1. janrt

    For Sale Various Philips Hue equipment

    After months of researching which Philips Hue lighting I was going to fit around my TV once I bought the HMDI Sync box - I decided to get an Ambilight TV :facepalm: So for sale are the following items: - Philips Hue HDMI Sync Box - brand new. Box has only been opened to check contents. £220 -...
  2. A

    Used equipment, your views..

    I've never had the opportunity to build my own home cinema, (have looked over the years and drooled over other people's setups! ) that is set to change next year as I'm due to build my own house and will incorporate my own. I've been into films and music all of my adult life, but I have to admit...
  3. Kailash

    Do you wrap your AV equipment for posting

    planning on selling some HIFI i have the original box would you wrap it in paper to cover the contents? it's going royal mail / parcel force so would like to think i can trust them but... if i cover it i'll end up writing HEAVY and FRAGILE on it if i didn't wrap it they would know this anyway...
  4. M

    Analogue amps with digital equipment

    Hi all. I'm getting to the age where I am becoming interested in vintage analogue amplifiers but also like to use my hifi sound for watching films and TV dramas so use digital inputs from sources into the TV and then out to the amplifier. Is there any way to insert an analogue amp into the...
  5. N

    Can I play an iPhone through studio monitors without any other equipment?

    I have a pair of Tannoy Reveal 501 speakers but no other pro audio gear (long story). I was hoping to use them to play music from my iPhone. My first attempt using the Apple lightning adapter, a 3.5mm jack plug to two 1/4" jack sockets adapter, and two cables to the speakers' jack inputs, just...
  6. was1m

    For Sale Darts!

    Due to my retirement from Darts- I have for sale various bits Blade 5 Dartboard - £25 delivered HARROWS Z SERIES DARTS CASE/ WALLET - £10 delivered Cuesol Darts Case - £25 delivered Harrows Black ICE 90% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts - 21g - with case - £30 delivered Harrows ICE Tungsten Steel Tip...
  7. M

    Question Protecting the Equipment - UPS, Surge Protection or Nothing?

    Just an open question really. The focus here seems to be, quite rightly, on protecting the data. There seems to be little discussion on protecting the equipment that stores the data. I have recently re-purposed an old, low power consumption PC to act as a dual purpose machine NAS (RAID 1) and...
  8. T

    Question Calibration equipment rental

    I want to use the built in software on my lg TV to do an auto calibration. However the required calman home software plus entry level sensor is going to be around £300. For a one off exercise, this is not very cost effective for me. I am a colorhcfr + spyder 3 user and am fairly competent so...
  9. james007

    All equipment is in a closet access with remote

    Hey, I have all of my equipment in a closet that is 7 feet behind my couch. Is there a remote control extender or something that I could drill a hole and fish through the wall instead of the equipment? Currently in the closet there is: bose sub, bose receiver, Nvidia Sheild, HDMI switch, Cable box
  10. D

    AV equipment in Loft

    Hi, I plan to move Av equipment which will include Sky Box, Router, Audio and Switch into the loft but I worry that the loft might get too hot or cold depending on the Weather. Althought the electrician thinks it would be ok. Has anyone done this before and what advice can you give me. Thanks...
  11. zacharysmith

    Bespoke TV unit, best position for AV equipment

    I am at the stage where I need to decide the positioning of my AV equipment. A 65 inch Q-led with a connect box. input/output a mini sky box and a Sonos Beam. there will be power points either side of the unit. Your thoughts on best locations for now and for future expansion would be...
  12. T

    Buying equipment online from EU countries for UK delivery

    Has anyone bought kit online from France or other mainland European countries and managed to get it delivered to the UK? In theory it's a good way to save money, but I'm not sure if it's possible. To be specific, I have my eye on some Triangle speakers and as they're French they're on sale in...
  13. A

    How do I control home media equipment remotely?

    Hello, I am setting up a home media system in my new home. I will have a PC, AVR, NAS and Xbox in a server rack about 15m away from my lounge. How can I best control this equipment from my lounge? I am running Cat6a, HDMI and USB 3.0 to the lounge. Should I run some sort of IR wire? Many...
  14. P

    Question Vintage QUAD equipment

    Hi all, Apologies if this is wrong place for this, please feel free to remove/move as needed. I am in need of some advice if possible regarding some vintage quad equipment belonging to my late grandfather. In the process of sorting out his belongings I discovered a boxed 303 with manual & a...
  15. L

    Replacement for Old Sonos equipment

    Hi, New to these forums, I am looking for a little advice, I was running a 2 zone Sonos system, comprising of 1 x ZP100 , 1 x ZP90 and a Single Chanel Rotel amp. Music was distributed from my PC (via Sonos app) to 2 wired external speakers (2 Zones) Recently we had a power surge from 220v to...
  16. Adders21

    New self build Equipment location

    Hi All, Hopefully I'm posting in the correct thread/forum Can anyone offer some advice on location of AV equipment and furniture in our new living room? I'm at the planning stage for a new self build. Application currently in with our council. So we have no restrictions on sockets and a...
  17. W

    Question Advice please. Pairing new CD player with Aegis Evo 3 and SR4300

    Hi, I have got some old kit from storage and now setting up again. I'm completely overwhelmed by where to go with a CD separate. I have Aegis Evo 3 floor standers and a powered Sub and a Marantz SR4300 - apart from the remote (replacement on its way), these are all working great. The Denon...
  18. M

    Question Trusted shops for CCTV equipment

    Hi all, I'm unsure if this is allowed on here but looking to find some resellers of CCTV equipment that sell genuine UK items. I've noticed CCTVtek mentioned on here a couple of times. Has anyone had any dealings with CCTVdirectonline or should I just stick with CCTVtek?
  19. Cameron583

    Why the obsession with gloss on high end equipment?

    There are many examples where a manufacturer switches to a glossy finish for their higher end ranges. B&W, KEF, Monitor Audio, Focal, Dali, REL... WHY?!?! I HATE glossy finishes. Nightmare to keep clean, prone to scratches, fingerprints and I associate it with cheap looking things trying to...
  20. puntloos

    Considerations for equipment rack?

    When it comes to equipment rack location many people 'blindly' default to "right below the TV", perhaps since it keeps cable length short, or maybe you can put the tv on the stand that holds the gear. But what considerations do you consider relevant for equipment placement? I'm thinking: 1/...
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