Ethernet /ˈiːθərnɛt/ is a family of computer networking technologies commonly used in local area networks (LANs) and metropolitan area networks (MANs). It was commercially introduced in 1980 and first standardized in 1983 as IEEE 802.3, and has since been refined to support higher bit rates and longer link distances. Over time, Ethernet has largely replaced competing wired LAN technologies such as token ring, FDDI and ARCNET.
The original 10BASE5 Ethernet uses coaxial cable as a shared medium, while the newer Ethernet variants use twisted pair and fiber optic links in conjunction with hubs or switches. Over the course of its history, Ethernet data transfer rates have been increased from the original 2.94 megabits per second (Mbit/s) to the latest 100 gigabits per second (Gbit/s). The Ethernet standards comprise several wiring and signaling variants of the OSI physical layer in use with Ethernet.
Systems communicating over Ethernet divide a stream of data into shorter pieces called frames. Each frame contains source and destination addresses, and error-checking data so that damaged frames can be detected and discarded; most often, higher-layer protocols trigger retransmission of lost frames. As per the OSI model, Ethernet provides services up to and including the data link layer.
Since its commercial release, Ethernet has retained a good degree of backward compatibility. Features such as the 48-bit MAC address and Ethernet frame format have influenced other networking protocols. The primary alternative for some uses of contemporary LANs is Wi-Fi, a wireless protocol standardized as IEEE 802.11.

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  1. Davey45

    HDMI cable with ethernet

    Hi. I have a Denon AVC-X3800H. The manual says I should use an HDMI cable with Ethernet, but is this really necessary? Thanks David
  2. W

    Wanted Apple TV 4K Wi‑Fi + Ethernet

    Hi there, I'm looking for an Apple TV 4K that has both Wi-Fi and Ethernet if anyone has one they wish to pass on for sale. Thank you.
  3. L

    One Cat 5 Cable

    I have a PC running Windows 10 in Room 1 I have an LG OLED65C9PLA in Room 2 The house has good WiFi. There is a single Cat 5 ethernet cable running between the rooms. No opportunity to run anything else. If I want to watch video files from the PC SSD, on the TV, what is my best option? Thank you...
  4. kota1

    iFi Power and Enhancer Review

    When I finally got my audio components and acoustics dialed in I decided to upgrade my network. Everything I stream whether from my NAS or the internet has to go through the network right? I started by adding an iFi ethernet enhancer between my router and my Dune HD Homatics video streamer. Wow...
  5. GadgetGuru

    Deal Agreed Netgear 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch (GS308EPP) - with 8 x PoE+

    Netgear GS308EPP Network Switch 8 Ports PoE+ 123w Item is brand new and never used - simplified my home network and can't see me ever needing this in the near future. Complete with original power adapter (UK version) as well as packet containing rubber feet and wall mounting screws. Tech Specs ...
  6. adonis

    Question Security cameras with POE

    Hi all, My folks house is getting renovated and am looking at installing some cameras (3/4) around the house. The builder will install ethernet sockets in each room so was looking at using these for the cameras. Are there any decent recommendations for some POE cameras that can be used with the...
  7. C

    HDMI or USB to POE

    HDMI or USB to POE Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I am new here. I have a camera that supports POE and I would like to connect directly from my PC to the camera and I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. The PC has a USB and a HDMI connection. Is there a box I can use...
  8. P

    network packets and config

    Hi any network pros on here that understand how network traffic flows through a network , ill attach a sketch of my current setup , my concern is i have the sky Q master box in the same room as my PC and other devices, my sky q is connected via ethernet all devices are ethernet , the sky q...
  9. killiefan

    Question Ethernet extender

    Help! I’m not an expert, not even close. My router has five ports, one brings the internet in and the other four are connected to various things. Well I now need at least one more. So I’m after an extender. I looked on Amazon, but too much choice and lots of different spec. What I want is...
  10. Joe Pineapples

    Any reason not to buy this ethernet cable?

    Bt router --> netgear 5 port switch --> netgear 5 port switch ----> PC Need 3 cables of varying length, but none more than 6m. Is there any reason not to for this spec (plus .2 shorter lengths)...
  11. sykotik

    Question Ethernet port

    Got the OG ps5 (day one) And lately iv been having disconnection issues , every now again I keep getting a message saying the console has been disconnected!! It can happen once or carry one for a good few minutes, It then seems to sort it self out. Any other device works fine, even my other...
  12. H

    CAT6 cable only 100Mbps over 16 metres?

    Hi, I had 2 CAT6 ethernet cables installed a few years ago, one 10 metres the other 16 metres long. Having just upgraded my broadband to fibre (900Mbps/120Mbps) I was expecting to get 1Gbps connections on both as the distance is well within the spec but only the shorter connects at 1Gbps, the...
  13. tolmasky

    Has anyone gotten HT-A9 ethernet to work?

    I have two HT-A9s, and neither seems to ever recognize the ethernet cable. I've gone through the instructions here [1], but it never seems to recognize the fact that its connected to ethernet, and thus always asks me to join WiFi. All my other devices are connected via ethernet just fine...
  14. athelstan

    Question Ethernet connection for solar edge inverter no longer communicating

    Any help gratefully received. I recently ditched my slow BT internet connection and now have an excellent starlink service which is, so far, very fast and reliable. The only negative is that I lost the ethernet port connections on my old BT home hub. I have fitted the starlink ethernet adapter...
  15. C

    Problems setting up Ethernet house network

    After several years of using a cabled Ethernet video & audio network, now also extended to my bedroom, I started having short signal losses that happen several time in a row, and I can't understand what might be causing it. I do not trust air-waved signals for video streaming, so wifi is not an...
  16. T

    Extending wi fi

    Hi, just after some advise please?? I currently have virgin media, router located in the lounge wi-fi all good👍 but is lost the further you go towards the back of my house, the plug in extenders aren’t great. Can I run a Ethernet cable through the loft and plug into a different router...
  17. Enzo Luka

    Question USB hub via ethernet cable? is that possible?

    Hi there. I work mostly on my PC, but when rendering, I switch to my laptop for image and video composition. Currently, I store data on two WD MyBook external drives, and recently, I acquired a NAS MyCloud EX2 Ultra to access some files remotely when I am not at home. Does anyone know if there...
  18. zantarous

    Using WiFi router as a switch with ISP modem, getting intermittent network dropouts with ethernet

    I recently moved house and got a new ISP (Now Broadband) and have added my old Nighthawk into the mix as a switch upstairs with an additional WiFi SSID. I reset the Nighthawk to factory setting and turned of DHCP so it should now just be a dumb switch. I also set up a WiFi on it. I have done...
  19. J

    New Virgin Hub and Wired Ethernet Connections

    Up until yesterday morning, I had BT Broadband with the router connected to a 16 port network switch which then ran to other locations and switches (all 1gbps capable) round the house. No problems at all with this setup, connection was always rock solid but I could only get 17mbps from BT...
  20. A

    Question Running an ethernet cable outdoors

    Hi knowledgeable folk :) Having moved from copper to FTTP recently, and managed to get the fibre to the cupboard where most of our IT kit lives, I'm finally accepting that at some point I will need to add some ethernet ports elsewhere in the house (approx 2,000 sq ft), if nothing else to allow...
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