1. John24ssj

    You can mix small and large subs! Well... sort of

    Hi all, Had a 3070s laying around that wasn't doing anything and wanted to know if I could pair it up with my Monolith Plus. I am using SVS AS-EQ1 SubEQ to do all of the magic but I still ran quite a few tests so I thought to share my results with everyone. So the subs on their own, placed in...
  2. HiFiRuss71

    NAD C658 BluOS Streaming DAC

    This isn't a full review with pictures, description of every technical aspect and all that jazz. I could talk about MQA over Tidal, Sabre DACs (means less than digital filter design anyway) MDC upgrade modules, etc, etc. There are people paid to do that. No; it's a story. It could also fit in...
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