1. T

    Epson LS500 Short Throw

    Greetings All! Does anyone have any insight on whether the Epson LS500 project can be mounted to the ceiling? Thanks for the help!
  2. lgans316

    For Sale Epson EH-TW9400W Projector

    Epson EH-TW9400W projector (White). Purchased on 25-July-2019 from Comes with 5 years warranty (Epson CoverPlus 05 Years RTB service) About 200-300 hours of usage. Got original box and the key accessories required to operate the projector. Also comes with a pair of 3D...
  3. Pablocus02

    Need advice for my first projector !

    Hello everyone ! I am a newbie on this forum, so it's nice to join you here. My name is Pablo I live in Brussels Belgium and I'm looking forward to buy my first projector ! My budget ? Max 1000€. With some deals I can get PJs that originally cost 1200-1300€. The place of use? A living room...
  4. N

    Epson EW-TH9400 - What is the LAN socket for?

    Hello, I'm building a home cinema and putting all cables in place etc. I have Epson EW-TH9400 and I will be running 8K optical HDMI under the floor before the floorboards and carpet goes down. Looking at the rear of the projector I can see the LAN socket (looks like an ethernet plug would go...
  5. FinnedSgang

    HELP ! Epson TW7400 + Denon AVR-X3500H a big problem!

    I have a terrible problem with my Denon AVR-X3500H and TW 7400. All sources no longer come out in FHD but in very low resolution when the HDMI OUT 2 (where the Projector is connected) is attached. I don't know how it happened but while it worked perfectly fine for two years now, from a week...
  6. RathOX

    Epson EH TW7100 vs 9300

    Hi guys i was just looking at getting a new projector & was looking at the epson EH TW7100 & also found a TW9300 for the same price with a new bulb. Was wondering if its worth grabbing the 9300 over the 7100? for nighttime dark room movie watching on a spandex screen. Watching netflix, disney+...
  7. J

    EPSON: used ~pro vs new business (4950WU vs FH52)

    Hello! I'm standing in front of a dilemma of purchasing projector mostly educational purposes but in a world of color, photography, art and image processing. So to be short - image quality is at most importance. Projector will be calibrated and working in "sRGB" mode. After many choices I...
  8. D

    For Sale Epson EH -TW 9200W

    Hi I have for sale my Epson 9200 W, Excellent condition, 1000 bulb hrs from new hardly, complete with ceiling mount and 2 sets of 3D glasses looking for £700 ONO
  9. zosa

    Proector Epson HC5030UB

    Hi All ! Please help , my proector HC5030UB not start, get error Lamp Check components and logik on Ballast, search problem - not have logicakl comand to run lamp. If manualy put log=0 lamp run. Need service or repair manual with schemes on this proector. Please help.
  10. A

    Epson 2250 - Advice on Lens Shift / 'ghost' Frame Calibration

    Hello, I bought last month an Epson 2250 home cinema, really enjoy the quality of this projector. I have to set up projection on the side of our sofa in the living room setup, the projector is slightly on the side so I needed to work with the lens shift for a centered image on the wall. The...
  11. M

    Epson TW7000 or TW7100

    HI, I've been looking at these to models as a replacement for my old Optoma HD80. Has anyone had experience of the two models, as i cant see a great deal to justify the price difference?
  12. Furnace Inferno

    For Sale Epson LS10500

    Reluctantly I am selling my LS10500 due to stupidly getting a screen bigger than originally envisaged (145” 16:9/3.2m wide) because I was too busy worrying about getting the speaker angles at Dolby spec at 22 degrees minimum which a 129” screen wouldn’t have hit with all 3 speakers behind the...
  13. A

    For Sale epson eh-tw5200

    epson eh-tw5200 for sale. Has 4757 hours on lamp, all in eco mode. collection only from bolton. £160
  14. A

    Need help with epson 5050ub vs 4050 & screens

    I am a complete av noob with just the determination for learning and getting my DIY home theater set up. I can't splurge on this, so piecemealing it in a desperate attempt to lower the total cost. Recently got the below speakers and AV receiver, Klipsch reference premier bundle: Klipsch...
  15. A

    Epson 2250 Bluetooth pairing fail.

    Hello, I can't find ANY way to connect the audio Bluetooth of the 2250 with a good audio equipment, The bluetooth option works well: devices are listed and recognized in the menu, but the connection will 'Fail' with all my professional bluetooth audio new devices (BOSE smart soundbar, Samsung...
  16. E

    Looking for explanation of various projector settings

    Hi, I have an Epson TW-7100 and I am looking for a good explanation of the various settings. I have the manual, but that doesn't explain what the settings actually do. One particular thing I want to understand is what makes the image suddenly brighter or darker in steps. It's really obvious...
  17. netsukekoi

    For Sale Epson EH-TW6000W HD / 3D Wireless Projector

    Selling my projector due to recent upgrade. Purchased new in 2012 and lightly used and in excellent condition. Ceiling mounted (inverted) from new, so very clean. 1,694 hours on original bulb. Everything as new including remote control and wireless unit. A nice bright picture on my 120 inch...
  18. D

    For Sale EPSON EH-TW9400 Projector (Almost New Condition) at under £1000

    I'm selling my projector (in almost new condition) at <£1000 (can be posted at cost, or collected for free). I also have an amazing 100" black-velvet-border white screen that goes really well (separately at £100) Free collection. Delivery at cost. EPSON projector: EH-TW9400 PROJECTOR...
  19. tony359

    Shocking service from Epson UK

    Hello all This is mainly a message for UK residents. I contacted Epson UK to see if they could service my projector before warranty expires as I have some green blobs on black screen (dirt on light path I suppose). They kindly agreed to have that service under warranty. Then the journey...
  20. H

    Epson TW7400 Dust Blob

    HI all, I have a 2 year old Epson 7400 which has developed a small dust blob at the very top of the projected image about a quarter in from the right. Are there any methods to try and dislodge/remove this or am I looking at sending it back to Epson?
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