayer 4k it is buffering, and sky downloading...
  3. pantages

    Ethernet issue

    I have two different brand PVR's. They and six other devices are connected to my broadband hub by ethernet cable. The ethernet connection on one of the PVR's is constantly flashing, 24/7, but this is not happening on any other device. What is going on? Any advice, please?
  4. P

    Question New home has 2 ethernet sockets in every room with wires leading back to a central point. What to do with the 2nd connection?

    We've just moved into a new house. The previous owners have wired up the house with Cat 5 (or 6?) cables. Next to every tv point there are 2 ethernet sockets. We've identified that all the cables lead back to a central cupboard which is home to the router point and the tv aerial distribution...
  5. J

    Streamer with Ethernet and toslink

    Hi, I am looking for a streamer that has an Ethernet in and toslink out and has Spotify Connect built in. I don’t t need a DAC as my amp has a good built in DAC. Anybody have any (cheapish) ideas?
  6. M

    Ethernet Wall Module for pre made Ethernet Cable

    Hi all, I, try to find a Ethernet Wall Module for pre made Ethernet Cable , the only one I can find is for bare cables. Can anyone advise anywhere that sell these or if they even exist
  7. M

    Help with CCTV please

    Hi Guys looking for your advice, please. I have a Swann CCTV system (DVR 4-4400) connected to 3 Swann bullet cameras and 1 Swann PTZ Camera. The system was working fine, but during recent home renovations, I decided in conjunction with my electrician to upgrade all the cabling to cat 5E (as...
  8. Rocketrazor

    Question 4K over 15 meters - HDMI, Fibre, Ethernet = one confused consumer

    Hi All, So the lounge is possibly getting decorated which means I might finally be able to get a projector :clap:. Originally was thinking the Sony HW45 at 1080p only but the recent Benq W2700 review has got me thinking about 4K. One issue I have is the distance from the AVR and 4K player and...
  9. bobbymax

    3 Port Ethernet home plugs?

    hope this is the correct forum🙄 I'm wondering if there is such a thing as 3-port (or 4) home plugs? I have two with 2 ports, but need another port. Hope that's clear? 🤔
  10. T

    CAT6 to Projector?

    New to the forum, greetings. So I purchased a home that had a home theater room. Previous owners left 4 surround sound speakers (built in), existing projector mount, and existing wiring to the projector. I purchased a projector (Epson 4010) and 120" screen. What I can't figure out is why the...
  11. J

    Question Co-axial to Ethernet

    Hi all, is there a way to turn coaxial tv cable to Ethernet? As I have a lot of coaxial points not being used Thanks
  12. J

    Question Using installed co axial to Ethernet

    Hi all, Complete newbie here but nowhere that I can find advice. Basically my house is about 6 years old 3 story house, I want to run a few Ethernet wires around the house cause WiFi & powerline just not hacking it. I have co-axial points in the wall throughout the house but I don’t use them...
  13. Splash

    Sky Q disconnecting over wired Ethernet

    Had sky q and 3 minis running for a few years now without any major issues. Recently the boxes have been displaying the ‘you are not connected to a network’ message. It’s intermittent - I’ve tried resetting the connection and no joy. It then just reconnects it’s self after a period of time...
  14. Speed

    Wanted Cheap Raspberry Pi with Ethernet Port

    Hi Guys, Looking for a cheap Raspberry Pi with an Ethernet port. Don't mind if its an older model, as long as its priced well. Thanks, Mark
  15. Venomx999

    Running Ethernet Through a Wall

    Is it possible without drilling a huge hole ? The ex tenants have one already running through the wall but the hole isn't big enough to take the existing cable in/out as I want to replace it I know you can strip the cables and do it manually but it looks way too difficult It is dangerous to...
  16. S

    For Sale CYP HDMI Matrix & Ethernet Distribution System

    As title I am selling a CYP 4 x 4 HDMI matrix distribution system. This allows 4 x inputs & 4 outputs all on HDMI. There are then 3 x sets of HDMI over Ethernet extenders that I used to distribute around to 3 x other zones in the house. The models are as follows: Matrix: CYP OR-HD44E -...
  17. thewiccaman

    Answered why does my lg 55lb561v have an ethernet network connection

    The title says it all really. It's my daughter's tv on loan to me. It is not a smart tv but I just discovered it has an ethernet port so I connected it to my router, tested the network connection & it's connected. Back to my question: but what is the purpose/point of the network connection...
  18. leo79

    For Sale Devolo dLAN 1200+WIFI starter kit with extra 1200+WIFI

    Hi Recently replaced my Devolo powerline kit with a mesh system so I have the following for sale: 1 x Devolo dLAN 1200+ 2 x Devolo dLAN 1200+ WIFI ac These are used and have a couple of paint splats on them. £125 delivered to UK Price and currency: £125 Delivery: Delivery cost is...
  19. miggyboys

    Question NAS/Ethernet streaming v UHD disc playback for the best picture quality

    Is playing a disc in a blu-ray/UHD player better picture quality than streaming the ripped file via ethernet from a NAS. Or are they the same? If you're going to say yes or no, please elaborate on your answer! As well as technical answers, I'm also interested in real world opinions, i.e. if to...
  20. A

    Question Freeview or youview box with ethernet output?

    I'm looking for something that I can plug an aerial into to get Freeview, and which can output over an ethernet cable/HDBaseT? Destination is a monitor some distance away. Some fully featured media hubs might have this functionality, but I'm just looking for a cheap box just for freeview. Any ideas?
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