1. F

    Question rocket league 4 player split screen online

    Hi, i want to buy rocket league on the switch, but i will only buy it if it has 4 player split screen online. Meaning that i want to have my four friends on the same switch, playing split screen against other people online. Does this game has that feature?
  2. Wattsy 75

    Question Change a Russian Eshop Account to South Africa?

    Hiya A while ago I setup a russian account, only ever used it to buy Sonic South African eshop seems to be gbenerally cheaper Can I just login to Russian account and change the region? Will that work?
  3. B

    Question Purchasing Nintendo Switch eShop games from US store?

    I'd like to purchase Mario Odyssey and Kirby Star Alliance from the eShop store (I have some US Visa cards that only seem to work in the US eShop store). Will I get any problems by buying these games from the US eShop? I know that the Switch is region free. But I know there was some problems...
  4. DJNomad

    Best eShop games of October and November 2017

    As there has been a deluge of games released in October and November, it's easy for a lot of these to pass us by. I haven't kept up with them all over the last few weeks and would like to get opinions on what you guys consider the best releases. I thought about doing a poll in this thread but...
  5. PFMC84

    Hulu Now On eShop... In The US

    Yes, it has finally happened, a video streaming service has launched on Nintendo Switch... but you need to be in the US to avail of it. But now that it has happened, surely it can't be long now before the likes of Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video etc. release their apps for it? Apparently...
  6. J

    Why do people use the Canadian eShop not USA?

    I was curious about the price of games between the Canadian and USA stores. Puyo Puyo Tetris is current CAN$45 which equates to £24.50.. But US$30, which is £23 (if you choose a Zip code from a state which does not charge tax). Considering the value of the US vouchers are closer to the price...
  7. Tazbot

    Switch eShop and bargains thread.

    Love this; Nintendo finally shows off Switch eShop - NintendoToday
  8. pbb76

    eShop Pricing

    Some US Prices have gone up now, which should give us a good idea of localised eShop pricing; Game Guide - Nintendo Game Store Setsuna will be £40 or there abouts :( Shovel Knight £20~ Time to wait for sales!
  9. PFMC84

    Bargain Expired Nintendo eShop "Up To 50% Off" Sale

    Reposting this from the other thread as it appears to be buried in a dead sub-forum and most people seem to post on here so may miss it. From 3pm on 9th June 2016 to 11:59pm on 23rd June 2016, there will be an up to 50% sale off the following content for Wii U and 3DS on the Nintendo eShop...
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