1. mikebarden

    MSI M970 Gaming Motherboard - turn on start up error beeps ?

    I have issues on a PC with the MSI 970 Games motherboard . How do i listen to the motherboard 970 error beeps on startup. I am trying to trace an error where I turn on the PC and everything turns on, the fans spin, the hard disk I can feel spin up, not sure about the SSD boot disk. What happens...
  2. T

    Sony handycam CCD-TR55e issue. Viewfinder fine, output grey blocks

    Bought this handycam a few days ago to copy some tapes to digital and maybe play around with some shooting. Playback and camera look great through the viewfinder, but the output has grey block colour wherever the image is light (see images below) I've tried different cables and different...
  3. R

    Marantz CD-63 MKII Ki, Disc error

    Hi All Had one donated, and it doesn't read any disc's, I just get DISC on the screen flashing momentarily, had the cover off and occasionally the disc spins for a brief second but never reads. I checked the motor with a 7.4v battery, and it carries the laser fine up and down, also lubed the...
  4. B

    Samsung s10 (SM-G973F) Stuck in Download mode, after normal Update.

    Hey Avforums Members, Im completely new here, and found this site through google searching. So yesterday night i updated my Samsung S10 regulary, cause i got a notification that a new update is downloadable, so i did it. While updating, the phone crashed, and got in "Download Mode". Since then...
  5. bratdawg

    Q90T ARC error message

    Hi, I have a Q90T that is hooked to a Yamaha RX-V485 and all controlled by a Harmony remote. Everything seems to work fine, and switches between sources and the ARC works when viewing something through the TV. But I keep getting an error message when I first turn everything on that the audio...
  6. T

    You need playstation plus to access this feature - kids getting this error even though parent has it - SOLVED

    Hi there recently got a Ps5 for my kids, created my own PS account and added the kids as family members. I paid for a Playstation Plus subscription yet when my son tries to play Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War online with friends he gets a "you need playstation plus to access this feature". He...
  7. slashton


    I am having issues with my PC. Everytime I am trying to run a program I am getting hit with the two errors 0xc0000005 and 0xc0000007 and I cannot run the program. Then everytime I am attempting to fix the issue by repairing windows, running the dism, updating the operating system or literally...
  8. bogart99

    There has been a critical error on this website.

    I get this message when trying to access a portion of a site. Full message is There has been a critical error on this website. Learn more about troubleshooting WordPress. I can get into the site but cannot say access the forum, sales tech items etc. Is it me or the site?
  9. K

    Yamaha Rx-V681 update error

    I'm trying to update firmware for my Yamaha avr RX-V681, but during S6-1 erasing, it flashes an error 090000 & 010000, alternatively. What should I do?
  10. FinTGM09

    LOGIK 21.6 HD 1080p “Services Setup” Menu?

    This TV is a 10 year old LOGIK 21.6 HD Ready 1080p Digital LCD TV with Integrated DVD Player. The model number of this TV is L22DVDW10U. Shortly after Auto-Tuning the television, I was greeted with a message stating that I had to select the SERVICES SETUP menu to add new services. So I...
  11. W

    PS5 error code WS-116489-9

    Need help!!! Anybody know error code WS-116489-9 Have 1 year PS+ subscription and keep getting this code trying to download game and play multiplayer COD Cold War.
  12. L

    Strange Ps5 and Series X with LG tv error.

    Hi, When I turn on the Series X with the controller the PS5 also turns on at the same time? Have had both concoles for months but not a problem earlier. I asked the others in my family if they have been into the settings on our LG B9 but they say no.....not so sure about that though. Could there...
  13. MoFoHo

    Panasonic TH43HX940B Dolby Vision error

    Hi everyone, I'm having an issue with the above TV, delivered just Friday morning. Initially, Dolby Vision from the Disney Plus app on Xbox One S looked fine. But this morning, it's just a posterised mess of colours. The built in (TV) Netflix app exhibits the very same wild colour posterization...
  14. D

    Very strange CPU error

    A friend of mine and I both purchased and build PCs a couple of years ago using the exact same parts. Recently his died and would just power cycle. He thought it might be the CPU so asked me to pop mine in to see if it would start. Tried it, didn't work just continued to cycle. The weird...
  15. A

    Question Why does my NAD T 750 go silent with medium volum

    My NAD T 750 has been working well for years but know it has started shortcutting when I turn the volume higher than medium low (muzac niveau). Then I have to turn the volume down again and restart it to get it to work. All in all I have to listen to music or watch movies with a frustrating low...
  16. Syzmon

    Question Yamaha Error e-8

    Hello my friends, I'm new in this forum. I was searching for my problem everywhere but no luck. My yamaha rx-v677 stops yapo calibration everyti 8% with eg8 error code. No signal / signal is to quit. I did try with 2 different mic, no luck. I did reset to factory settings, no luch. What else can...
  17. P

    iMac 27" bootcamp error message

    Can anyone advise iMac 27 "2020 osx bigsur and problem in bootcamp. Through bootcamp I try to install windows 10 64bit version and partitioning for example 60Gb and imac will restart after a while and will get windows error message immediately on the screen. Your PC ran into a problem and needs...
  18. A

    Zoom installation error - 10006

    Hi, I am having problems installing the Zoom client (free membership) on my Windows 8 laptop. I am getting an error 1006. The installation goes from 0 to 98% but then gives this error. Suggestions on the Zoom website are: 10006 (during installation) The target disk is full. Antivirus...
  19. dawson001

    Error nw-5603-4 help

    Hi guys Turned my Vita on for the first time in ages and no matter what I do I keep getting error nw-5603-4. I've tried changing DNS settings, formatting etc but nothing works.
  20. Tim O

    Netflix speed test error?

    Using my iPad to test network speed and with the Netflix app speed checker ( I get speeds of 70-80Mbps, yet if I run speed test on Ookla (via Safari browser) I get only 50Mbps. Then if I use the Ookla mobile app I get 35Mbps. Confused! Anyone know a reason for differences? Which should...
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